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  • theultimateinsane 3w

    ||Cold heart in that grey tomb
    what remains?
    Only skeletons and bones
    Life grows on lifeless stones. ||����

    Augers of betrayal
    drilling deep down your crimson lungs
    Ostentatious Blossom is dead
    Deluged and swamped in grief and pain
    You crowned refusal o'er my head

    /They say/----
    your obtuse brain has no acute heart and
    my obtuse heart has no acute brain
    Philosophers, but muggles to me
    to the world they are
    'Earth is Flat and mountains have wings'
    Expected Vista all in vain
    For the umpteenth times

    Caterpillars want to fly
    Broken hearts prefer to die
    Thirst running within my veins
    Not a love embedded with satisfaction
    But an alibi
    to get your love

    Let my love be the bridge of your lost love just as the present connects
    the past and the future in the colourful divine

    #love #friendship #ceereposts @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld @quoteoftheday

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  • theultimateinsane 4w

    Rainy season, waterlogged streets, paper boats, kichdi, Nostalgia

  • theultimateinsane 8w

    Take a halt at that moon
    Aren't some Magnificient words
    covering you up right now?

    My Selenophile soul now descries at the scars
    Relating Syzygy ,a sudden buoyancy plays with a poetic tune of sorrowful Nights

    Give a flashback to those days
    when you were convinced
    there is an old lady waving on the waning Moon
    Where's the lady now ?
    who knew the boy playing his flute after the lamp had slept
    That orbed Queen who restlessly weaved stories all night
    for the children who are lost
    Where's that lady who promised me a magical stick
    if I remained a good girl throughout the day?

    Where is she now ?

    Tears dripped down my cheeks
    nowhere she is
    Grandma's tales perhaps now a myth
    I can see only the scars of the Moon
    now Innocency is dead,
    Temptation crowned o'er my head
    puberty playing in heavily

    O Lord make me the child of heaven once more
    I want to make a wish to the lady weaving in the moon once more
    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @writerstolli

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  • theultimateinsane 8w

    When he promises you secretion of adrenalin instead of progesterone, oestrogen then he really loves you

  • theultimateinsane 8w

    I want to dedicate this is to my future life partner ������ ��������

    Inspired by Abdullah Shoaib's reverse poem - "Pretty Ugly"

    Guys read this from top to bottom and from bottom to top to enjoy it

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    Magical Hate - love poem

    He doesn't love me anymore

    So even God himself cannot make me believe that

    My love made him feel special in every single ways

    Because I know,

    He hates taking a halt into my big eyes
    that hold the depth of the Pacific

    And I never gonna lie to you all saying

    He always wanted to take a sip from my ebony lips

    So rest assured I'll remind myself

    I never could impress him by my faded beauty

    And whatever the world says can not make me believe that

    I was meant to be loved by him

    Because no matter what

    He deserves a girl more beautiful and more charming than me

    Because I'm reluctant to admit

    He is secretly praying for me every night

    Whenever I sit for night prayers

    I think,

    Am I that worthless to him??? (Now read it from bottom to top)

  • theultimateinsane 8w

    Marsh : Mood off? ��
    Mallow : No ��
    Marsh :Yes ��
    Mallow : No��
    Marsh : Wanna have some chocolates? ����
    Mallow : No��
    Marsh : Wanna have some tea? ����
    Mallow : No��
    Marsh : Coffee? ☕��
    Mallow : No��
    Marsh : Then me? ������
    Mallow : yes please������
    Here stands the love of Marsh &mallow ����together they makes a sweet relation Marshmallow ���� @bhavani_

    Tag those special ones here

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  • theultimateinsane 11w

    someone (once who was special)
    It has almost been a year since we have not exchanged a single word ,yes I have deleted your phone number but you will be shocked to know that I still remember that number. It's the only number I memorized and still it's in my memory book .
    Still now I cry when I think of those days. Do you still remember the first day when you proposed me but I was too afraid to accept it. The days when you used to narrate me the dreams that you have dreamt of me all night and I used to listen them carefully with great interest. The way you cared about me, the way you scolded me while I used to focus more on you than my studies made me feel for you more as days passed by.

    Thanks to God that day I didn't give an answer to your proposal, thanks to my inner self that I controlled my emotions and stopped myself from wasting my first three golden words on you .whenever you use to compel me to say those three words I neglected the topic saying that its might be a puppy love in my teenage years.

    How beautifully you used to weave poems for me and those poems never gave me chances to think anything negative about you rather reading them I used to worship you like a holy divine.I still remember how beautifully we used to touch each other through the screen of our phones and the most interesting part of our story is that we used to dance together that also through chats and imagination. I want to live every moments once again, once more .

    What went wrong that everything shattered ?.Can you point out a single mistake of mine that I had made, but I can finger out all those mistakes you had done .Although I never confessed my feelings as you did but you know that I was completely headed over heels in love with you. Those midnight calls,giggles and chatting at late night under the blanket everything now proves to be as fake as a mere dream lake. I would have never stepped back to give our love a second chance if that day you have said something, but what all you did was that you didn't say anything and remained quiet and proved that you were the devil.

    I am really shivering now out of an inexpressible pain. I wish I could turn back to those days to try everything we were and we were about to become .
    But Lord knows how much I started feeling for you and you broke that within a wink of an eye but still I will give you a million of second chances chances if it meant my heart wouldn't have to be homeless anymore
    (Once upon a time your's Meghabalika)

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  • theultimateinsane 13w

    All these chilly winter nights
    the city sleeps under the blanket of Mist
    some couples are making love on the bed
    while some broken hearts are howling and crying like beasts
    The birds are sitting close to each other
    And jaggery sellers are passing by
    far away somewhere smell of nolen gurer rosogolla is melting our hearts
    and the Flies are flying by
    A bit of sunshine and a cup full of Tagore poems
    the village boys on the dusty roads are playing
    Hide and Seek games

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  • theultimateinsane 13w

    Winter is all 'bout Nolen gurer rasogollas. Sometimes standing near the sweet shop with not a single penny left with me, I feel envious seeing the flies which always are roaming around the Winter delicacy, and sitting on them.
    Nolen gurer rosogolla will melt all your angers, it will drain all your pains. Close your eyes and feel every bit of it, you'll feel you are in the heaven. What can be a better replacement of Dairy Milk Silk than Nolen gurer Rasogolla....? ? ?

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  • theultimateinsane 23w