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  • thisisani1 6w

    Judged, manipulated.
    Killed , predated.
    Written upon , crumbled too.
    Kissed , tasted and stabbed.
    Wise, wolf , sheep.
    Brave laughters, untimely weep.
    Loved , lost, afraid.
    Dark, Woods, Sunshine.
    Let go, blood , sweat .
    Gentle, caring , alone.
    Lived, Loved , Laughed.
    Pen, Sword , Art.
    Blood, Ink , Sweat.
    Diary, pages, lines.
    Closed, Faded, Empty.

  • thisisani1 6w

    उलझे रहना बेहतर है जनाब,
    अभिनय बेमिसाल है यहां अब।
    जीने के लिए ज़िन्दगी है अब तो,
    बिना गिरे किसे चलना आया , वाह साहब।

  • thisisani1 6w

    In their own head , everyone's right.
    Everyone's sane, Everyone's righteous,
    Everyone's true, Everyone's a believer.
    Everyone's a dreamer.
    Stop explaining, Start living.
    Don't be the troublemaker in someone else's story.
    You already are one in yours.
    Knowingly, unknowingly.
    Tragic yet sublimely beautiful.

  • thisisani1 7w

    फ़ुरसत से बनाए हो, ऐसी कुरबत इश्क़ थी,
    लापता, पता जाने भी ऐसी इबादत अजीज़ सी,
    रुख तो बदल देते, अपने साथ इस कश्मकश में,
    मैं वो परिंदा हूं जो कैद होके भी मुस्कुराता है।

  • thisisani1 9w

    The mechanics is needs.
    Once you understand their needs.
    You understand the extent to which they can push themselves to certain things.
    No one is that difficult to crack.
    Just needs.

  • thisisani1 9w

    If everyone calls , love with everyone they meet in their lifetime.
    One after another, soul after soul.
    Then I don't know, you better keep it.
    I ain't made for revolving doors of it.
    It's a closed room, locked with her only portrait.

  • thisisani1 9w

    Kids with fulfilled childhood and posh cars,
    Aged finely with no bars,
    Treating literature as the only sublime entity,
    We aren't the cool kids honey,
    Hustle , losing sleep, untimely sorrows and chasing defeats after defeats.
    We aren't there for beginnings, but for ends.
    No pseudo shit , no digging prototypes,
    We call us normal . Without your father's money and dice,
    Your intellect calls for integrity,
    Our experiences may fail the territory.
    You assume, we act.
    You wish, we pray.
    No godfather honey , just the rage.
    Tell the fuck you can. On whatever day.
    You're just a child , trying to play above your age.
    Oh darling you're the prologue , I'm the endgame page

  • thisisani1 9w

    अब मैं रूठता हूं, तो वो मनाने नहीं आती,
    रात होती होगी बेशक, शामें नहीं आती,
    ज़िंदा होगा बावला मन किसी अंधेरे कमरे की तरह,
    आहटें आती तो है दरवाज़े पर ज़रूरतों की,
    एक अरसा हुआ है अब, दस्तक पे आवाज़ दिए,
    मिलता हूं यूं तो , लोगों से, समय ठहरता नहीं ,
    एक बंद संदूक सी यादें कोई अब खुल नहीं पाती,
    अब मैं रूठता हूं, वो मनाने नहीं आती।।
    © A

  • thisisani1 10w

    Sadness in a happy person ,
    Hits like waves , slow , deep
    And until you just realize,
    you've been almost halfway through it.
    No less than leprosy.
    Addictive, delusional, draining.

  • thisisani1 11w

    A boy talks, A man does.
    A boy chills , A man hustles.
    A boy picks up toys he'd like and breaks them after it's down.
    A man values his things.
    A boy plays with choices.
    A man isn't a second choice.
    A boy runs.
    A man walks slowly, but never returns.