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  • timeblossom 1d

    No, you don't love me
    I was living in the
    lies of your love .
    Does my truth make
    Sense in front of your
    artificial skylines.

    The sugar coated words ,
    a rusted heart, very cold
    Yet beautiful.
    Will I be able to fall again
    After this fall.

    I thought you meant
    What you promised me
    I let you in,
    My mistakes, my regrets.

    Blind eyes, lie loving ears
    A handicapped heart .
    A silent tongue.
    it's a JOKE!?
    Definitely yes, but question
    Marks can't be removed
    The mind whispered .

    Fall a thousand times,
    Stands up a million times,
    My heart is so strong
    Or nearly dead.
    Illusions... LA. LA. LA.

    I love it when you call me seneorita ...la.. La-la.. LA..
    @waseemakhtar @branthan @odysseus @dusky_dawn @fireblast_ @pastelpetals

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    LA.. LA...LA.

  • timeblossom 2d

    @waseemakhtar @branthan
    We all love our families.. Inspite of all the misunderstanding :^)

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  • timeblossom 3d

    @_flyingcolors_ @himanshi_sharma @Odysseus

    Tu rota rahega uske liye Jo tujhe dhokha
    Dekar Nikal jayenga ,
    Tu rulata rahega usey jo tujhe chahega,
    Tu hansta rahega apney Gumo par
    Jab vo tere ansuon ka bhi mazaak bnakar
    Nikal jayenge .

    Nhi Karti parwah Yeh duniya kisi ki ,
    Tu phir bhi un bedardo ki slah lene jayega ,
    Chahat mat Kar uski
    Jo Roz Apni pasand Badal Leta hai
    Mat udass ho Uske piche
    Jo Ansu bhi jhothey baha Leta hai.

    Dekar dhokha tujhe
    vo bda khush nazar ata hai
    Or tu bewakoof phir roz
    unki khushi ki Dua mangta hai.

    Ha tu Tha zaroori.. Par unki zarooraton ke Hisaab se.. Or mere dost vo to har pal badalti hai


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  • timeblossom 3d

    //She pretended to hide her feeling
    But loves the hardest.
    She wanted to conserve her trust
    As she knows the truth
    But •STILL• there are chances
    She surmised. //

    //Her withered face still smiles the
    Because she knows if
    She caught crying
    they will make her more hassle.
    She listened to •ARIJIT SINGH•
    but sings something divergent. //

    //The scene was of separation,
    And she acted like a B-O-H-E-M-I-A-N
    So strange, what's about her rage!
    She was strong and bold.
    She pretended to hide, to smile ...
    It's her D.E.F.E.N.C.E ~M-E-C-H-A-N-I-S-M//

    //she was bruised like the roses,
    //shines like the SUN..flowers.


    Heya! Bear me more! ��

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  • timeblossom 4d

    My empty vibes forced me to write this.

    Like too much greenery can cause diseases,
    too much love can cause obsession
    And that's not love !


    If you read it's a simple one, if you feel you'll understand what it has to say.

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    Like too much greenery can cause diseases,
    too much love can cause obsession
    And that's not love !


  • timeblossom 5d

    I'm talking about the days
    We were together..
    Illusioned feeling of togetherness forever .
    I'm dreaming the moments I talked with the person
    You was.
    The days have died.. Than why not the F E E L I N G//

    The lame mind's cry can't be snubbed,
    It was blinging in sleep .
    Taking walking dream fulfillment .
    Nostalgia can't be B U R I E D//
    Lasting impressions on heart are alive.

    Nuclear weapons will help? The body will end again not the feeling.
    Serial killer, M E M O R I E S.
    I burn , I burry, I forget!
    Mission I M P O S S I B L E //

    Are you L I S T E N I N G!?
    Eyes still gazing // Heart is E M P T Y //
    Hard to erase something had so much to
    // R E M E M B E R //

    They are far,
    B U T
    Left the memories //
    Some nightmares.. Some delusions...some hope

    This is how Life goes on??? This is how it's going//


    P. S. I'm bad when its about a long post. But bear with me ��

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  • timeblossom 4w

    Following the trend of modernization , We have forgotten the pattern of humanity.

  • timeblossom 6w

    Nowadays I'm writing lame coz I'm out of my mind.. Tryy to bear.

    They will act like they really do.. But they don't..

    B E W A R E !

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    Nobody really cares,and who cares doesn't really exist.

  • timeblossom 6w

    Let me do.. What I want to ��

    I'm senselessss

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    Let me!

    Now let me play with your feelings ..
    The way you ruined me.
    The nights are more darker and the day never comes..
    Should I empty your life..
    The way you left me incomplete.
    The rain never comes and the land is more thirsty.
    Let me start a war with the unplanned moments...
    The way they left me hopeless ...
    The way I apologized me for not being me and the way I confessed myself.

  • timeblossom 7w


    Forget me.. I'm a senseless earthling


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    We come alone..
    And we go alone.. But
    Still we all are having a phobia from