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  • tippy_2 2w

    People are so egocentric that when they need you, they will move around you throughout the day. but when not ,they will not even talk to you..

  • tippy_2 7w

    Dr. SEUSS.

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    Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory...

  • tippy_2 8w


    Struggle for existence ..

  • tippy_2 9w


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    Many love stories comes and goes but school love stories are always memorable because the most innocent love stories start from school..

  • tippy_2 15w


    Eyes are useless for seeing the most beautiful thing because it is the heart which felt that

  • tippy_2 34w

    Khoya khoya sa.

    Kuch khoya khoya sa lag rha h aaj
    Shyad kisi ki kami si h
    Chehre pe muskurahat hai
    Magar aakhon me nami si hai ..

  • tippy_2 37w


    Never loose courage because we are surrounded with the people whose only work is to make you weak

  • tippy_2 40w


    It's not about the strength but the ambition that drives us.

  • tippy_2 44w

    Sometimes ..

    Someone's word can tickle your heart more than their presence


  • tippy_2 47w


    The only key of any relationship ..