we've made it this far, kid

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  • thepotterhead 22w

    Ah well, i try to write sometimes, and ofcourse, it's not the best, nobody is. Don't mind me, I'm just here, typing random shit, cause my heads not right. Hope u like it though, random people

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    The holy glowing embers of the pyre call to me each night, promising to envelop me in warmth and to rid me of the things that keep me up at night, forever
    I'm tempted to follow up, but stop, reluctant, as the fire inside me disapprove of the ones that call
    The irradiance of the flame within
    dims as the amplitude of these calls increase
    Soon,the echoes haunt my days, blowing cold icy wind in my home, where my flame resides
    This chill brings with it the promise , of warmth on the other side, as it blows out my insides,until each crevice of me screams for the glorious pyre


  • thepotterhead 30w

    I wrote this sleep-deprived, i might delete this later cause it's so elementary, but yeah, here's some more dumb free verses

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    Pandora's box

    Pandora's box hath opened
    Filling my head with thoughts
    Fluttering around, the evil
    Consuming my world with it

    Floods of disease flow freely
    Over all my cracks and crevices
    Until all I know is to drown
    Amidst the tenebrosity

    Good hath been forgotten
    Lost in the pandemonium
    Living , beating, fighting

    It will preside, one mighty day
    Bathe the darkness with holy white light
    Wash away the blood and gore
    Of the demons once galore

    Until then, I'll ready my angels
    For the battle of calm and chaos
    The bloody world war in my mind


  • thepotterhead 32w

    It's rather rudimentary, and poetry is an art that I'm not very good at. So, yeah, i know it isn't a masterpiece, or beautifully penned down. But it's my humble attempt at writing a poem .

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    Etched on your face
    The outlines of the facades
    You stitch on yourself
    Hoping it's not noticable
    Anxiety pulling your mask closer
    Doubt wages war again
    But your smile holds, an illusion
    Deceiving, concealing
    The battlefield inside your skull

    Ingesting lies as food
    Your insecurities burn your throat
    You're screaming in pain
    Self hatred consumes you
    Burns you alive
    Your cries unheard, you subside
    Succumb to it
    Until nothing but ashes remain

    When the sun goes down
    The stitches are undone
    You feel your face
    Trace the scars of the battle
    Resurrect yourself from the ashes
    And try to find your ground
    you start to look up

    The stars twinkling up ahead
    Your eyes blinking away emotions
    Savouring the peace, the solitude
    The emptiness
    Readying yourself for the next bloodshed
    Because you can't win a fight with yourself
    So you learnt to live a lie
    Masks over masks
    Carefully structured
    To conceil the Warfield

    But for now,
    You can breathe
    In and out, in and out
    The constant rythm , soothing
    Reminding you of your existence
    That you're not lost between your layers
    Heart pumping
    Oxygen filled blood flowing
    Filling your veins with life
    Telling you that you've made it
    You've survived another combat
    And that you just need to fight
    One more time
    But it can wait
    For now
    You let yourself go
    For a moment of tranquillity


  • thepotterhead 86w

    Humor is my facade
    It hides my melancholy
    Deep inside.


  • thepotterhead 87w

    I'm scared of losing control
    I fear that one day
    The voices in my head
    Would take over my life
    And I'd truly feel paralyzed


  • thepotterhead 87w

    12 am thoughts

    What is my purpose in life?
    Will I ever figure that out?
    Or will I live a meaningless life forever?
    A mindless zombie treading on trodden paths
    Trying to catch up with the speed of life
    Running this race with no end
    No time to catch your breath
    And figure things out
    Wish things could slow down a bit
    It would be a whole lot easier