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  • thenicestbitch 9w


    The day after tomorrow 
I will be a sparrow 
I will manage to find a hole in wall
The wall will cling to me like I have made it whole
But that would be temporary 
Neither I am buying curtains nor crockery 
I am just building shelter of relief 
Maybe giving a hope to abandoned belief
How I should be saying it
How I should be spilling it?

The day before yesterday 
When I was caressing wings of clay
The essence of flowers poured colour 
My hope had wings to make me more than a labour 
But it is not me who can fly 
My soul is handicapped I can only lay
Universe just blabbered around me
A derp can be sailor of dried sea
How I should be saying it
How I should be spilling it?

The day before tomorrow morning 
But after yesterday night of snoring 
My hands were shaking while driving soap foam
On miles longer skin made of snowflake and venom
The mountains were on my fingerprints 
And oceans flow through my palms
Eye bags gotten bigger as moon shines
And skull of sun is making cloud brighten 
I have started to put rainbows on scars
But I don't know why my breath whispers
Whenever I am trying to stay calm
Hope, I would be able to handle the storm
Yet again
I don't know 
How I should be saying it
How I should be spilling it!!!


  • thenicestbitch 10w


    What a waste of lovely night
I have spent whole bottle of wine
Yet couldn't pour glass of heart
Now that my breaths are weakened 
I am finding arms to lay down
But my steps are not trembling 
Carpet is floating around my steps

What a waste of lovely night
My hands were holding book of life
There were several unread chapters 
And eyes under death were dodging words
Frank Sinatra kept on singing 
Strangers in the night
But night was so familiar so does nightmares 
The only stranger was a reflection on mirror

What a waste of lovely night 
Heart was in the midst of chaos
Laugh was in urge to be rhyme 
Sacred chords of piano flaws in veins
    The rhythm started to cough
    And in a fraction of moment
    Everything started to fade away
    Morning melodies puked on sky
    Sun came again wasting another night “


  • thenicestbitch 11w


    It’s been long, how you guys have been!? I will respond to tags soon <3

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    Collapsed emotions were stretching out on eye lead
    Loud sighs and weight of words crushed sights
    The abandoned love found new eyes
    But it still looks for home in each rhyme “


  • thenicestbitch 13w

    New Era "

    Numerous sighs tucked me
    Under blanket of hollowness
    I couldn't find way out and
    Shivers held my sleeves
    My body wanted to leave
    But it lays there until
    The fickle heart started to
    Paddle poetries from mute syllables

    Syllable by syllable when grounded
    Sentence became a stanza one
    Layer of skin met another to
    Create beam for my unstable fort
    My innocuous have melted
    Candles without burning them
    The darkness left like they have
    Never been next to my smile

    Smile after cries after smile
    When I taught my arms to be warm
    Heavy weighted tears didn't accept
    The law of gravity and started to fly
    Lighting of my burnt skin
    Revealed truth of life
    I was hidden but not dead
    So does my words; they were behind
    Pile of judgements not invisible

    Invisible rhythm was on fingertips
    Unwrapping naked regrets
    For many years, old fingerprints were
    Molding words to be broken
    They echo in ear of truth that
    You are empty but
    I am filled with you
    Reciting one name
    Loudly gasping under orange sky
    The era began again
    And I saw dawn of life "


  • thenicestbitch 14w

    Startled "

    How it would be If I keep caressing The sandcastle With the heavy flood Lingered around My fingers?!

    How it would be If I keep killing The future With the abandoned Life I am hiding under Extra large sleeves?!

    How it would be If I keep causing Metaphorical errors On the very beautiful Palm of words who Once dared to keep me alive?!

    How it would be If I left attire on The aisle and start Running towards ocean To go deeper just Be drowned?!

    How it would be If the dead words Start to float on The rock bottom Of empty-blind eyes Without being a teardrop?!

    Lack of serendipity started to make a fuss about existence!! After walking on several wretched flowers, skin of wood is now puking melodies for dead word cells who once used to breathe for life

    Eavesdropping my nightmares how lonely stars made my heart gulp down the fusion of cries. Back of my dreams still carrying several stabs of my lifeless rhymes

    Life stopped being in my poems, graveyards are now on each line of my books. Licking my ink each of blank space to fill it but at the end the drowned soul can only be under stigmatised words

    Each of the sentence covering up lies of heart. Once they were startled too by numb voice of clouds "


  • thenicestbitch 15w

    Desert "

    Bare feet of sighs
    Tickling my ache
    To make me laugh
    I laughed but at
    The end of night
    They started to cry

