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  • tinawairish 1w

    Let her Go

    You couldn't tame her
    No matter how hard you tried.

    You couldn't calm her,
    No matter how hard you tried.

    She's a wolf,
    A lamb
    And a panther rolled into one.

    She glows with the moon,
    Shines with the sun
    And wanders with the planets.

    She creates storms with the oceans,
    Purifies the earth with fire
    And cleanses life with the waters.

    She's one with the seas,
    Yet so alluring and captivating.

    You tried but you couldn't.
    So let her go.

  • tinawairish 1w

    Moving On

    I gave my heart to the wind,
    My mind to the sky
    And my soul to the sea.

    I gave my spirit to the eagle,
    My hands to the ants,
    And my feet to the leopards.

    I gave my beliefs to the trees,
    My faith to the rocks
    And my determination to the badger.

    I gave my wings to the angels
    And carried on with life.

  • tinawairish 1w


    Is this your way of communicating?
    Of course it is,
    It always has been...

    Is this how you speak to me?
    Yes, of course it is.
    It's always been.

    Your music is sweet,

    Are you trying to make me change my mind?
    Are you claiming your dominance over me?
    Like you did last time?

    You're doing that one thing,
    That one thing that makes them weak.
    It won't work on me...

    Not anymore.

    So let me go.

  • tinawairish 1w

    Stay Away

    You had done it before,
    Not once or even twice,
    Thrice or even four times...

    It was a cycle,
    A never ending circle...
    I had to put an end to it,
    For my sake.

    On and off,
    Push and pull,
    Drag and carry,
    Over and over like a roller coaster.

    This is where I draw the line,
    Set it straight,
    Break the chain,
    Stop the sequence.

    This is where I let go.
    Not for you but for me,
    And my generations.

    "I still love you but stay away from me..."

  • tinawairish 1w


    She is rare.
    Rarer than the gems.

    She is bright.
    Brighter than the stars.

    She is beautiful.
    More beautiful than the flowers.

    She's a queen.
    She knows she'll win,
    Without you, without me.

    She's a lady,
    And if you think otherwise, you're just being shady.

  • tinawairish 1w


    You promised,
    You vowed,
    You swore,
    You locked your pinky to mine.

    You promised,
    To be faithful,
    You vowed,
    To be truthful,
    You swore,
    To be the only one.

    You swore
    That I was your light,
    You crossed your heart,
    And said I was the one.
    Our pinkies interlocked and you agreed that it would be forever.

    I guess it was simply a hoax,
    A false story.
    You triggered my emotions
    And gave me false hope.

  • tinawairish 1w

    Love Drainers

    'I love you'
    'I need you'
    'There's no one like you'
    'One in a million'
    'An angel with the horns'

    Too many words,
    Too much chatter.
    Too many feelings.
    I'm sure if combined they'd reach the ceilings.

    They come in numbers,
    More than the desert sands,
    Each one tumbling over the other,
    Just to show their skill.

    I'm not interested.

    They sing about my beauty,
    Bribe me with their gifts,
    Speak of their undying love.
    They fight and compete,
    Just for approval.

    Just let me be.

    I wish to be free,
    Away from the men, they're simply greedy.
    They just want the fame,
    They lust after the wealth,
    Claim the crown and reign supreme.

    They don't care.
    They're just love drainers.
    That's what they are.
    And that's all they'll ever be.

  • tinawairish 1w

    Give me a Reason

    Give me a reason,
    Give me a reason why,
    Why I should believe in you.
    Give me a reason,
    Give me a reason why,
    Why I should love you.
    Give me a reason,
    Give me a reason why,
    Why I should trust you.

    Give me a reason.
    A brand new reason.

  • tinawairish 1w


    Take me to that place,
    That beautiful place, where the sun's rays are all that it is and the flowers are forever in bloom.

    Travel with me to that special place,
    Where the moon glows gracefully without being judged,
    To that place, where the stars dance freely and the lights of the Cosmos wave across the skies without fail.

    It is only then will I rid this crazy pain that slowly sucks the life out of me.