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  • thoughts_provoked 9w

    Nature creates the life..
    It feeds the food..
    It gives the shelter..
    It teaches the knowledge..
    It provides the wealth..
    Everything is made of it..
    Nature is the GOD who save us all..
    We are fully depending on it..
    Stop exploiting it..
    Because a CREATOR can anytime become the DESTROYER..

  • thoughts_provoked 10w


    I run behind you as you are always moving forward..
    Your pretty sparkling light allure me towards you..
    I want to clutch you and hold you tight..
    I never want others to adore your beauty..
    I thought you are mine even though you are
    far- away from me..
    I never knew that you are brightening my world..
    I always want you to come down and stay forever with me

    -a small boy who admires moon


  • thoughts_provoked 12w

    Life is the beauty you always dream of..
    Happiness or sadness ; love or hate; victory or defeat;
    Live all through it ..
    Feel each microsecond of it..
    Whatever you gain.. wherever you reach..
    Only that moment is your treasure..
    Grab the moment..hold it gently..
    It's one life..
    Live all through it gracefully..


  • thoughts_provoked 13w

    SHE is my saviour!
    From the womb through wherever it is..

    SHE is my teacher!
    From teaching alphabets to all the life lessons..

    SHE is my well-wisher!
    From wishing me all good to guiding me to attain all those..

    SHE is my critic!
    From pointing out all my mistakes to making sure that I am correcting them..

    SHE is my crime-partner!
    From eating extra chocolates with me to protecting me from those crimes..

    SHE is my stress buster!
    From enduring all my scoldings to give back tonnes of love..

    SHE is my best friend!
    From listening to all my bullshits to tapping my shoulder whenever am broke..

    SHE is my LOVE
    SHE is my MOTHER


  • thoughts_provoked 14w

    Everyone is not sailing on the same boat..
    Uniqueness is the key for human evolution..
    So stop comparing and start exploring..


  • thoughts_provoked 14w


    The real challenge of life is finding the purpose of it..
    Other challenges are just the steps to reach that challenge..

  • thoughts_provoked 38w


    When life was beautiful
    When Earth was the loveliest place to live

    When work and life was not two seperate things
    When they worked blissfully to make a meaningful life
    When their inventions are not beyond neccesity

    When life was beautiful
    When Earth was the loveliest place to live

    When thoughts were not evolved to make life easy
    When things were not invented for luxurious means
    When inventions were not meant to bring an indolent life

    When life was beautiful
    When Earth was the loveliest place to live


  • thoughts_provoked 55w

    Oh that feel of past
    You make me drench into the ocean of water
    You make me dive deep into the lake of sorrow
    You make me jump low into the water fall of bitterness
    Oh that feel of past
    You make me shatter into tiny pieces of glass
    You make me tear into unwearable cloth
    You make me splash into filthy drops of water
    Oh that feel of past
    Present may sooth me.. future may invite me..
    That hollow void made by you never fades away..

  • thoughts_provoked 56w


    Sun is Soo far to touch..
    Moon is too bright to sit and admire..
    Air is Soo seemless to hold and feel..
    Rainfall is Soo heavy to dance and get wet..
    Oh my sunshine..
    Oh my moonlight..
    Oh my morning breeze..
    Oh my rain night..
    Get closer..
    Get closer..
    As the way you get close to me..closer always..
    © Kausalya sai

  • thoughts_provoked 57w

    Four little toes are dancing in relentless excitement!
    Sparkling rays are getting emitted from small tiny eyeballs!
    Cute rosy tongue brings down a huge little waterfall!
    Leafy leafy ears move like a swing in happiness!
    Tiny fragile tile shows the all sorts of happiness!
    Black hair nose smells that mountain big obsession
    - nothing but a cookie from it's master��

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