As the moon goes high and heats up the pores .. The bodies embrace love and muse the souls ..

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  • theeroticsoul 10w

    Jamana lag jatta hai Vakeel sahab bante bante

    First year k baad relative bhi Vakeel sahab nhi bulate

    -Ik junior vakeel

  • theeroticsoul 11w

    Theres one thing common between constitution makers and moot memo drafters...

    They all just copy paste the best in the market

  • theeroticsoul 33w

    The line is drawn
    Rain broke the dawn
    Morning smiling came
    Good times captivate the frame

    The line is drawn
    Stars chose to drown
    Lights are bright and dark
    Feelings lit the spark

    The line is drawn
    Best of days are gone
    Memories hound the lanes
    Breathing fuels the flames

    The line is drawn
    Candles are long gone
    No more moons to bloom
    Smoke fumes the gloom

    The line is drawn
    Shattered hearts are on
    Pain cuddling up the love
    Good bye , Dear dove

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @word_of_sorrow @mirakee_words #love #poetry #nadir2zenith

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    The line is drawn

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    © Tanaydubey

  • theeroticsoul 50w

    Tu moh mera maya bhi tu
    Tu jyot meri saya bhi tu
    Tu besharmi meri haya bhi tu
    Tu samandar mera naya bhi tu
    Tu dastoor mera fitoor bhi tu
    Tu dua meri ibaadat bhi tu
    Tu beparwahi meri lafz e gehraai bhi tu
    Tu asq mera aks bhi tu
    Tu chand meri eid bhi tu
    Tu raat meri nend bhi tu
    Tu preet meri sangeet bhi tu
    Tu karam meri jeet bhi tu
    Tu khwaab mere khayal bhi tu
    Tu khas mera ehsaas bhi tu
    Tu sukoon meri thakan bhi tu
    Tu ali mera momien bhi tu
    Tu sarfaroshi meri behoshi bhi tu
    Tu marz mera marham bhi tu
    Tu rouh meri jism ka mansab bhi tu
    Tu maun mera nazm bhi tu
    Tu ikraar mera inkaar bhi tu
    Tu maati meri akash bhi tu
    Tu dhadkan meri sans bhi tu
    Tu fasal meri gazal bhi tu
    Tu sati meri brahm murat bhi tu
    Tu sohbaat meri mohabbat bhi tu
    Tu dagar meri sahil bhi tu
    Tu dariya mera kinaara bhi tu
    Tu jhoot meri sachai bhi tu
    Tu khamoshi meri ruswai bhi tu
    Tu hasi meri khushi bhi tu
    Tu jindagi meri moksh bhi

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #mirakeeworld #writerscommunity #alfaaz @mirakeeworld @shayari_ki_diary77 @writersnetwork @word_of_sorrow @romanticwriters

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    Ae firdauss

    Tu jhoot meri sachai bhi tu
    Tu khamoshi meri ruswai bhi tu
    Tu hasi meri khushi bhi tu
    Tu jindagi meri moksh bhi

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  • theeroticsoul 53w

    The night can be the new rise
    You never knew till you find the wise
    Shades darker or bright whatever you prefer
    These words are the means what I refer

    She was in the corridor next to my class
    Blue bag white shirt red tie and coffee glass
    Short hairs a few clips and a nose ring
    For the first I discovered a heart ping

    Mesmerized by her being or just my puberty
    I was staring at her as the signs turned surety
    Should I go forward or stop the very instance
    Confront her or first construct my sentence

    Next periods history physics chemistry
    Every hour that passed fuelled the mystery
    Who to tell what would they think
    I lost my calm on her blink

    Is this right or am at some fault
    The more I tried the more emotions assault
    The next day she passed by my side entering the class
    I felt more alive some what like the misty grass

    No way to go no one to show
    I wanted the fruit I never sow
    Confrontation took all I dared
    But the conflict fired only if she cared

    A week passed then the month still the same trauma
    I was writing a long line with not stop or comma
    And then the day came when we first talked
    To the only soul I ever stalked

    Three months later the friendship went deep
    Finally the story took the romantic leap
    I dared my life and opened my heart
    She stood there as her eyes played there part

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #love #musings #erotica #nadir2zenith @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @theeroticsoull

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    The conflict

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  • theeroticsoul 53w

    Into the woods deep green misty
    The sun risen the grass still thirsty
    I walk leaving marked holes
    No destination , no goals

    All I hear is myself
    All I breath is life
    Flowers so bright
    And the sunsets fright

    Clouds some black some fair
    Discrimination for none care
    Fresh weed no objection no shy
    Though while writing this m not high

