I write to show that I am human, I am not broken I bend and crack but never break.

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  • thorn_heart 1w

    Wisdom, envy

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    Forest Envy

    Up! Up! Up! they seem to go!
    Envy so plenty of secrets they may know.
    Whisper oh forest softly in my ear.
    Terrified though for what I might hear.

    Down! Down! Down! your roots descent below!
    Even into the bowles of Hell they may burrow!
    Familiar with the Lord of flies you may be.
    Witness to the tortured souls held by Thea!

    Up! Up! Up! Into heaven you stretch above!
    Acquainted with the almighty Lord of Love.
    Witness to all the blessed children of paradise.
    Envy is all I feel wishing I could be as wise!


  • thorn_heart 7w

    Pain, forgotten, shadow

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    A Jester

    You may be a poet,
    To the rich and the wise
    They may travel far and wide
    To hear your raven's cry
    But I am a Jester
    Never will there be better
    And even God's they cry
    When I speak to the pain I hide.


  • thorn_heart 7w

    Sorry, lost, love

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    I Apologize

    I apologize,

    I loved you more than I planned...

    You weren't ready...

    And I was not planning on placing myself in hands that could not tame me.

    I apologize...

    I depended on you more that what was fair...

    you could not bare...

    And I had to be the one to leave because I wasn't being fair, I never intended to hurt you for I truely do care...

    My apologies

    I see you don't understand I can tell by that vacant stare...

    I apologize!


  • thorn_heart 8w


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    To Be Void

    Void my existence for in your eyes it's worth was none.
    Your voice called this honesty,
    Your words were not as weightless in my mind, no indeed not it's weight it was more than I could bare.
    Your words you should have realised would be equal to or greater even than my love for you and to so cast me aside from your world filled me to the very core with sorrow with despair that overshadowed my entire universe and swallowed up all that I dared to dream dared to believe in and I wanted to be no more.
    I wanted to be erased and forgotten not to be even a fleeting reminder for what a wish is worth, I do wish to be redeemed in your eyes soif not in this life, then in the next...

    I only want to mean something to you, only to have worth to you.


  • thorn_heart 10w

    The way I am

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    I Am The Villain

    Don't waste your time bending a knee; Don't spend a second saying your prayers for me.
    Rest easy now!
    I'm not a man possessed, I'm not a prophet haven't been blessed.

    This is not the work of a devil let me bring you to my level; make sure we see this eye to eye!
    Leave you with the truth, believe it or don't, Ain't feeding you more lies. This is the between the lines, you can read it if you open your eyes.

    I am not what you have made me out to be.
    I am not EVIL!
    I have chosen this for myself, call it Free Will.
    The badguy living with no fear to die.

    Call me a fuck-up; just afraid of living your way, just being stuck up. This is not something that you can comprehend while fearing for opinion that the world mend.

    I have not been forced to be who I am, no I chose to be the Villain.
    Always been my choice, always been my voice.
    Fuck all your opinions to me just white noise.

    I am the Villain I find joy in the forbidden; Cuz son when I'm Killin and out the vein blood come spillin; I'm having the time of my life I'm thrillin.

    So drop the shallow act take of the good boy mask. I know you are envious of me, your eyes light up when I walk in. The fucking realest living being. The way all you cunts desire having the courage to be.

    So call me the Villian your not lying, I be living it up while you possers are slowly dying. Talk all the shit you want bout me, till your pathetic hearts are filled of desire and I will have another hit of that good shit taking me even higher. Enjoy burning in your societal fire you lode of hypocrites, you pack of liers.

    I have never looked back regretting what I see, Cuz I have never once cared for anyone other than me! I make my destiny, where I am is where I chose to be.


  • thorn_heart 11w


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    True strength

    Vi verum sit perseverantia

  • thorn_heart 12w

    Hope, enlightenment

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    Evergreen is your Curse

    Evergreen never without leaves of lively green have I ever seen for exposure have you never been,
    Leaves that never withers away forever trapping in the pain,
    Your evergreen I have always believed a blessing, ignorant and arrogant, my eyes open now.
    I have finally seen your crushing burden, for beneath your evergreen you have always been hurting.
    Hidden underneath that posterior of eternal green a scared sapling you have all this time been.
    Evergreen under the beauty of your exterior, you have been guarding a heart that views it's own worth so inferior.
    Evergreen you have never seemed like the existence crying out for help, for your own majesty have been overshadowing yourself.
    Evergreen listen to these words I give to you now, no longer is it necessary to hurt all alone for my heart you may call your own.

  • thorn_heart 12w

    Lair, traitor, coward

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    Decieving myself

    With this darkness all around me,
    How do I even see myself.
    I live in a hell that I have been cultivating for myself.
    Leaving all my faith in people, I have lost myself.
    Trading all I am to only escape myself.
    Bonds that were broken and I have only me!

    Is this the way the it was always meant to be.
    Have I become blind or am I finally able to see.
    Trapped under water, how am I supposed to breathe.
    Will it be better for everyone if I decided to leave,
    For there are so many people that I had decided to deceive..

    Do I stay here and face this fear or do I once more choose to deceive and leave

  • thorn_heart 12w

    Life,the world, hopelessness

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    Taking drugs, A word of Fire

    Born to a world filled with liars, where trust turns to fires. Hearts are carried on the sleeve while we all practice to deceive. Air so polluted struggling to breathe somehow divorce is just fine, and fear have become just another state of mind.

    Take another hit to make yourself higher
    Tell another lie to avoid the fire
    Hostages of viruses they engineered
    Part of the age where kindness is feared
    Take another line to numb the mind
    Ask no questions fearing answers you'll find
    Terrified of death when you've already died
    Take another pill to mend your free will
    Talk to no one fearing the secrets you'll spill
    Take another injection, fearing rejection
    Never look in the mirror ashamed of your reflection.

    Live in a world where everyone has a opinion, believing they comprehend the hell you are living in.
    Trophies for participation because winning is sinning, where every loser is suddenly a bruiser and every opportunity missed is a reason to carve scars in their wrist.
    No longer fighting with firsts now with pictures and words on a digital wall filled with stories no one cares for at all.

    Take another hit of this Crack
    Trying to mend the humanity you lack
    Falling in paranoia that slowly destroy us
    Take another line of Cocaine
    Attempting to run from your pain
    Falling into madness becoming insane
    Take another pill of Ecstasy
    Drowning out all of reality
    Falling into a trance another puppet to dance
    Take another injection of Heroin
    Denying that you know the state you're in
    Falling into the abyss completely oblivious.

  • thorn_heart 18w


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    Nothing broken

    Nothing in this life is truely broken until, You have decided to give up on trying to fix it.

    Nothing in this life is truely lost until, You have decided to stop searching.

    Nothing in this life is truely destroyed until, You have decided to turn your back on it.

    Nothing in this life is truely unsalvigable until, You have decided that it's no longer worth saving it.

    You can never be in a hopeless situation unless, You have decided to give up on yourself.


    You will find that love is never broken, even though it may be bent and bruised, it may be neglected and abused, it is more than often corrupted and confused.

    Like it was covered by winter frost, it may be hidden but not lost.