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  • thedishevelledwriter 13w

    Friendship is unpurposeful co-existence

    It is voice messages, video calls for no reason, late night Reddit discussions and just unpurposeful  co-existence. It's just listening to someone wail over their insecurities. It's silent nothing and movie nights when comfort is all you need.  It's getting drunk and singing queen songs.

  • thedishevelledwriter 13w

    Running away from me

    I would much rather do this alone, go to this box I created and come back when I'm ready.

  • thedishevelledwriter 14w


  • thedishevelledwriter 14w

    Adulting parties should be quiet dinners and Netflix marathons , where people are free to text on phone and be okay with it, rather than the comfort of an activity like talking , it is merely the physical presence of another person, that makes all the comfort.

  • thedishevelledwriter 14w

    Life really doesn't get you ready for the pitfalls of health, relationships, family , work stress or anything else. I used to try to make imaginary boxes of events and my mind , but hardly realized , these boxes are interlinking wires  overlapping and entangled.


  • thedishevelledwriter 15w

    I found these people without finding them..

    A smaller part of me, was wandering about lost. I thought myself to only belong to circles where professions matched, place of stay matched, the way we are brought up matched, status etc. but really now I stand here , unbiased and unfiltered. I have friends from various walks of life, the closest ones as random as they could get. I cherish them all for being themselves.

  • thedishevelledwriter 16w

    The candle

    Am I the flames of a burning candle?
    Flickering as the strong winds although meek and mild, 
    Push it to all to the sides,
    Testing it's strength 
    Will it burn out ?
    Not offering what  it's whole could do,
     And rather be interrupted with the small gush of wind,
    Or will burn on and cause alterations that fires cause and remain scars.

  • thedishevelledwriter 93w


    I hate that you made me angry again 
    You rambled on about how your problems were more important
    I'm carving my own battle here if you didn't know.

    Bruised and battered, I don't Identify myself anymore
    But all you see is the concealer and nothing beyond. 

    You told me your battles span centuries
    crumbling armies dropping down one by one 
    And here reduced mine to feeble mock  gunfire 

    I count my days lived
    I count the days I were to die 
    I count the days my people will live.
    I count the days I do what I want 
    I count the days I try living a little
    I count the days when I can't and let go 
    I count it all. 

    Whether you like it or not 
    Whether you make it small or not 
    Whether you brush it away like you do.
    It's my battle and I chose to fight it 
    But I did make  the choice

    I lose At times
    I weep at times 
    I crib at times 

    But it's my battle that I have to keep fighting for 
    To live 
    To love 
    To be loved.
    To accept being loved 
    It's all one big battle every single day 

    I jumble my insecurities.
    Everyone plays it like a game at
    Telling me  how different I look 
    Telling me how to figure out this life 
    But then again  it's my battle and my choice to fight

  • thedishevelledwriter 96w

    Have you ever thought the power of words and what may be triggered through it the stories spun on stories .
    #trigger #truth #poetry @writersnetwork @poetsofthemind @readwriteunite @untwine #untold #voice

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    I creep behind this veil of abuse. 
    Yet they tell me it's all in my head 
    It's in my head too . 
    All Those pools of emotions I've been through
    Each pricking me as as each petal is plucked from a rose.
    I'm ready to be open about it 
    I'm ready to flow through the rivers of confusion and confidential information.
    I'm ready to revert  as you accuse me of twisting words
    I'm ready to share the silence that follows this. 
    Are you ?

  • thedishevelledwriter 96w


    They told me kindly, go slow.
    I tried to make wonder of what was said.
    Is my nervousness the only thing that flows freely from me?
    Is it the aura I give away?
    I fumble through words
    Replaying flights of laughter and ridicule in my head
    I still can't do it,
    I convince myself.
    I replay those old voices and shrill laughter
    My diction being the easy target.
    I still hear them chattering away in my head,
    Even though it is me who speaks to you now