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  • thetinyninja 1w

    What A Time

    What a time to be alone,
    But look darling, look
    You needn't be alone any longer.
    Your time has come and gone,
    You needn't be alone any longer.
    Look darling, look
    What a time to be loved.

  • thetinyninja 2w


    Your laughter is
    all the warmth
    I need.

  • thetinyninja 4w


    No, I don't remember it like it was yesterday.
    My mind dares not disparage that slice of time
    For its sacredness lies in its age, as its beauty in its sacredness.
    So no, I don't recall it like it was yesterday.

  • thetinyninja 6w

    On That Day

    One day,
    You'll see me for the lonely little girl
    I am, yearning for home.
    One day,
    You'll see me for the broken woman
    I am, looking for love.
    And on that day, the day you see me
    For the mess that I am.
    Is the day that lonely little girl
    Finds home,
    And this broken mess of a woman
    Finds love.

  • thetinyninja 6w

    Not everyone deserves to see you human. Some must retain the thought that you are indeed a deity.

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    Let your heart bleed,
    Cry till your eyes are an indication
    Of the hemorrhage.
    But don't let them see your
    Tear stained cheeks,
    Don't let them smell the blood.

  • thetinyninja 8w

    Nothing But Dirt

    They saw a flower
    A beautiful red rose
    Red as a ruby
    Delicate, soft, vulnerable.
    They saw the fire in her petals
    And the sword in her thorns
    She was vulnerable yet untouchable.
    What they didn't see
    Were the fallen petals
    Or the bugs in her leaves
    They didn't see that she was bent over
    They saw a flower
    A beautiful red rose
    Yet she saw nothing but dirt.

  • thetinyninja 8w


    I've written about the stars,
    The scars he left on my shoulder.
    I've written about the pain
    Of age as the world grew colder.
    Yet my gift fails me,
    As does the English lexicon
    To write about Kendesha
    Who she was, is and is to come.

  • thetinyninja 8w

    Merry Christmas ✴

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    Christmas is Born

    She screamed Joseph's name as the midwives held her down,
    His pacing just outside the pen was annoying her - she breathed out.
    The inn keeper's wife with the kind eyes urged her to push as she squeezed Mary's hand and massaged the sore spot behind her head - she breathed in.
    The other midwives were not so kind, she was after all another abomination to Bethlehem.
    She was tired, she didn't want to birth the son of God anymore, she didn't - she breathed out.
    But something told her the suffering she was going through was an itch compared to what was coming, if this child wasn't born - she breathed in.
    And pushed.


  • thetinyninja 9w

    Maybe I was only ready to let you go because somewhere in my head, we wouldn't be apart for long - we couldn't.
    Our love had been constellated in the fabric of time, but you only saw it as a mere shooting star, destined to crash and burn.

    I'm not ready...

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    After everything I've said and done,
    I guess I'm still not ready to see you move on.


  • thetinyninja 12w

    I was walking by the swings when you rounded the corner, your eyes finding mine like a benevolent god finds an unbeliever, your lips had begun to curve when I tripped, my own two feet toppling me over to alert my head of the possible danger that was your smile.
    You had stopped to pull me back up, your cold hand engulfing mine like a hungry man would his first meal. My endangered head and feet being aright, you wished me well and left, but you see my heart had joined in the slow dance south,
    And I've been falling ever since.

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    The Slow Dance South