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  • thelostsoul_writes 15w


    The darkness staring back
    Gawking the silence
    There is no sign of life
    Just the storm and destruction
    Amidst the chaos
    Finding nothing but nothingness
    Hollow shadows
    And more of numbness
    Just like the burning wax
    Emotions melting down
    Entering the void more and more
    Falling down the bottomless depth
    Impassable road
    Light appears on all sides
    Seems forbidden to touch
    It appears more and more far
    Away and away
    Life is not there
    Just the empty space
    From where it stares me
    And scares me
    The darkness staring
    Blank as it appears
    Just as the life
    And all the while
    It appears I was not gone
    Beneath waters
    It was all about the mirrors
    All around
    Outstaring deep in my eyes
    It was all me
    I can see the blackness
    And the white too
    It is not the two of them
    The white and the black
    The dark stays with the light
    It stares back
    Knit together
    From eternity to beyond
    From nothing to nothingness
    I see that and it does too
    The darkness
    It stares back
    As long as I see.


  • thelostsoul_writes 15w

    Not her Rainbow

    The rainbow in the sky
    Love filled clouds
    All the colors in her eyes
    Reminisce of the smiles
    His lips brought to her,
    All that was
    And all that is
    Fading into all that will be
    Something of him,
    Nothing at all,
    That rhythm of the heart
    Rhyme of his voice,
    Everything so ever surreal
    Under that beautiful sky,
    All this rain when it pours
    Citing her of all the love,
    With each drop falling on her skin
    Crawling down her spine,
    Like reciting his love,
    Blood gushing through her cheeks
    Like his fingers moving,
    Her eyes filled
    All those colors
    Red yellow green
    And violet of those flowers
    Which bloomed and withered
    Like his love,
    All that blue of the beautiful sky
    All that was
    All that will be
    That love that was his
    For her love was still,
    Still in that rainbow that was there
    Outside the window
    Him besides, sneaking closer
    Not anymore though,
    May be in reflection of her mind,
    Although it's raining still
    All those colors
    Nor that she can see the rainbow
    Or him,
    And it rains still,
    Not that everything is same
    She is not,
    All the colors are there
    And also the rainbow,
    Just not
    In Her Sky.


  • thelostsoul_writes 17w

    Two hearts, One rhythm

    A whole world around
    But not everyone means a world
    Like you do to me,
    You are dearest to my heart
    And precious to my soul,
    All these years,
    Witnessing our life,
    Intermingled together,
    A long journey,
    Childhood to adults,
    The bond we framed,
    Remain unchanged.

    Amidst all the laughter,
    We shed some tears,
    We smiled together,
    And we cried,
    We shared joys and sorrows,
    Heartbreaks and heartaches,
    Ups and downs,
    We stood together side by side,
    Constant for one another, always along side.

    You were always my shoulder to cry on
    And the hand I know I can always hold,
    There is this immense love
    All for you in my heart,
    You are the one I know I can always rely,
    You know me inside out,
    You hear the words
    Not yet uttered,
    You know my pain, in between my smile,
    Among all the lives in my life,
    You have both, my heart as well as it’s key,
    You are the blessing sent to me.

    You are the one I cherish,
    The only person I treasure the most,
    You and me have so much more to go,
    All the smiles and laughter and so much more,
    Life has in store for us,
    So many more years
    Of our togetherness.

    And among billions of stars in the sky,
    You are the one my love
    That illuminates my Life.

    From my heart to You…

  • thelostsoul_writes 122w


    I am In that weird phase
    Where nothing seems right
    And somewhere I know
    Life is going on it’s own pace
    Everything will fall into place

    But every night
    I feel something weird within me
    Like with tears in my eyes
    I miss you
    And my lips smile

    You are the reason of both
    Of those tears
    Of this smile…


  • thelostsoul_writes 122w


    Reach beyond the oceans
    Touch above the skies
    Get mixed in the dust

    Live this life
    And love this day

    This is all we have
    This moment
    Only today...


  • thelostsoul_writes 124w


    And she Made her own path
    Followed her heart
    Creating her own light
    Becoming her own sunshine
    She Refuse to bow to the norms
    She was born to be a Rebel
    Breaking what should be
    She becomes the one to be....


  • thelostsoul_writes 126w


    And unknowingly
    He touched those parts of me
    That were hidden
    Making love to me in ways
    I never knew existed
    Baring my heart
    Unwrapping my soul...
    Like he was that other part
    I was searching
    And now
    We are whole...


  • thelostsoul_writes 126w


    Life is like different seasons and I thought it will always be harsh as winters. I forgot that it rains too. That flowers bloom after the winters. That spring comes in the city and it’s green and pink and red and yellow. Life is beautiful with or without any one. Life is something we need to look within us and instead of creating home outside, create a home within.


  • thelostsoul_writes 127w


    Break me some more
    Scatter those pieces
    They don’t matter to you
    Or anyone


  • thelostsoul_writes 127w


    With a pen in her hands
    She doesn’t need Wings
    To Fly.