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  • theweird_wanderer 10w

    If you feel sad

    If you feel sad,
    I will walk with you anytime to that pokemon store which might open anytime in future.
    I will sit with you on a seashore where I will braid pebbles and sunsets together.
    And yet your ears again and again
    with my vintage lips

    I you feel sad,
    forget the romantic dedicated love songs,
    I will write letters to you
    from cities and small towns
    wherever destiny takes me

    I dreamt,
    we sat on a roof
    and looked at the sky
    I took down a star for u
    you received it in ur hands
    while the whole world burned around us.

    and the next morning someone warned me not to fall in love with people who dont talk to the stars
    my mind started to drift away
    and extracted all the negative things needed to help sadden you
    but little did my heart knew always..
    that he talks to the sky and the sky delievers his message to the stars.

  • theweird_wanderer 13w


    There are so many people to love.
    but the best one is you.
    because u can find a hidden cut on my crimson painted lips.
    and u can discover my paralysed soul when it show off in front of the world to be alright...

    There can be so many people to love,
    but the best one is YOU. and will ALWAYS remain YOU.

  • theweird_wanderer 14w


    Somedays I feel I am this ugly backpack carrying pebbles and shells from a seashore that no one visits when they are happy.

    I want to buy bouquet of flowers but I'm afraid that I'll make them shred by my touch.
    Oh darling, I feel ugly not outside but on insides.
    So, there is no validation I am searching.
    In fact , it is exactly what I feared, you walking up to me and saying "you are better than what you really were"
    because when someone says Im this person I believe I am, I question myself why am i not good enough for that one person who does think that there not much "me" left in myself anymore like before.
    where have we gone wrong?
    where have I gone wrong?
    or that i have changed but for the worst.
    but I am still searching "Have I?"
    You and I we were not seeking random justification and consolance from the other individuals in our life, because we were always enough for each other to share in each others joy and pain.
    The universe sighs that the two stars that the universe has send in this earth couldnt understand this tiny little fact. but now the universe sees us with honey-eyed swetness as it can see the growth in our relationship.

    because as its said a couple goes through a million things which can tear them apart, but only few come out of it as a more strong lovers
    i Wish the we are there in the cupids list.

    As my heart was a culprit, he cheated on me by proving not to be mine but actually yours.
    I bow down dear lover, here in front of you, serving myself completely in whatever I have to offer to you.
    I accept you in whatever form you are and in whatever form u become in the near future.

    I hope one day you accept my bad sides too as you accepted my goods with all ur hearts. Then love will stand with us proudly saying that yes! They made it.
    because you waited for me to become more like the partner you wanted. And u are turning into the boy i always dreamed of- be it more romantic, more of a good listener, more of a person who shares all his problems only and only with me.

    My mind is a wanderer , it thinks of the stars more often than it thinks of the earth.
    My mind wanders and wanders but it comes back always when you are around.

    Because You are and you will always remain my favorite movie.
    who makes me laugh sometimes, who makes me cry sometimes.
    but this movie should never end as long as the remote is with us!

    So. My Gotru. today on this day, this special dat 29th February ~leap dat I propose u.
    will u be my partner for this life and all the coming lives too?
    because my overflowing love can never fulfill enough in one life❤


  • theweird_wanderer 16w

    Someone please?

    I demand something else.
    like a man searching for his tears when he is completely drowned in flood.
    can someone please let me feel my tears?

    The tears taste like mother's handmade dish, you just cant have enough of it..and it leaves u craving for more.
    can someone give me enough of it?

    I want someone to hear me and not just listen to me
    can you be that someone?

    I want to go back to the world where everyone actually wanted my presence.
    can u pls take me back to that world?

    The emotions cry loudly and I am now deaf to these feelings
    can someone please dilate the block in my ear?

    I stand numb in front of mirror and miss myself. There is someone else there joining her hand behind the world of mirrors pleading me to change to the older me.
    she doesnt leave me alone.
    can someone pls ask her to leave me alone?

    I am a women of dreams who fears getting a bad image of anyone.
    who says I love you to everyone except myself
    Can someone please teach me that?

    my weird habits include
    trying to touch my shadow to make her my best partner
    dreaming myself as actually happy
    will u make this dream come true?

    This world is really a sad place unlike i imagined
    someone lost their photo album ,someone lost their smile
    someone's first kiss is ruined and someone doesnt have an idea that this is the last time they are seeing their lover.
    will u let me in?

    I think of my blood as something beautiful,
    a red sea half dead flowing inside me
    this red lava makes me believe that I am still like everyone else

    I am going to sleep.
    please wake me up when the old soul of mine wakes up and feel actually wanted.

  • theweird_wanderer 17w

    The sensitive women

    The sensitive women-carry sword in their socks
    The sensitive women- run as soon as you open your hearts to them
    The sensitive women- loves you so much that they bleed roses when u hurt them
    The sensitive women- fakes a smile to show that the thorns does not hurt her
    The sensitive women-looks at the stars as if they will suck all the darkness from them and they never have to look back to sun for light anymore
    The sensitive women-will make a third road to travel because the road less traveled by is already crowded as Frost has already spoken of it.
    The sensitive women-are hungry of unusual punishment for loving madly .
    The sensitive women- don't look like a sensitive women, they look like tears flowing from a mother who just delivered a baby.
    but beware
    because Oh dear sensitive women!
    you forgot-that you carry swords in your stockings

  • theweird_wanderer 17w


    Remember, our hearts and body are given only once in our life.
    And before u know it your heart ditches you and leaves to other person.
    make sure the other person is worth to keep this luggage

  • theweird_wanderer 18w

    One day!

    Maybe one day we both will meet in a different world,
    where there will be just you and me.
    We will be walking around the sea shore waves
    tuning in to its sound
    holding hand in hands
    whats more, the sand slips from our feet being jealous of the connection between us

    May be one day we both will meet in a different world,
    when everything will be great
    lying in your arms with stars above us
    staring and discussing with each other our love story which every night they witnessed
    and the moon will smile from a corner

    Maybe one day we will meet in a different world,
    walking down the shady trees
    and the leaves will swing seeing our life long romance.

    May be one day we both will meet in a different world,
    where you and me will plan our supper together
    and rest under one roof

    May be one day we both will meet in a different world,
    where we will finally understand each other
    and in this world the hatred stink for each other will never spit on us

    May be one day!!
    Because this world may or may not be a curse for us..
    And so this story will end in this world but will be alive in my poetries
    because may be one day we will actually live the life my pens bleed stories about.!

  • theweird_wanderer 18w


    At first you realise love is enough for any relationship to get going.
    its only after a year later you come to the conclusion that love was never enough

  • theweird_wanderer 18w


    For now when i see you,
    I find guilty to write my poems about you

    for my poems can never do justice to the perfection u have

  • theweird_wanderer 19w

    My Heart ♥

    My heart is a female.

    she cries even on insensitive things
    she walks fast outside my chest
    laughing at the most abnormal things

    she is beautiful
    with dim bruised eyes and blonde hairs
    She has two smiles also
    One for me,
    and one for him
    she has the smell of sand in sea shores
    she turns into a child when she is happy
    and rapidly transform into a living dead body when she is miserable

    she is immature and burst like lava leaving the volcano
    and can becomes as calm as the stars twinkling above
    keeps on beating beating and beating bring more and more life into my life