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  • thetorturedstories 3h

    You are the reason why I don't believe in love anymore.

    Thank you :)

  • thetorturedstories 4h

    My heart becomes heavy whenever you come in my thoughts.

    I hug the pillow tightly every time I miss you to give some relaxation to my heavy heart but that pillow reminds me of you. Nothing can relax me except your hug and presence. Please come back... I miss you !

  • thetorturedstories 4h

    Romancing different girls doesn't make a stud.

    Romancing one girl today and forever makes you a gentleman... a true gentleman !!

  • thetorturedstories 15h

    Tumse pyaar hai theek hai !

    Lekin har baar iss baat ka fayda mat uthao.

  • thetorturedstories 16h

    Kamzor ya mazboor bus tumhare saamne hoon,

    Warna jahan himmat ki baat hoti hai toh mere dost aaj bhi shaan se mera naam lete hai.

  • thetorturedstories 17h

    One of my friends updated a Whatsapp status :
    "I'm crying because of my own mistakes"

    That status hit me hard.

  • thetorturedstories 19h

    If you are crying for someone and that someone is shouting everywhere that you are doing it to get sympathy and attention, wipe your tears right then !

    That person doesn't deserve anything from you except ignorance.

  • thetorturedstories 22h

    At the metro platform I was waiting for a metro. Two guys behind me were talking about something which drew my attention.

    "Truth builds relations. You can't build a relation with a lie", One of them said.

    "Brother but today's reality is different and bitter. Truth breaks even the strongest bond. There are many people who are happy with a lie and if you will tell them the truth then they think that you don't want to see them happy and they start maintaining distance from you", The other one said.

  • thetorturedstories 1d

    You are the most honest lie of my life.

    You broke me like a special person but you were always a stranger.

    A beautiful stranger !

  • thetorturedstories 1d

    Ab use gair ke begair zindgi jeena accha nahi lagta,

    Or mujhe uske begair main bhi accha nahi lagta.