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  • therinesh 10w

    I love U and I like U

    Best explanation of Budda
    If u like a flower,and u plug that ,that means u like that flower...
    If u grow it,that means u love it..

  • therinesh 10w

    Use the Opportunity ... You should open the door,..

  • therinesh 10w


    The great leader kamarajar ,,..
    He went to US ,one person asked,
    Use because three times in a sentence(actually we can't use because three times in a sentence)..
    Our leader said
    We can't use because in front of the sentence ,because "Because" is a conjuction...that guy stay quiet.

    This shows ,we should know ,who they are before we speak

  • therinesh 10w

    Self control is most important in
    everyone's life

  • therinesh 10w


    Age is not a matter ,
    for exposing talent.

  • therinesh 10w

    By unknown writer

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    Sometime silence is a
    Good answer

  • therinesh 106w


    Hardwork has no subtituation

  • therinesh 108w


    In this world no is busy
    It's all about priorites..

  • therinesh 108w


    Situation creats a what to
    do. ..( if it is wrong or right)

  • therinesh 109w


    Music can change our
    Life and feelings..