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  • theweirdgenie 12w


    /The entropy in my veins and the energy in your abyss/
    /The delight in your eyes and the dread in mine/
    // O amour, I surrender to thee//


  • theweirdgenie 13w


    Right from inception, learn to capture.
    You'll either have a deception, or a brilliant rapture.

  • theweirdgenie 13w


    The amazing ability of letting the rivers of words flow, that have become what they are because the heat of your conscious surroundings has caused your solid glacier of rationality to melt and flow through the valleys of your subconscious.

  • theweirdgenie 15w


    My mind is aligning itself from a huge complex brainstorm to a monotonous gale.
    I can't help myself but gaze at with pity, because the world has just learnt to fail.
    A global pandemic has taught, the secret of life to the flamboyance;
    Now is it that they've embraced, the Bohemians and their little nuance.
    In the sunken valleys of my memory lane, there lie ahead emerald gardens
    Waiting to fill itself with nostalgia, anxious and gets sharpened.
    There is little sense among the words the wounds speak,
    But what they relive is the truth, no matter how bleak.
    Stay home, stay safe, people in the quarantine; you perhaps may realise, your hidden valentine!

  • theweirdgenie 15w


    A wanderer lost in this chaotic serenity,
    You helped me enhance my value.
    I never noticed this visible serendipity,
    Until I questioned who are you?

  • theweirdgenie 15w

    Dwelling on deep one-liners.

    Her dullness dwelled on the den, turning it into a dungeon. It definitely didn't dawn on her that this was the result of the disastrous depression the demoness dabbled on her.

  • theweirdgenie 17w


    The night has the unravelled mysteries and memory to remind us of what we have overlooked in the day.

  • theweirdgenie 20w


    Isolation makes me think too much. I'd go mad. But I'll eventually fall in love with that madness. That's the beauty.

  • theweirdgenie 20w

    It's time to say bye!

    The only school that had the privilege to have me as a student for four fabulous years.
    The place that will always remain etched in the caves of my heart.
    The name that'll arouse the many million memories from the depths of my soul.

    I was just a wanderer in this universe of chaos and peace, trying to connect with the randomness. About to give up on the world. And then, VBTS happened. I grew up. And stopped growing. At the same time.

    Friendships filled with serendipity moulded my soul from an inexplicable puzzle to a beautiful mystery. It taught me that life is not to be lived, but to be celebrated daily. There were hostilities and disastrous separations, but there were equally enduring affections and constant showers of love. And I found myself amidst this extravagant mess.

    Thank you Vignan. Thank you for making me realize that the greatest gift in life is...... ❤️FRIENDSHIP❤

  • theweirdgenie 20w

    A Poem is..

    Often an epitome of experience,
    Sometimes an unheard scream;
    Never a hateful creation, but
    Always a paradise dream