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  • timeblossom 3d

    Being a Tenant

    I have a home and its
    On rent , the rent is not paid
    On a fixed time or there is
    no consistency in the
    Amout I pay .

    Sometimes, the
    remittance cost my smiles
    And those lovely days I adore .
    It gives me a choice
    Between my dears and
    Fears , but never let me
    To choose .

    It's not enough, I'm still
    Under heavy debt .
    I try to escape , being
    Aware of
    the fact" the world is
    Nothing but a big rattrap"
    And I'll fail .

    Out of pain or innocence
    I keep on repeating this
    Because in between
    I use to scribble ,
    To sing , to flex
    These things are placed as
    My bait .
    And I'm satisfied for a
    Short .

    I'm not a body
    I'm a soul carrying this body ,
    Sadly I never realized it .
    I always tried to
    embellish this body rather than
    The soul which was mine .

    This goes on beacuse I decided
    To being a tenant.

    Garima .

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    Being a Tenant .

  • timeblossom 2w


    Dandy means good or something very pleasant.

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  • timeblossom 2w

    The reason why this pain is still
    Residing in your body like a parasite is because
    You never opened your heart's doors to let it go..
    You kept them close that neither the pain went
    Out nor the happiness came in and the pain kept
    On piling up and up
    which made you hollow ..you made it a permanent
    Thought that this pain will never pass ..you will
    Never pass thorough it .. it's you who built
    This ugly middle situation and forgot to react .
    Pain never comes without a message but
    It was you who never tried to understand .

    Pain is beautiful like the happiness
    You always seeks for . But you discriminated,
    You didn't permit pain to enter ..so that's why it
    Robbed all your merry. There's nothing scary in pain..
    It's stay is much shorter than the happiness ...it's we who make it a permanent stay . The only thing is just
    Understand it's message and work on it . It shall
    Pass peacefully and you will be in a state of eunoia.
    It just enters to make you grow .


    _______A permanent Rant _____________________________________

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  • timeblossom 2w

    Welcome to our society ,
    Where a girl is judged by her clothes,
    And an individual is judged by his marks .
    Here you'll see number of minds collapsing
    But you are not going to
    find a mind wise enough .

    People will peep into you from head to toe ,
    Without first looking into your eyes .
    Here, they will form an opinion ,
    A very ill and conjusted opinion .

    You are going to discover
    A group of stereotypes , a large group,
    That even the whole world looks smaller .
    Here, patriarchy is in power
    And you'll rarely find a single man
    Talking about matriarchy.

    Here , you can't argue ,
    If you argue then you are mannerless,
    Your parents didn't teach you anything.
    You can't act until the society
    Permits you.

    Where your mindset will be shaped
    By the society ,
    Here, you have to follow some rules,
    You can't leave the society ,
    You only exist because of society .
    You have to live in a prison
    Where all you get as punishment is judgement

    JUDGEMENT on the basis of your :
    Taste in music
    Your looks
    And etc .

    And the last and most prime rule ,
    You can't blame the society , beacause your
    are the







    Enjoy your stay !


    Again, tried a long post . Sorry for disappointing .

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    We blame society ,
    But we are society.

  • timeblossom 3w

    They asked what will
    You do after death ?

    My meek yet
    Sparky voice said I'll
    Taste odyssey after my

    My dimiurgic mind
    Mumbled, my soul
    Will be mingled with
    Petrichor endlessly
    Death !

    My hunches made a
    absquatulate will
    Be drenched
    After my
    Death !

    My avid soul,
    Me the gorgonize
    Out-let !
    After my death !

    My crazy senses,
    Nudged me
    I want to live
    In after
    My death !

    My wazzock heart shouted,
    The emptiness will be spilled
    After my

    The eutony of
    Nyctophillia will be
    Heard easily
    I said ,
    After my death !

    The hollow conopies
    Of my bones
    Will be thronged
    With the
    Ashes of
    tranquillity after
    My death !

    They said death is painful
    And I believed
    But, one day I foraged the soothing
    Beauty behind that devil face .


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    The irony is death is not painful ,
    it is the life which hurts.

  • timeblossom 4w

    Here , I'm a senseless earthling .

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  • timeblossom 4w


    P.C. Me ��

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    Too many
    ears to listen ,
    but rarely
    a heart
    to understand .

  • timeblossom 4w

    Bg belongs to me ☁️

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    The more you lose, the more you become mature.

  • timeblossom 6w

    Lying on my bed
    I wonder why the nights hold me
    So tightly..why they don't loose their grip.
    Why pessimism at night hits so badly .
    Why they tend to be so rude to me ,
    At the time I actually want to sleep ..they
    Don't permit me ... I precisely weep
    In front of it but I receive no mercy .

    Changing sides doesn't really help
    Eyes so tired , soul so dull , heart full
    Of remorse . But taking a break isn't
    Possible .. The freaking process
    Of overthinking starts at night ..when
    I don't have the courage to cope with it .
    The nights are so heavy for this fading
    Soul .

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