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  • thepercy 1w

    I love your lips when they’re wet with wine
    And red with a wild desire;
    I love your eyes when the Lovelight lies
    Lit with a passionate fire.
    I love your arms when the warm white flesh
    Touches mine in a fond embrace;
    I love your hair when the strands enmesh
    Your kisses on my face

  • thepercy 1w

    Keep doing what you want.. Everything has it's own Value..!!

  • thepercy 5w

    Let me tell you this: If you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, It's not because they enjoy solitube. It's bcoz they have tried to blend into the world before and people continue to disappoint them.!!

  • thepercy 6w

    Life is a kind of cricket, if you can't make runs atleast try to defend. Just stick on..!!

  • thepercy 10w

    The Nymph that undoes me, is fair and unkind;
    No less than a wonder by Nature designed.
    She's the grief of my heart, the joy of my eye;
    And the cause of a flame that never can die !

    Her mouth, from whence wit still obligingly flows,
    Has the beautiful blush, and the smell, of the rose.
    Love and Destiny both attend on her will;
    She wounds with a look; with a frown, she can kill!

    The desperate Lover can hope no redress;
    Where Beauty and Rigour are both in excess!
    In Sylvia they meet; so unhappy am I !
    Who sees her, must love; and who loves her, must die!

  • thepercy 10w

    If someone trying to oppose your way towards the horizon, yes you are on correct path..!!

  • thepercy 10w

    I am seated, bathed in a moon dusts.
    I am writing an expose, indubitably no reads
    But certain one of my ultimate hush buzzes,
    I am clearly happy as I write though I am a bee in a shaken jar.
    All this because I am opening up to my crush!

    I hold an enormous secret, behind these shades,
    Big, abysmal, reserved yet it beams on my face
    Only concealed by forged shackles to loyal achates
    What is this secret? What’re these shades?
    These are inquisitions posted in this piece to my crush!

    Now my crush, there’s a question of a constant hide and seek.
    The hide and seek played lone and solo have left me shooting blanks,
    Façade I invite you in, mirage in whence I heartshoot your affections or meeks
    Hopefully these guise and semblance will break with a bang!
    Then I break free to my crush!

    Then I get to tell her my ardor unreserved and eased,  
    Show her crescents canyon dimples that curl skyward as her smile
    Toy with her smooth creased back and forehead playfully yet in peace,
    I finally draw the curtain, I spit out my inside in miles.


  • thepercy 11w

    Destination encoded with the number of insults face over by you..!!

  • thepercy 17w

    I took glances at you daily; try to speak to you but my words would fail me.
    I would walk away in disgust, but to try again…. I must.
    You don't even know I matter, let alone know my crush.
    I crave for your touch, to feel you close so much.
    To be able to kiss your soft tender lips, to care your body and move my hands
    Along side your hips.

    I love the way you move your mouth as you speak, and how the fragrance of your perfume is O’ so sweet!

    You have me mesmerize by the way you do things, by the way you move, by the way you say things!

    It’s like I’m a catfish hook to your bait; slight closeness of your jumpstarts my heart rate.

    You're so beautiful I swear you're a star, if I was rich I’d take you somewhere fancy and far.

    But it’s only a crush, you knowing aren't a must, just going to be patient; no rush.

  • thepercy 17w

    Her soul so calm; I see beyond her smile,
    She kneels to none; and has a great style.
    I can distinguish her among the rest,
    Her wonderful works – All are impressed.

    She is like the beauty of the spring,
    And all the happiness that this life can bring.
    It’s an essence of beauty – well personified on earth,
    I may measure, yet can’t estimate the worth.

    She will be true until the end.
    She won’t break though she may bend.
    She’s drifting away with eternal surprise.
    Pure and pleasant; the wiser of the wise,
    She seeks truth and not sweet lies,
    The charming girl with mysterious eyes.

    She is the cause why now I write,
    These few lines so soft and light.
    Yet, No amount of words can, even for a while,
    Describe the true beauty conferred on her smile.