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  • thoufil_ali 19w

    That's how

    Someone asked me how am i keeping my relationship
    i said, i woke up seeing "morning idiot" and she woke up seeing "morning stupid".

  • thoufil_ali 19w


    I don't know if time heals or not
    Maybe the time didn't get enough chances to heal me,
    Cause her lips heals me before the time do

  • thoufil_ali 20w


    Freedom is not what you think it is.
    It's definitely not the random stuffs you're doing every fucking day
    If you ever feel like your soul is floating way ahead of your actions or your soul taking decisions before your heart do Then that's it.that's how freedom looks like

  • thoufil_ali 20w


    You know why angels called as angels ?
    Because they achieved it with their smile