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  • theexplorer 11w

    The worst feeling in life is watching things fall apart in front of you, and knowing you can't do anything to stop it...

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    Exhausted and saturated, she fell to the ground,
    Struggling to grasp her reality,
    A lone tear escaped her eyes,
    She clenched them shut,
    But only freed more prisoners,

    Engulfed by the darkness,
    Lost in the morass of fear,
    Shivering, breathless, alone,
    She looked around at the familiar faces,
    That always led her to light,

    Quivering, she tried to clench on to them,
    But something was different,
    She fell short,
    They were too far this time,
    They seemed to be getting farther every moment,

    Dragging herself towards them,
    She was jolted by the piercing shackles binding her ankles,
    She was drowning,
    She was trapped
    She screamed, she pulled, she cried,

    Alas, she could only watch them move away,
    As she struggled for grip,
    Grains of sand slipped her hands,
    She clenched them harder,
    But only freed more prisoners,

    Engulfed by the darkness,
    Lost in the morass of fear,
    Shivering, breathless, alone...


  • theexplorer 24w


    It's 3:00 AM and I'm wide awake,
    I look out my window,
    The cool breeze grazing my face,

    The silence, eerie yet soothing,
    The sky, mysterious yet familiar,
    The moment, peaceful yet void,

    This wave of irony is engulfing me,
    How can I feel loved and lonely?
    How can I feel understood and unaccepted?
    How can I feel comfortable and insecure?
    How can I feel tranquil and turmoil?
    How can I feel myself yet feel it's not enough?

    Where do I start? When do I stop?
    Who do I trust? How do I change?
    Should I change?
    Why do I always feel guilty?
    Will I ever be enough?
    Oh please stop this noise!

    I feel the clouds overhead,
    Reeking with the darkness of tears, paranoia and isolation,
    Oh, what is this storm brewing inside of me?

    It's 3:00 AM and I'm wide awake,
    I look out my window,
    The cold wind chilling my heart...


  • theexplorer 30w

    When things get too overwhelming- stop, remember what's on the other side, and take it one day at a time...

    #storm #soul #desert #life #obstacles #toughtimes #hope #determination #destination #survival #mirakee

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    The Storm

    A raging storm,
    A ruthless winter,
    A barren desert,
    The lone soul dragged himself,

    The icy wind stabbing his naked chest with every step,
    As he pushed against the storm,
    He faltered, he tripped, he fell,
    Every single time, he picked himself up,
    But lost a little piece of hope with every fall,

    As he began questioning if this struggle was even worth it,
    He gradually lost sight of his destination that awaited him on the other side,
    Finally, he lay on the cold sand and closed his eyes,
    Giving into the storm,
    Waiting for the pain to cease,

    An image formed before his eyes,
    The beautiful ocean,
    The serene mountains,
    The lush greenery,
    Oh, what a sense of tranquillity!

    He slowly opened his eyes,
    To find himself smiling,
    He finally remembered what lay on the other side,
    Filled with determination,
    Fuelled by love,
    He resumed the harsh journey,

    Rekindled with hope,
    He determined to survive today,
    He may need to cross a desert to reach the ocean today,
    But will a person who's never seen a desert truly appreciate the ocean tomorrow?


  • theexplorer 34w

    The days you spend in college are indeed, the most memorable ones of your life.

    #college #farewell #thelasttime #graduating #graduation #life #collegelife #mirakee

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    The Last Time

    4:00 AM, 3 friends,
    2 minute Maggi, 1 blanket,
    Completely random yet so routine,
    And yet so familiar,

    You keep moving forward,
    You never see it coming,
    That one night, as you lay awake,
    4:00 AM, all alone,

    It hits you, all at once,
    The last time,
    The last time you stayed up all night talking,
    Just cause you ran into each other,
    The last time you binge watched movies together and ended up falling asleep anyway,
    Just cause you were out of things to do,
    The last time you all went for a walk around campus,
    Just cause the weather was gorgeous,
    The last time you yelled at each other through walls,
    Just cause you didn't want to get up,
    The last time you all walked out of the mess again,
    Just cause one glance at the food was enough,
    The last time you sang songs for hours in ugly voices,
    Just cause you heard your favourite song come on,
    The last time you ran to the other's room,
    Just cause you wanted to gossip or just even cry,
    The last time you planned cooking exotic dishes, and ended up with Maggi,
    Just cause you were broke and lazy,

    The last time you felt so free,
    Just cause you could,
    The last time you had such fun,
    Just cause you could,
    The last time you were simply yourself,
    Just cause you could.

    Those moments never felt like the last time,
    Afterall they were so random,
    Yet so routine and yet so familiar.


  • theexplorer 39w

    Nothing hurts more than watching a relationship helplessly fade away in front of your eyes...

    #love #pain #hope #relationship #silence #helpless #heartbreak #denial
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Fading Hope

    From 8 hour calls everyday,
    To 8 days of blunt silences,
    She struggled to hold on to that last shred of hope,

    The hope that,
    Was slowly slipping from the grasps of her hand,
    The hope that,
    She helplessly watched as it faded away,
    The hope that,
    She once called love.


