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  • themanimukesh 3d

    A kind heart,
    Intelligent brain,
    And the sweetest soul...u r the best god could ever do..

  • themanimukesh 2w

    I have lost the track of time looking at the waves,
    looks like they are competing with the curls of your hairs..
    Dear river,
    noise and music, they both consist of same sound,
    but in different order..
    your noise is music to me..
    you are the concert I have entered without any fee..
    I pity the people that work very hard to save money in the bank..
    Poor people, they don't know that all the wealth is accumulated on a river bank.
    No matter the depth is high or low,
    you taught me to fill everyone with your flow,
    and be the reason for someone to smile and glow.
    you don't know where you start..
    you never know where you're gonna end..
    but I like the way you try and make us all your friend.
    River Sindhu gave birth to a great civilization..
    And you,Miss Sindhu... are the reason why I believe in the beauty of god's creation.
    when I dive into the river,
    I feel the warmth of the hugs of a mother,
    just like the scent of a flower,
    the blush when someone sees one's lover..

  • themanimukesh 2w

    Dear past 6 months,

    The governments are trying to save us from COVID...
    the hurdle that's more solid,
    than the batting of Rahul Dravid.
    Most of us are complaining that this pandemic has made us lethargic..
    but, in fact, you have made me a mystic.
    And yes...sometimes.. a bit nostalgic. Dear Corona,
    you crushed our spirits in life's every arena..
    And,on the top of it...uffff.. the retirement of Dhoni and Raina
    At this very juncture,
    while you were busy tarnishing our life's lustre,
    I feel fortunate to be a part of this program called writing through catharsis,
    which, right now, is as important to all of us as the process of osmosis...

  • themanimukesh 2w

    The key to our dream home..

    I travelled the world far and wide...
    The journey back home was my favourite ride.
    Whenever I experience an inner commotion,
    my wife's emotion is the best medication.
    A kiss on her forehead,
    brings me back to Life from almost being dead.
    I forget myself hugging my kids..
    I think they are the result of all my good deeds.
    My parents have seen me winning the battle of life.
    They are the ones that shaped me with a tool sharper than knife.
    The smile on their face,
    defines my success in many ways..
    I am nothing but the sum of love and blessings I receive from my family,
    which I am blessed to be able to receive daily.
    The palace is nothing but concrete and bricks..
    And our love is only force that keeps them fix.

  • themanimukesh 6w

    It took my no time to experience this feeling...
    whenever I think of you, my heart touches the ceiling.
    You are the answer to every fantasy I have ever heard about a girl,
    When valued against you, there is no worth for the rarest pearl...
    Sky is blue..
    The roses are pink...
    my pen is running out of ink,
    trying to describe the feeling when you wink..
    I think I need a life jacket..
    I may get drowned in your eyes.
    Your eyes are competing with that of a peacock,
    I guess they are the keys you used to open my heart's lock.
    You got the mind of a woman
    and heart of a girl..
    I prayed god to redeem my every SIN... and I think he answered me by sending a SINdhu...
    Thank you for introducing me to something new..
    this feeling is as fresh as a drop of dew..
    your voice refreshes me like a cup of bru..
    I would be happy if this poem conveys at least 5% of how much I worship you...

  • themanimukesh 9w


    I would love to travel to every village,
    Until the last mile of my bikes mileage.
    My village is nature's complete package,
    Which is why I am proud of my heritage.
    Whenever my soul suffers a damage,
    The smell of my fields heals me like a sage..
    The smell of the mud before the rain..
    Is the best cure for any of your pain.
    How can I express the amount of love,
    I experience when I am with my cow..?
    I don't know if there is a definition,
    for the joy I enjoy in this relation.
    When I look at the girls carrying water,
    I can't control my heart chatter.
    Nature is my spa and neem stick my brush..
    And I say this for sure.. that my village is my first crush.!

  • themanimukesh 9w


    Your portrait my heart did capture,
    Right from the day I have seen your laughter.
    My heart is taken away by your smiles' lustre.
    I have no idea how you made my senses to surrender..
    I have made a room in me to accommodate your poster.
    Excitement to see you wakes me up even before the rooster..
    And each thought of yours fills my tummy without the use of any toaster..
    you have written your name on the blackboard called my mind and forgot to give me duster..
    And only god can relieve me from this torture..

  • themanimukesh 11w

    Every fruit comes from the same earth..
    But not every fruit is mango..
    Likewise,every girl is beautiful..
    Until I show them your photo..

  • themanimukesh 11w

    Mother's anger is like an ocean..furious superficially but calm and deep within..

  • themanimukesh 12w

    Just like air is everywhere but we need fan to feel it,
    God is everywhere
    And we need love to experience him