    Few footprints but only leading
    No turns no bends just bleeding
    Staring at stars freezing my scars
    I miss saturday nights morning at bars

    I chose this world you have yours
    I loved my being you got other chores
    All we need is peace but no one is silent
    Even white nowadays shouts to be violent

    Gandhi Mandela and many more
    Still the nuclear counts our score
    The one to fix were the ones who tore
    Be patient reality always tends to bore

    In search of light I chose darkness
    I value the rough you chose the brightness
    All we need is love but not the eternal one
    Yeah sex is real deal I know son

    Degraded meaning no faith no trust
    Love cries to itself calling himself lust lust lust
    The real ones lose cause sun inst the one
    Live there way always be the moon son

    @mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #mirakeeworld @mirakeeworld #love #life #musings #erotica #nadir2zenith

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    In to the woods

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  • theeroticsoul 54w

    Hard to sore easy to dream
    Pursueing the success rather the theme
    Out of my closet m breaking it hard
    This time oh santa just bring me cards

    Bubble trouble truffle it's all blown
    Though I miss the fragance of ur misty colone
    But love paths turned and destinations changed
    M married to my goals all rings exchanged

    Carrying on forward march no regrets no fear
    None can seek my attention none can tear
    Power shower hurdles all concerns
    Someday I call you medals o dear burns

    Ethics moral society none care for pain
    Only the destination counts thrive for gain
    Woken up demons venom flowing within
    M pursueing this success living my being..

    #woken #post32 @mirakeeworld @mirakee @wordporn #writersnetwork #erotica #theeroticsoul #musings #soul #love #writersofmirakee

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  • theeroticsoul 83w

    Frustated by your life ,a lie you wear to sweep
    Behind the curtains drawn no one hears you ever weep
    Cursing yourself for things you dont even want
    When the lies of social media make your dreams to haunt

    You sit alone , wasting time on phone
    Bursting emotions torturing hormones
    Present is lost past has no sense
    Future will drown as well no suspense

    Fake materialistic satisfaction hinders real smile
    But you arent only one theirs a long queue in that ail
    You cut what you sow is universal truth
    A seed of cactus gives no flowers or fruit

    Only the hardwork pays this day or next
    You run you fell you learn preaches every text Time has every thing for each one of us
    A step at a time makes no fuss

    For legends are lived never really born
    Not all golden is gold some are nasty corn
    A reason to live is fictional you breath for your heart
    To hate is so human , global love a piece of art

    #lifelesson4 #erotica #love #life #soul #musings #motivation #writersofmirakee #writersnetwork #pod @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Live : Your way

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  • theeroticsoul 84w

    Caught up in my actions good or bad
    I veiled up every sadness that I had
    Returned to the world expecting life to show
    Bullied stupid idiot were my names as I grow

    Everybody kind off hated me for me being black
    Disgusted my presence more like ballsack
    I cannot make opinions no motivation no more
    Rascism was my master I was his whore

    Friendship seemed a fiction no souls to see
    Praying for the death for atleast that would set me free
    But none ever occured no roads were crossed
    Expectation was the answee to all thy complaints lodged

    Discrimination still prevails and forever it will be
    Till the time we have "Equality" as a vocabulary
    Expectation is the real threat that hurts more
    Its the ocean so deadfull that has no sores

    Only karma reads your destiny not ever someones word
    Kill them with your phenom whose speeches ever hurt
    Expect nothing from beings no ones so dear
    Theirs only one almighty no one else to fear..

    #disclosure #lifelesson3 #post30 #life #love #soul #erotica #discrimination #musing #writerscommunity #writersofmirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @life_writeups

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  • theeroticsoul 85w

    Everyone is just looking for a chance to address
    Tell you stuff about life and the way one shall dress
    No matter how fucked you are dealing with your mess
    This world is totally generous imparting a lil more stress

    It took me years , 19 to know
    The truth behind those smiles really blow
    No one does really care just leaving a few
    The more life sucked the more I grew

    I had a pain that made no sense
    Being the victim committing the offense
    I almost hated my life making stuff all myself
    Feeling worthless as the candles no my shelf

    It was the time of my later teens
    When every thing wrong had a wise means
    I dont regret the mistakes I then made
    For thats how life goes you fuck you fade

    But at the end I got to learn
    If you want respect you got to earn
    Run for fame and stop to blame
    Live the fire , reflect the flame ..

    #Flame #lifelesson2 #post29 #life #love #motivation #teenslife #poetry #wordporn #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #souls @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @poetrydelivery #nadir2zenith

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    Reflect the flame

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