writing just about my inner feeling which are trying to touch my soul...

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  • themaesto 10w

    My dear,
    Weave your dreams
    And like a woolen cape
    Cover yourself,
    And promise me
    Warm your heart,
    Even in the storm of life
    That cold
    Reaches the bone marrow.


  • themaesto 10w

    There is always a lesson to be learned
    A perfect image to be burned
    When we're hurt by the ones we didn't expect to be hurt by

    And when our hearts become our enemies
    giving excuses
    To justify the unjustifiable acts
    Done by the ones we love

    thats a time...i think
    for once
    We need to be told
    not to listen to our hearts


  • themaesto 10w


    Nothing was planned
    but all came off

    though it was wrong
    they didn't stopped

    coz immense pleasure
    they were surrounded with

    full with enjoyment
    and love showering

    many things happened
    but not all

    while embracing
    their hearts were racing

    though fear of time
    kept hovering

    eyes in tears
    souls were shivering

    now holding hands
    but not for long

    hard to know
    as it was all killing

    though it was hard
    they were again separating.


  • themaesto 10w

    You're afraid to shine, so you hide on the dark side of the moon. You let the shadows feast on you.

    Yet the moon is still mesmerizeing.
    And the dreamy eyes that look at it every night, don't know it's because of you.


  • themaesto 10w

    Beneath every moon resides shadows, hidden and unseen.

    Under all masks lies down thoughts, unspoken thus never heard.

    For every candle burns a wick, dim but warm.

    And then there's a hand. A hand relights the candles and reveals the shadows.

    It melts the mask into tears and replaces it with smiles.

    Your hand does more than your silent lips could've ever said.


  • themaesto 10w

    Burning Dreams

    Imagining your picturising beauty of your soul,
    Thinking of you in my mind like a movie in a roll.

    I have embroided our promises in my body and heart,
    Time is so long these days but it can't tear us apart.

    thinking of you is like fairy tale,
    when you’re with me it’s sounds musicale

    we're Gosling and Stone on a cinema screen,
    swear me that we’ll forever be teen.


  • themaesto 11w

    No moon is as bright as your heart,
    no sun can give the warmth your soul grants.

    Shall it rain in the scrapes of my thoughts, let me sneak a peek of your light and erase my drops of black.

    And I promise if you put my shreds together with faith, I shall be your dream coming true.

  • themaesto 17w

    Will u come to see me on high mountains.
    Where i would be wearing those iced jewellery,
    My throat choked ,
    My Eyes Shut ,
    My body Numb ,
    Will u just hold me in your arms and give me some warmth?
    Look what you have done to me i will be thinking over and again.
    I will fall and tremble into jhelum
    Jhelum will be my Graveyard.


  • themaesto 21w

    Everyday a star is lost ,
    Everyday sorrows vast ..

    Can u see ,
    Jhelum bleeds with infinite scars...

    Can u hear ,
    Mourning peace with shedding tears ...

    Homes are empty graves are full,
    Raining sounds of blood yell....


  • themaesto 22w

    How many times do we really die throughout life..
    People kill our innocence.
    People kill our trust.
    Our loyalty
    Our beliefs
    Our heart
    We die in so many ways until nothing can be killed anymore ,so we either kill ourselves or die trying.