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  • thehiddenthoughts 2d


    Wanna know what love is ??
    Ask a police officer's or a doctor's wife, who, with a heavy heart allows her husband to do his duty during this pandemic situation.

  • thehiddenthoughts 2d

    Thanks letter to the police forces

    To all the hardworking police and armed forces,

    During this hard time you are the real heroes of our nation.When the world is sitting inside their houses you people are away from your home safeguarding us due to corona.Everyone is free from their duty or they are said to work from home,even then you are out to serve the nation and save our country from corona's severe effect.Its only because of you we people are spending happy time with our family but you have always considered the whole country as your family.A big thanks to your patience level that even at this time when government has declared 21days lockdown you people are tolerating the stupidity of people who are coming out of there houses for unnecessary reasons.During these quarantine when people are stuck away from there houses you are the one helping them to find shelters. It's only because of you people that every law made by the government is implemented properly with discipline.

  • thehiddenthoughts 2d

    Why him ?

    I can still talk to him even after a fight ♥
    And he is happily ready to listen keeping that fight aside..

    After a moment we can continue that fight again..


  • thehiddenthoughts 2d

    It's not that i can't live without you,
    It's just that i don't want to....

    It's not that i can't live without you, it's just that i don't want to.....

    It all started with a shyful sight, we were strangers at first, and i feel this is the most unique inception of a beautiful bond....

    That very first meeting , the sweetest gift I received, those laughable moments still do not let my heart to stay in peace....

    Just summon up our first eye contact, the day when you hold my hands for the first time, and we promised to be together forever...

    The way you scolded me for my silly mistakes and then pampered me to make sure that i don't cry, made me feel very fortunate....

    Do you remember our first fight ? It was really fun and strange but it didn't let our bond to change....

    I remember those hours of gossiping making fun of each other, sharing moments and emotions,I really miss those pleasant feeling and feel like travelling back to that time...

    I know we are just the opposites, but did u forget? You always used to say "Opposite attracts".
    So now tell me does this feeling " Love" Ever dies ?

    I understand situations change, no one has a control over it and life has it's own plan but this cannot lead our affection to vain.

    Misunderstandings happens at times , but are they so powerful to shatter a bond which was much meanigful ?

    It's not that I'm forcing you to be mine, neither do i want to beg for your love....
    It's not that i can't live without you..
    It's just that i don't want to...

  • thehiddenthoughts 2d

    Job resume

    Qualifications checked, Certificates verified
    Talent kept on waiting.....

  • thehiddenthoughts 2d

    Day 6th of quarantine,
    Feels like it's been 6months seeing you....

  • thehiddenthoughts 4d

    To all those broken hearts...

    It's quarantine, for you to be fine.
    There's a heartly appeal, for you to get heal.
    Even the earth is trying to heal, you too should try to smile.
    It's enough caring for others, now it's time to be happy without cause.
    It's time to find your broken pieces, it's done making sacrifices.
    Give time to yourself, because there's no better company than your own self.
    It's quarantine, for you to be fine.

  • thehiddenthoughts 5d

    Letter to my refound hobby

    Dear books,
    You have always had a major role in my life, i would say "my life is incomplete without you".You have always filled the void within me and always fullfilled the emptiness within me. When no one's there for me, spending time with you provides peace to my mind. Starting from those rhymes in nursery to the novels at the grown up age, you always had something new and exciting to know.Spending time with you have always inspired me and gives a positive diversion to my thoughts.

    These days being busy I didn't had time to explore you and spend some quality time with you, but thankfully due to this quarantine I have refound my happiness with you, hope our bond will grow stronger and we will have a great quarantine together.

    Yours loving reader❤

  • thehiddenthoughts 1w

    To the fighters(Corona patients)

    Dear fighters,
    We understand this time is really tough for you, it's not less than a battle for you against corona, where you have to fight continuously to survive. But don't worry you will be fine. The doctors are continuously working for you, the nurses are always there to take care of you, whole medical staff is there for you. Even our government is taking all the necessary steps to stop corona.And moreover we know that about 80% of cases can be cured and people are there who recovered soon, so there's no need to fear you just need to be strong within.

    So don't lose hope as it is the only ray that will remove darkness from your life and light you up within. Be determined that no matter what you will defeat corona and be back to your loving ones. A new life is waiting for you ahead. So be a fighter, survive the battle and be back with the victory.

    An Indian citizen

  • thehiddenthoughts 1w

    Mana aaj tu bikhra hai,
    Kal to nikhrega hi...
    Mana aaj suraj dhala hai,
    Kal fr naya subah aega hi...
    Mana aaj tu in janziro mein kaid hai,
    Pr kal teri tapan se loha bhi pighlega hi....
    Mana aaj tu ghut rha hai,
    Par kal ajaad ho un asmano ko chuega hi...