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  • thought_strobes 2w

    You will find a friend
    Or you'll lose one.
    You will break a heart
    Or you'll heal one.
    A lot will happen
    and lot will not.
    Like every year
    This will year will come and go.
    But I hope
    You be your friend
    You be you lover
    You be your inspiration this year.

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    I hope you allow this new year
    to show you
    That happiness within you.

  • thought_strobes 3w

    Every year changes me
    But this year made me!

  • thought_strobes 15w

    There are silences inside you,
    That you have yet to explore,
    There are things inside you,
    That are still fighting a war

    Somedays will be unkind,
    Some days you will want to forget
    They stay for those days
    That are worth more all the rest.

    Be easy on your soul,
    It need softness
    It needs time
    It needs patience.


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    Wars Inside You

  • thought_strobes 15w

    Understand me:
    I'm not like an ordinary world.
    I have my madness.
    I live in another dimension.
    And I do not have time for things
    that have no soul.


  • thought_strobes 17w

    Go where your energy reciprocated, celebrated and appreciated.

  • thought_strobes 23w

    मैंने तो समता सौंपी थी,
    तुमने फर्क व्यवस्था कर दी।
    मैंने तो न्याय व्यव्स्था दी थी,
    तुमने तो अन्याय व्यव्स्था बना थी।
    मैंने तो एक भारत सौंपा था,
    तुमने तो जातियों से भिन्न- भिन्न कर दिया।
    हर मंजिल थैली कर डाली,
    गंगा भी मैली कर डाली।
    शांति व्यव्स्था भी हास्य हो गई,
    विस्फोटों और दंगो का भाष्य हो गई।
    आज आहिंशा वनवासी है,
    कायरता के घर दासी है।
    न्याय व्यव्स्था भी रोती है,
    गुंडों के घर मै सोती है।
    गांधी को गाली मिलती है,
    डाकू को ताली मिलती है।
    क्या अपराधिक चलन हुआ है,
    मेरा भी अपहरण हुआ है।
    अमानवता तो मानवता हो गई,
    समजिक व्याख्याएं निष्ठुर हो गई,
    हर घर मां काली अक्षण हो गई,
    मां लक्ष्मी तो भक्षण हो गई।
    राजा का आचार हो रहा,
    मजदूरों पर अत्याचार हो रहा।
    जैसे घायल पड़ा जटायु
    हारा थका कराह रहा है
    जिंदा हूं या मरा पड़ा हूं
    अपनी नब्ज़ टटोल रहा हूं।

    मै भारत का संविधान हूं
    घायल मूर्छित लालकिले से बोल रहा हूं।

    @अंबिका बिहानी

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    भारत का संविधान

  • thought_strobes 24w

    It can't be tempting to live your life like a pre- sequel, to live as a setting up your own story.

    And once you lose weight, once you have the enough money, once you graduate school, once you are in real relationship,once,once,once and then finally, you'll begin to live and everything you do up until that point is some kind of a
    half- life, some unimportant forward you can skip.

    Don't do this, inhabit your life completely, sink fully into the wealth of your existence, the power of apparent sense is in this fearless owning of who you are,so that you can shape where you're going and you can mould what you're thinking.

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    May be tomorrow is not available for you!!


  • thought_strobes 25w

    I think when sky is happy it turns Pink!!

  • thought_strobes 27w

    Everyone has a shade that
    never been painted on any canvas.

  • thought_strobes 28w

    For once I don't want to yearn for a clarify
    on where I stand in people's lives.