.i see voices and hear colors.

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  • thelightfloor 13w

    .king niggish.

    We got numbers for names
    And the government's zero

    A negro titled controller
    Laid out an ultimatum
    Give land to my people
    Or die by three headed monsters

    If you wish to survive, I advise
    Not to disobey commands it's unwise
    Follow the light, the light will guide you
    Into subservience under negroes

    This a message to all governments
    Choose wise or end up terrorized

  • thelightfloor 13w

    .god a cokehead.

    Jesus died for the sins of past people
    I still wear mine, like a proud panther patch
    Let me grab a batch of unsniffed cocaine
    To rise higher to a white god, who my savior?

  • thelightfloor 13w

    .suicide party '99.

    In the year 1999
    At a dilapidated house
    Fifty angsty teens gather
    For a night marked in history

    Where razor blades
    Replaced drugs

    Where long rope
    Replaced gold chains

    Where the fashion of the night
    Was a blacked out jumpsuit
    It was a suicide party
    Where a partygoers night ends in death

  • thelightfloor 13w

    .a black man.

    You can call me negro or nigga
    I'm negro spiritual and
    Above all, i'm human
    I am a boy, I am a monkey
    I am a nigger, I am ignant
    But i'm a black man

    A freed slave who watch you
    All choked up on your words
    Cause a beasts brain yolked up
    Shut the fuck up
    Little white kid with the bowl cut

  • thelightfloor 13w

    .a life worth nada.

    My love for art unmatched
    To love for a human

    Give me two choices
    Save a life or save a painting

    Without hesitation i'd choose the art
    And watch you die with a tear not shed

    My love for art obsessive
    Quite possessive with creativity


  • thelightfloor 13w

    .one down.

    I'm in a state of mind
    Where either I die or he die

    There go his body crumpled
    In a lump, sever off his legs
    Leave him wit a stump

    As I slump back overseeing
    A poet bleed to death, from wounds
    Inflicted with a pen not a pump

  • thelightfloor 13w

    .deathrow lover.

    Death and I
    We're in love
    It's not a lie
    We have this trust

    Someday she will take my soul
    And i'll be unafraid
    For she warms my heart
    Saving me from a cold life

  • thelightfloor 13w


    Unable to distinguish reality
    From dreams, a moment of schizo
    Conjures the ability to see
    Unheard voices, whilst hearing souls

  • thelightfloor 13w


    Dance within a wolves den
    A death wish imprinted in gold
    When pen applied to paper
    It's written in bold

  • thelightfloor 13w


    I hate the people
    Who think i'm fuckin weak
    I'm a demon perched upon
    Sinners peak
    Viewing all atrocities
    From gang rapes
    To gang fights
    While you sit in your safe house
    Glued to the couch with the light on
    Cause you lack the sinners blight