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  • thestupidwriter_ 18w

    Smiling Faces
    Crying Souls


  • thestupidwriter_ 61w

    Give respect.
    That's how you gain it.


  • thestupidwriter_ 67w

    Can I get her back?
    So that I can take a little more care of her.
    Can I get her back?
    So that I can spend a little more time with her.
    Can I get her back?
    So that I can do whatever she wants.
    Can I get her back?
    N never let her go.
    Cuz now I realize how much I loved her.


  • thestupidwriter_ 72w

    Treat people with love n care,
    because once they are gone
    they will never return.


  • thestupidwriter_ 73w

    Do you thank god for what you have?
    Do you complain for what you don't?


  • thestupidwriter_ 80w

    Does it really matter?
    Which religion you come from?
    Which caste? Which race?

    Does it really matter?
    What your age is?
    What gender? What phase?

    I think, what matters the most is
    Your efforts!
    Your efforts are really gonna matter the most!


  • thestupidwriter_ 82w

    ''Don't tell anyone'' ruined my childhood!

  • thestupidwriter_ 84w

    He sacrifices every little thing to give us something big.
    He hides his tears behind a huge smile.
    He's strict at times, but fun at heart.
    He's always ready to give his best to us.



  • thestupidwriter_ 85w

    Today, I went out with my mom and on the way I saw such a sad scene which made me write this.
    A group of college boys were walking on the street and a man was passing by on a scooter. He was physically challenged. One of the boy's noticed this and called out to all his friends and pointed at the man riding the scooter and started laughing, as though it was great fun to watch a physically challenged man ride a scooter.
    To the boys who laughed at the scene and to all those who think that people who are physically challenged has to sit at home and do nothing, you guys are wrong. Physically challenged people are way better than you guys. The great dancer Sudha Chandran has lost one of her leg in an accident yet her passion for dance has not died. She still dances. There are so many examples of people who have achieved a lot even though they are physically challenged.
    If you have the passion and hope that you can do it, then yes, you can do anything. Just lacking something should not kill your inner strength and passion.
    A great salute to the people who are not bothered of what others think and who have lived their passion.
    Stop bullying someone just because their different from you.
    #stopbullying #sadbuttrue #allareequal #share #like #comment

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  • thestupidwriter_ 87w

    ''Don't Tell Anyone'' ruined it.