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  • tiwarii 6w

    Made up of saline
    I shower sweet
    Gathered on dust
    I look bright
    Move by air
    Despite being giant
    I am down to earth
    In the sky
    Waiting for my turn
    To be another I !

  • tiwarii 7w

    Collected in tranquility
    The thoughts are poem
    U was the same
    Thoughts flowed, emotions shaped
    And I penned down you

  • tiwarii 8w

    Stream of a fall on scalp
    Flowing down with beauty
    Unworried of consequences
    Flooding the barren of one

    Ocean in the eyes
    Tide within it
    Rising and falling
    Drowning millions of dreams

    Cheeks alike cloud at dawn
    The sun raising from it
    In the east; just to be the west

    Lower there a branch of tree
    With it's tender leaves
    Blown by the sigh of passers
    Just to face the heat

    Ohh...... air please take this cloud
    Away from here
    Down the barren of me lies a seed
    Whose growing I don't want to see.

  • tiwarii 8w

    Lost way

    Knowing, I hear my mind
    Heart devlop it too
    Being driven by two mind and a heart
    I have lost the way just to find myself
    Guiding others

  • tiwarii 8w


    Bahar bht thand hai
    Koi dil mai rakh lo

  • tiwarii 9w


    Life is not made up of moments
    It ends earning them or striving for them

  • tiwarii 9w

    Khone ka dar hai
    Pr paane ki chahat nahi
    Paas aane ka dar hai
    Dur khud jata nahi;
    Ajeeb kashmakash
    Mai bekhabar mai besabar;
    Baat mai chahta nahi
    Pr baat ched deta hu
    Andhere ki chahat hai
    Pr aankh band krta nahi
    Ajib kashmakash
    Mai bekhabar mai besabar

  • tiwarii 10w


    Helping her to get him back
    I dig my own grave
    Waiting for the wind to cover me with the soil
    So I can relax there....

  • tiwarii 10w


    Was silent; as had lot to say
    Laughed; as had to cry
    Concealed; as had to reveal
    Behaved odd to look even
    Was good to be deceived
    Escaping I entangled !!!

  • tiwarii 10w


    U didn't get affect from the truth
    Either u was expecting it or it was just another day in the office.