ok party people in the place 2 be gnarly b in the place to be come and rock with me

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  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 1d

    Body rock with me

    The body rock don't stop, so just rock with me

    & body rock body rock lock jaw with me

    And molly wop molly wop any hater u see ,
    And drop down with me, h town on the scene

    Throwed as can be, so slow down the beat

    And chopped it up chopped it up like the eighties

    While I mopped this up mopped this up for the P.A.T

    Mr gnarly came to party on this smooth ass shit

    So don't deny ur body and just move to it

    And bounce to this right here
    smoke a ounce a put it in the air

    And act like this the last day of ur life
    And stay strap cause them boys outside ain't nice

    And get crunk get Crunk

    Don't front jump if u feel like it ,

    Grt drunk taste the funk

    Pass a blunt and if them boys Mean mugging ,

    Then pop the trunk get the pump

    And slump them boys till they real uglyyy,

    But we ain't came here to hurt nobody
    We just wanna have fun

    So for one night we gone try hold it down in peace in memory of fat pat and all the lost ones


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 2d

    Show me something I ain't seen before

    Like Sizzurp rain on the he lips on Ritchie Valenz while he sniff the blow

    Hollywood dreamxx more explicit than what u ever seen before

    Suicidal tendencies but he ain't nothing like a E.M.O

    More like the Mexican backward Ǝ u know

    Grooving to a beat that's slow

    Moving thru the streets real low

    Fluent in the speech of goats

    Thru winds and the fist of foes

    He continues chewing them out like a chicken bone

    But u.o.e.n.o

    Brew blow weed and hoes

    How Tune mold the N.O

    Ima cook slow the H so

    Call me the needle in the haystack or simply just the 2 dope needle poke


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 3d

    Don't know who I am

    Don't know who I am

    Look in the mirror

    And thought about shooting him

    That boi look like a killer

    With a heart like a rubiks in

    Thiz world full of shook ones he don't tear up

    He stay sharp like a needle in

    A junkie vein

    A junkie pain

    Soon as the money came

    No fucks remain

    On this flunkie brain

    Telling him to fuck it mann

    Double cup me mann

    Telling him to fuck it mann

    Double cup me mann

    Tired of tryna cuff the sane

    Let that bitch be free

    And if the bitch comes back that means that bitch for me

    But that straight jacket look stylish i can't even lie

    And a slit wrist is so poetic to these fucking eyez

    And a o.d is such Rockstar way to die

    Its either that or go out like that nirvana guy

    Cause matter fact I might just kill me CAUSE U AINT so get high

    Or get low


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 3d

    Sharp with the words

    Oh I'm sharp u ain't heard

    Fly enough to lock eyes with the horse

    Of Hercules that's my word

    Syrup that lean that my world

    Mopping the floor up with these MCs on the verse

    Hard body like I got murder and I be up on a hearse

    Beat the beat up make it hurt

    Looking for a senorita to make her squirt

    R i p the pussy make them put it on a shirt

    All I see is pussy when i see these rappers rehearse

    Just know u can get it first

    Second and 3rd

    That's lyrically spirituality & physically

    Cause these words are weapons yez sir

    & when I step in.. is Murda

    Word up

    Fxck the world up

    Make it lickk on my nuts

    Then pick it right up

    Just 2 flick it right up

    To the Reaper wild touch

    The lost boys
    yall keep sleeping on us


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 4d

    Life is such a mystery

    I try to figure her out

    But her figure is like a hourglass ⌛

    Fill of quicksand

    That I keep sinking in

    as the hour pass

    So as the hour pass

    I saw my trouble past

    Under me

    Looking like

    it's lock & loaded

    tryna put a gun on me

    Shooting like

    The glock can't hold it

    Just tryna swallow me

    But I can't blame her cause i been Crooked like

    A cop who's motive

    Is blood up on the streets

    And with that in my mental

    I see life as a rental on a lease

    And u just a tenant

    Tryna squeeze every minute

    Turn those lemons to lemonade

    But me

    I like my minute maid

    muddy as a Stewie prepared dinner plate

    But that besides the point

    Tell the landlord I'm sorry for the holes on the walls

    But its just easy for me to get high and ignorant when them lows get hard


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 5d

    Lost in the words

    Took a puff & got lost in the erb

    Then I pause took a swerve

    In this strong little verse

    Verse like Hercules

    as I strong-arm the earth

    Off theze purple leaves

    That got me gone off thiz earth

    Got me going berzerk

    Then Had a vision of a crowd reciting this

    holding it as holy as a psalm from the church

    But they tripping and im drinking and dipping

    Rolling on about 4 e's tryna bomb all my nerves

    Mr lonely heart bout to o.d while he throws up his long long long horns

    Cause ima die like a Rockstar

    Period the end

    With my lockjaw

    But im not into electronic dance music but u call this a personal message that the E dm


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 1w

    I wanna hear something new and fresh

    Something that made the old man wept

    Like I wish it would rain

    Light up ur sweet to thjs mann.

    And I'll take you where the streets don't bang

    The words are unique and slang

    Swore I was tweaking mann

    When I wrote this cause I swore I was sleeping mann

    cause it was all a dream like biggie said

    Now I'm all in the scene tryna fight the machine that got me by my leg

    Got rap by its dreads

    got blood and it's spread

    on the windshield on this fast life we live

    Got a shiv got a shiv

    Made outta the rocks that they give

    Tryna live tryna live

    But I see cops up ahead

    See my optic is blurry

    So I broke me down a optimo and made me a blunt oh so purty

    Hoping it can lead me to birdies

    Like Twitty I think they tryna hurt me

    But they'll never fucking murk me

    Csuse my legacy is like a sharpie

    Drawing a mustache on the mona lisa art piece

    Making all prior art pieces look like a joke and a mockery

    With all these quotes that burn like the mark of the beast

    But its wasn't me that was mocking thee

    It was God


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 1w

    Here we go again

    Ain't nothing really new

    Letting the pen

    Tell stories that make the heart move

    Letting mr lonely heart


    Know it's dark

    In this view

    But these dark shades

    Is all that I knew

    Keep it cool

    Even tho ur seeing the world for how black it really is

    Madness eat the fool

    And laughs at the bliss

    A savage keep the tool

    And spark up the spilff

    Then cough up 3-6

    Then I mopped up all this

    With the locks that they twist

    And rinse it on a cop top like this


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 1w

    Rock n roll dreamz

    A wizard on the scene

    Walking by like nothing u have ever seen

    A witch with a stroller

    The stroller holds who

    Ur future as the church throws rocks n she rolls u to u

    Hellhounds on my trail

    I gotta keep moving

    40 days 40 nights

    Of rapping and grooving

    White rabbit pursuing


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 1w

    Rap n roll delinquent

    Feeling myself on some pimp shxt

    Looking at these other rappers like the only time they really rap is in Christmas

    But me im a church can goods receiver child

    Looking at the rich rids like a Michael myers

    A knife come in handy

    When u ain't got a penny

    But gimme a mic and I'll empty

    On the crowd like a semi

    Turn the track to a kenny

    Now that I learn to rap know they envy

    Telling me i ain't all that tryna send me

    All that negative energy

    hoping they can put a end to me

    But u gotta try harder

    Play smarter

    And rhyme like carter

    U take your pick

    1 thru 5

    I'll take 2 and give u my 2 cents and exchange in For a dime

    After that I'll take u and 2 man and let the gauge blow ur mind

    Talking spicy

    And I'll be at ur door like a house key

    Showing u how thjs cool cat can turn u to a mousy