    Being whiny is like
    Childhood mark under
    Left eyebrows for
    My words they used
    To hate own behavior
    Of whining all the time
    But now they have learned
    To endure it

    As the day is ending
    The shadow of hollowness
    Growing under my skull
    Bottle of ink tried to hit me
    Hardly to forget about
    Years I have spent on
    Counting seconds
    For broken clock

    The clouds promised me
    They will stay at one place
    So I dig hole in sky
    And hid my rhymes there
    Now I am not able to find
    That same shape of cloud
    And the ache of breathing in
    Blank paper is unbearable

    I smashed the agony
    With my pinky finger
    And when the blood started
    To become mirror
    I saw pale face of sky
    Who loves to murmur
    Each of my poem
    In the form of rain
    But yet everything seems
    Dried up from my ink
    To my veins

    My eyes loves to be ocean
    But whenever I blink
    All I could see was desert
    Where each of water drop
    Was nothing more than illusion "


  • thenicestbitch 15w

    Gelid "

    I saw myself
    Falling asleep
    On the land
    Where once
    I kept myself
    Awake and built
    Pillar from liquid
    Running inside me

    I am now digging
    Deeper enough to
    Find the self I
    Left there; I am keeping
    Coffin for hatred
    On the bleeding
    Shoulder of life
    I am going inside
    The pieces I once broke

    It took me some time
    And after shower
    Of millions facades
    I reached the source
    Where I saw that old
    Gelid heart and bunch
    Of regrets were licking it
    And I was just five feet
    Away couldn't stop
    The tear stream
    Felt like I am crying
    River of emotions
    Just to be empty

    I didn't lick the heart
    But I started to eat it
    Bite by bite I ate whole
    It did freeze my chest
    I couldn't breathe for a
    While but I was doing
    And kept doing it to
    Live longer so I took
    The risk it was hard
    At first and it has
    To be done
    I did it

    My river of tears is
    Now empty and there
    Is only flood of hustle
    No regret
    No pain
    Each cell of my existence
    Is now becoming gelid
    And the warm sun
    Can not melt my skin
    Neither it was bad
    Nor was to be sad

    It was all to bring
    Myself back from
    Clover which is
    Drying up
    But the roots are
    Making land of heart green "


  • thenicestbitch 16w

    //Re// scheduling "

    I died slowly between
    Lines of wrinkled palm
    But the lines are now
    Stick to bones of poems
    And it ain't gonna turn
    Into ashes anymore
    Perhaps, I saw greyish
    Kohl slowly learning to
    Hide river flow nearby eyes
    Maybe each one have
    Well inside themselves
    //or I am putting so many
    Words for one simple thought//

    Moping the sorrows with
    Flowers but spreading pain
    Through thrones accidentally
    Holding wounds to calm it
    But pressing too much to bleed more
    Longingly asking for sleep
    But counting each crack of heart
    By choice and put blame on night
    //I mean who does that I mean i did
    Sometimes but yeah that happens//

    Existence of smile is now
    Like lack of serendipity
    Leaking smirk by smirk
    The reason to be happy
    Congratulating each scar
    On their birthday even though
    They look same on every born day
    Biting lips to feel that croocky tooth
    Should have tried eating something
    But ammn yeah!! Owkk!!
    //I am not going to explain
    That in details but yeah//

    Walking under moonlight to
    Reach sunlight but step by step
    Loosing glance of universe
    My skin is shivering under
    Pile of bruises yet not wearing
    The warm heart to breathe well
    Patting back of life to calm it down
    Singing lullaby for death to let it
    Sleep for some more nights
    Forgetting how to take sighs
    And wrenching words to make rhymes
    //even though they do know that
    The facade of life will fall asleep soon//


  • thenicestbitch 17w

    Facade "

    All of sudden the hot shower is cold
    And battlefield of new wound is old
    Waste my blood on canvas
    I won't stop you
    From being reason to my crashes

    I heard the song of love as nightmare
    Laughing at scream of pain is not rare
    Mark each regret on palm
    I will hold them forever
    Like the mole of my chin

    Metaphors are everywhere if you choose to see
    You can't wear socks when beginning is sea
    Collect each sigh in jar
    Mix it up with cold tears
    Let me have a first sip please

    I am the star who's falling from your throat
    But not being gulped down
    I made trash of myself
    And people cheer me up
    I smiled back at their fake love "


  • thenicestbitch 17w


    Metaphors of death wrapped up my life
    I exhaled sighs and words laid next to me
    Where they've buried soul of my dreams "