I write to heal myself, I write to feel myself, Simply i write for myself.

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  • thepencilwriter 2d

    Soon. Soon???

    Don't worry. Things will be fine soon,
    But, how soon does soon mean?
    Soon is defined as,
    in the near future or quickly.
    So, can you please tell me
    how soon it is?
    coz I’m not okay, not at all okay.
    Day by day,
    part by part,
    this trembling pain,
    its breaking me faster than i expected.

    My mental health like, a patient its detreating slowly,
    Since my ability to cope up with daily stress is
    fading away slowly like the stars of morning,
    Even looking at a simple Withered flower
    gives me a terrible mental breakdown.
    "I can handle it all by myself"
    looking at myself, each and every day,
    I’m whispering those words again and again,
    but it’s not helping, not even by a single quark.

    It’s okay to be not okay but how long?
    it’s like I’m in some never-ending infinite loop,
    Feels like I’m stuck in some timeless dimension where
    my so-called immense pain and excruciating misery never ends.
    Still I’m forced to convince myself that I’m okay.
    reason? just like every tiny particle,
    I’m too scared to ask myself the very basic question
    that “am I really okay?”
    And I know the answer too
    Yes, you have guessed it right,
    I’m not okay, not at all okay.

    One thing for sure I know is that,
    I’m not week as the girl in the mirror sees me,
    I know I’m fighting a battle which is long lost.
    Still the nights don't last forever right? or do they?
    So is my timeless dimension.

    Like the sun which brings the morning shine,
    And whose light makes life possible,
    I’ll bring life too
    To my so-called timeless dimension.
    Soon, very soon enough
    There will be life
    Even In my timeless dimension.
    But I don't know how soon is this soon
    The only thing I can guarantee is
    Soon there will be life in my timeless dimension.

    As they say “No matter what, keep fighting”,
    I’ll keep fighting my lost battle,
    Sounds a little dramatic but it’s okay.
    As they all say “things will be fine soon.”


  • thepencilwriter 1w

    I don't want a 9-5 job, marry someone and get settled.
    I want a job so that I can earn, save some money and then start exploring the world on my own.
    Just me and my memories.
    This is the life I want.

  • thepencilwriter 3w

    Sometimes somethings are so broken that it cannot be fixed but, it can be loved the it is.

  • thepencilwriter 5w

    Dear society,
    You taught me to smile,
    Thanks for that but,
    Why do you want me to be a toy
    For some random guy,
    I have my own dreams,
    I have my own wishes,
    I can learn,
    I can work,
    I can earn,
    I can full fill my needs and desires.
    Why do I need someone,
    Why should I marry someone
    And forcefully convince myself
    That his happiness is my happiness,
    His dreams are my dreams and
    Why that it's always a girl who should give up her dreams for a guy? :(
    My dreams are mine,
    His dreams are his.
    So please, stop telling a girl that
    "It's okay if you don't study, we'll marry you to a good guy and you be the best bahu. Forget about your dreams coz family is more important"
    Let her life the life she dreams.
    Let her Marry if she thinks that's the one.
    And also if that person is a guy or a girl,
    It doesn't make any difference,
    As the supreme court says "love is love".
    Let her love herself,
    Let her fight for her dreams,
    Don't interfere,
    It's her fight she can fight on her own
    She don't need a guy to save her
    Like they show in the cinemas.
    Lol it's my fight, I can fight on my own.

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  • thepencilwriter 5w

    Error 404
    I don't know what I really want to do in my life.

  • thepencilwriter 6w

    I don't know,
    This state
    of living
    It's slowly
    Drowning me
    Inside the
    Deep sea

  • thepencilwriter 7w

    Enough, I'm done trusting your lies.
    Every time I trust you,
    Again and again,
    You prove me wrong.
    Please atleast for once,
    Be truthful.
    Just know that it's too late,
    I stopped trusting your lies.
    Yet, I'm willing to give you another chance.
    I know that count goes beyond infinity
    Still it's okay, atleast for once
    Try truth, trust me its way better than a lie.

  • thepencilwriter 7w

    If you don't have any special talents,
    If you're not super good at something,
    Just know that it's completely okay,
    Because you just don't pretend
    And all these time you are yourself.

  • thepencilwriter 8w

    No, I'm not the person who takes credits for the things I haven't done, nor the one who sits simply like a puppet doing nothing. Thanks for the memories, thanks for the lessons. No I cannot stay as I'm not a part of it, no not anymore. Goodbye I'm taking a break.
    Enough, I cannot take this humiliation anymore.

  • thepencilwriter 8w

    Some random thought.....

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    Theory of everything,
    Singularity equation,
    Black holes,
    I may not understand them
    But, I do understand that
    If there is a beginning,
    Then there's an absolute end.
    Time, space, life, everything.
    Everything has an absolute end.