Youngest of 6. Married 1968. I had 5 children,15 grand, 7 grt grand. l love my family, dog, dance, gardening & poetry.

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  • thekapster 1d


    God bless you Bob as this life's journey comes to an end.
    God's ready to great you with loving arms, my friend.
    You'll be leaving us with years of fun and happy memories.
    As your off discovering Heaven's wonderful mysteries.
    No one's soon to forget your cheerful smile,
    impish eyes and your laugh that will live forever in our hearts a long long while.
    We'll pray for you And please pray for us, when unto Heaven you have gone
    And Bob, remember (between you and me) "To be home before the Street lights come on".

  • thekapster 4d

    Eleventh Birthday

    Little girls turn into young ladies,
    It's magic it seems, they were just babies.
    But now, they have turned Eleven
    And they developed an air of heaven.
    A sparkle of sophistication,
    When they enter into conversation.
    Yet, there is that moment, when a mom does observe.
    Her "little girl's" still hoping those snuggles are in reserve!

  • thekapster 1w

    My Love


  • thekapster 2w

    Sometimes I Wonder

    I look into a painting such as this,
    With cobblestone streets, candle lit windows,
    and swoon at the thought of such bliss!
    Sometimes I wonder,
    What if I could crawl into this night setting?
    Imaginary as it may be,
    It's so lovely and peaceful.
    So inviting, so compelling to me.
    I just know I'd be happy in that simpler time.
    Listening to the clitter clatter of the horse's hooves as they guide the carages down the cobblestone line.
    Such a romantic era!
    The gallant men and fair maidens.
    Sometimes I wonder,
    Would they shoot a duel over me
    to protect my honor?
    Sometimes I wonder....
    But then I wake up!
    I love my modern marvels when it's time to clean up!


  • thekapster 2w

    Take It All In and Be Happy❣


  • thekapster 3w


    We were so young....

    "YOU were my life",
    As we ventured into marriage.
    Not a care in the world,
    as I became your loving wife.

    "YOU were my soul",
    With every event that was to unfold.
    Our wealth did accrue.
    Your career flew.
    And our family grew.

    Then years went by and age took its toll,
    We grew apart as you lost your soul.
    Not noticing that you too were old,
    You had an affair....
    and so....
    "YOU chose to be my Nightmare"!

  • thekapster 4w

    Let it Begin with Me

  • thekapster 5w

    The "Tuff Guy"️‍♂️

    He displays such a hard heart
    Until you get a good look
    at what he keeps close to it‼
    Such a softy in reality,
    To win his love, you'll never part

  • thekapster 6w

    Eyes so full of innocence,
    Barley past their adolescence,
    Yet full of eager anticipation,
    To fulfill the vows of admiration.
    Eyes looking into the future,
    With a heart full of love ready to nurture.
    Ready to give their body and soul from the start,
    Forever, until death will our eyes part

  • thekapster 6w

    The Martin House

    Chatter, chatter, chatter all day long
    Busy in and out with daily chores
    as they sing their song!
    From sun rise to dusk they fly about!
    Try to count how many
    live in the white house!
    In and out! In and out!
    But once the sun has set,
    You'd think it's deserted.
    Not a sound. Not a peep.
    Not a bird is a pest.
    The Martin house has gone to bed.
    All the parents are tired
    and babies well fed!