I love to write.. Ima lyricist.. I earned my title.

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  • theonelyricist_ 5d

    To My Exs

    To my exs.. Sometimes I wanna slap a bitch.. And my back hand game is immaculate.. ill get some rope, then grab ya by the neck.. , Wrap the shit..and Tie ya body to a tree, then pull the rope wit my car till I crack the shit.. yeah bitch theirs no coming back from this I'll drag your body across the ocean and let the sharks have the bitch then just sit their and record while the sharks attack the bitch.. Yeah this all sounds sad as shit but sometimes this what happens when you treat someone bad as shit I'll take a machete across one side of your body and samurai sword to the other half of it then pour alcohol where the slashes is

  • theonelyricist_ 8w

    Flip Sh**

    I'm Bout to flip shit.. U cheat on everybody you get with.. I'm bout unload on your ass with this real shit that I'm equipped with... u say you looking for someone to build with then kill the shit by looking for someone else to feel with.. boooyyyy you think your slick bitch? Talking to everyone else but the partner that you live with.. your not even worth a person to deal with. Hey! Here's some great advice! Stop getting on dating sites so you won't be wondering why your relationship don't work out and why you hate your dating life.. that's why your paying the price

  • theonelyricist_ 8w

    Food Anyone (Old)

    I care for u like a fat man eating nachos or a Mexican eating a taco or black ppl eating chicken that's fresh off the hot stove and some kool-aid and green beans with some macaroni and a pot roast and don't forget about the corn bread that's broken up on top of those
    I care for you to the fridge and back just enough to get some Debbie snacks and even if you have the off brand my fatass still be koo with that
    these milkshakes I'm not new to that
    cookies n cream to be exact
    and if your craving like me then both of us gonna get two of that
    my love for you is like a fat kid.. that's craving for a rack of ribs with some corn, mash potatoes. greens and some cabbage..

  • theonelyricist_ 8w

    Never Again

    I told you I have trust issues that I'll expose to you.. But you didn't believe me when I told you.. untill I showed you proof
    And then when I showed you.. you choose two people that you had told them to. So now you got to be the person I have closed up to
    I told myself back to my old self.. back to the old.. Nobody knows cause nobody gets told cause I'm too closed my problems I won't expose no feelings to show... self.. o well I tried to trust and once again it failed.. Tried to open up and once again it turned to hell.. in this cade no justice prevailed

  • theonelyricist_ 10w

    To Most Of My Exs

    To some of my Exs...
    I could wish that.. while your driving I could hope that you zone out.. Right before realizing that your tire got blown out
    Which cause you to lose control and have your car flipped upside down and then catch on fire right before you get thrown out

    (Nahh I'm playing... I'm not gonna do that.. I wouldn want yall to go thro that.. Cause I would feel bad if I saw your body getting filmed by the news cast and while I'm wondering "who's that? Your name pop up at the bottom of the screen where the names normally viewed at.. So what I said at the beginning.. Just excuse that.. Sometimes I write savage sometimes I write the opposite just depends on where's my moods at..

    But anyway.. I hope something messes up at your job where you have to wait a few more weeks before getting paid or.. I'll even be ok with your checks coming late
    I hope your food stamps get cut off while your waiting in the line to pay and it get declined 2 times and cause a delay

    Nah but for real.. For some of you I wanna wish that your heart get ripped and it's get broken to the point it can't be fixed I can hope you endure the same pain you inflicted me with and when and if you tell me about it I say that what you get..
    I wanna say.. I hope.. when you develop feelings I hope that he crush em.. And when you ask for an explanation.. He don't discuss it. Eh I would Kinda hope your relationship amount to nothing
    But instead.. Ima wish for happiness.. And much of it

  • theonelyricist_ 10w

    True To You

    Wouldn have to worry about me cheating cause ima stay true to you
    I know being with a faithful dude is something new to you
    Im aware that it's gonna take awhile to get that through to you
    But action speak louder than words so I'm gonna prove to you
    Im not gonna treat you the same way the other dudes usually do
    I know your a damaged individual that's why ima make this relationship therapeutical
    Get you back to feeling beautiful even when people belittle you
    Paint you a new picture open a new view to you
    Reintroduce you to happiness and show you what it can do to you

  • theonelyricist_ 11w

    My Father

    I appreciate you always being there for me, all the times that you cared for me.. And whenever I needed it you provided fatherly therapy I'm thankful for all the times that you shared with me the good and the bad.. The times that we cried and also the times we laughed hysterically.. if it wasn't for you I don't know where I'd be. I know I wouldn't be blessed to see and walk down this road that you and mom prepared for me
    It's rare to me that I ever see a father be in his kids life to help him reach prosperity but I was blessed cause you was there for me - Donovan Royal (The One Lyricist)

  • theonelyricist_ 11w


    Yeah, we both have daughters but we're different fatherly
    And it bothers me when I see a baby daddy leave his kid behind so cold-heartedly
    As a father I couldn't do that to someone who is apart of me, honestly it would be hard for me
    But remarkablebly, people still do it to their offspring quite oftenly
    Personally theirs nothing you could possibly offer me that would cause for me to be ok with having my daughter depart from me
    That's why I said we're different fatherly
    Cause while your out drinking and partying I'm at home alone with my daughter just in case she call for me

  • theonelyricist_ 11w

    Thought You Were Different

    I thought you was different.. Now I gotta get distant.. thought you was a person I could talk to and you wld listen.. I thought if I had a problem.. Together wld fix it
    And same for you.. Vice versa.. But shit I guess I was tripping
    I was like.. Damn I finally found someone I could talk to.. But who am I kidding.. for me to find someone I could talk to ima have to look in another it's like back to my hole.. Abort mission.. back to the "hold all my problems to myself" position
    Kept seeing signs.. Should of paid my more attention..
    More I kept talking.. the more I was slipping..

  • theonelyricist_ 11w

    God Help Me

    God I know a man who is stressed and overwhelmed
    So please look over him, while he's lost please go with him
    I mean God I want you to take the wheel and chauffer him
    To a place where his enemies is not close to him
    So he can heal whats broke in him
    Lord.. He's been damaged so much he thinks there's no hope for him
    so it's "go with the flow" with him till he see a door with an opening
    The dark side that was asleep is now awoke in him
    And has spoke to him
    telling him to take revenge on the ones that has broken him
    Lord please go on this road with him..