  • theexplorer 39w


    Books, memoirs, movies,
    Numerous dedicated to the horrific wars of humanity,
    The ones that changed course of history,
    The ones that killed thousands every minute,

    Alas, most forget the worst war of all,
    The one that plagues every being,
    The one that kills with every second,
    The eternal war of the mind & soul.

    How do you drown out the conflicting voices residing in every fibre?
    How do you choose between optimistic risks of the heart and the real experiences of the past?
    How do you decide what's true and what's not?
    Cause, in the end,
    How do you even win a fight against yourself?

    This ruthless war,
    The one that slowly tears you apart,
    The one that slowly drags you down,
    The one that slowly kills you with every second..

    The war of the mind & soul,
    The worst of 'em all...


  • theexplorer 47w

    The fact that you can say nothing about which religion I am sympathising with says a lot in itself. What is religion? A pointless human creation that won't matter when you die. Is it really worth robbing someone of a life that they haven't even started?

    #religion #hate #war #pointless #humans #riots #puppets #writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    I groggily open my eyes to the sudden noise,
    Screams and cries for help are all I hear,
    I cry to wake up ma sleeping next to me to ask her to make them go away,
    Only to realise that those screams had come from her,
    I look at her and papa, kneeling on the floor,
    Surrounded by people,
    But why are these people beating them up?
    I wail louder to match ma and pa's screams,
    Hoping it'll drive those demons away,
    As if to say, "Go away!",
    But mostly, cause that's all I can do,
    Wait! The demons are saying something..
    "People of God"? God?
    Isn't that who ma, sings praises about every morning?
    Isn't that who papa says, will always protect us?
    Why is this god sending his people to hurt ma and pa?
    Have they been bad?

    Wait, why aren't ma and pa moving anymore?
    Are they also sleeping like I was?
    Maybe they are..that's why the "people of god" are leaving,
    Ahh.. finally I can go back to sleep, but I need ma to cradle me to sleep,
    I am crying out to her like I always do,
    But why isn't she coming to me, like she always does?

    Oh, why is it suddenly so hot in here?
    What is that pretty orange thing that is spreading all around?
    What is that misty thing coming from it?
    Why is ma lying so still?
    She isn't even moving no matter how much I shriek,
    Oh.. maybe God is coming,
    Maybe that's why she's laying so still,
    Cause God will scold her, so she's pretending to sleep,

    Don't worry ma,
    When I meet him,
    I will ask him why he punished you and pa,
    I will ask him why didn't he protect us,
    I will tell him how much you praised him everyday,
    Don't worry ma,
    You rest,
    I will sleep without you today,
    I know I will meet you tomorrow,
    Goodnight Ma.


  • theexplorer 53w

    If you can relate your present, you really need to think things through..
    @mirakee @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #love #thoughts #poetry #life

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    The Truth

    It's not frightening to see,
    How everyone's deprived of love,
    How everyone's just looking for a shred of devout attention,
    How everyone's waiting for someone to never leave,

    No, it's frightening to realise,
    What many put themselves through, in hopes of it,
    How many accept eternity, not knowing if it'll exist tomorrow,
    Where many end up, not knowing how to get out,

    The attention, the obsession, the validation,
    Unfortunate addictions that most don't even recognise,
    Addictions that make it okay,
    To settle for more tears than smiles,
    To settle for more fights than cuddles,
    To settle for more regrets than memories,

    Yes, every quote celebrates fighting for love, but,
    It doesn't mean fighting with yourself every night, while you lay in a pool of tears,
    It doesn't mean fighting with friends, while they tell you the truth you already know,
    It doesn't mean fighting for the person you love, is right,
    It only means fighting for the right person is love,

    Maybe we need to learn to love our own presence, to appreciate another's,
    Maybe we need to learn to smile alone, to bring one on another's,
    Maybe we need to learn to make ourselves our home, to become someone else's,
    Maybe we need to truly love ourselves first to love someone else..


  • theexplorer 89w


    Old friends paid me a visit today,
    Been a while since I've seen them,
    They don't seem pleased by how I've turned out lately,
    "You've changed. Be careful. We just want what's best for you", they say,
    They look behind me and stare in unison,

    I turn around to see what they're looking at with such contempt,
    Oh.. They're looking at you, sitting peacefully in the corner,
    I smile as I watch you set up camp effortlessly,
    Slowly burning down the forts they had spent so long mounting,

    "You're ruining yourself again",
    "Don't you remember what happened last time?",
    "What do you even know about him yet?"
    They all cry out to me,

    I feel my heart twitch as I feel them overpowering me, like always,
    But then, I look back at you, only to see you smiling at me,
    You look me in the eye and say, "You're mine",
    I turn back to my friends, blushing,
    Only, to see, that they've disappeared,
    I call out to them, but there seems to be no sign of them,

    I sit back as I sigh and write in my journal,
    "Anxiety, ovethinking and paranoia paid a visit today. Wonder when they'll be back again",
    And I look back at you as I write, content and at home,
    "Looks like it's going to be a long time coming"


  • theexplorer 89w

    Having a writer fall for you can be one of the most fulfilling and beautiful experiences one can have, but if you break them...if you do...

    #love #pain #ocean #tide #moon #break #writer #fall #loss #bane #weep #stay #mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Don't let a writer fall for you if you're not planning to stay,
    They will immortalise you with such pain and love,
    The moon will bane your existence,
    And the tides will weep for your loss.