trying to radiate love...trying.

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  • toneoftheinnocent 15w

    It heals

    What kind of man doesn't let a woman know her full potential?
    Scared to build her up, because she might use that confirmation to be assertive for another man
    Help her grow
    I let her know, even though she's strong it's good to know you can wake up and be safe that your partner cares for you and you alone
    I want you to have that assurance
    That absolute thought in your mind
    Because I'll never betray it
    Misguide or mislead you
    Having you wondering where I've been
    Asking "Who was I With?"
    I'll never do that to you
    My love is boundless
    My loyalty is to you
    Unwavering pledge from my heart
    To guard and protect you physically, just please watch over me the other ways
    Be my eyes when I can't see
    I'll lift you up when you can't run
    Be my voice when I can't speak
    I'll give you all my blood, if you loose too much
    Take the breath from my spirit, to give to you the kiss of life
    Knowing I'll feel the touch of death
    But value can't be placed on this love
    Probably because its invaluable
    Unattainable to all
    Except me
    Because with God, anything is possible
    So I'll overcome these obstacles
    Go thru any training grounds
    Just to be the strength you need to be truly happy...

  • toneoftheinnocent 15w

    It hurts

    Hate when they act nonchalant, as if two hearts aren't involved
    Your scared?
    Me too
    I'm not ashamed to say I've been hurt, or that I've caused pain
    I know my imperfections never allowed me to come close to love
    Maybe strong affection
    Or unhealthy obsession
    I am never the first choice, always the back up
    Used as an example of what love feels like
    Then said example is used to mold the one you want
    My fears are great, but when I feel your love, I come closer
    I won't make love feel foolish
    Cause your passion to feel empty
    No woman has ever been proud to claim me
    No matter how much I build them up
    Support them to become great
    When they find that success, they sit up top, and never throw down a rope
    They'll start to walk on water, while they let me drown
    Fly thru the sky, but watch me fall
    You stand-up for those who will abandon you when a shadow grows too big
    But feel blinded by me dying to become your light?
    I think these things in secret
    Pray away my nightmares
    Meditate to turn them into dreams
    Maybe me loving you is just a fantasy
    Loving yourself should come first
    So how is someone or something always in front of me?
    Sometimes they don't even let me know I exist
    Without the finances, love won't put food on the table
    My heart can only be so interesting
    Before my mind starts to feel dull
    Realizing I'm not your primary focus
    But when have I ever been in the center of someone's mind?
    The way they become the focus of my meditation?
    As long as I make you feel good about you, I'll have your attention
    But what about your heart?
    Should I not care so much?
    I must seem too emotional
    Then when my feelings check out,
    I was like everyone else?
    Appearances are more important
    So I think I'll just disappear
    Become just a vain spirit for someone's lusts
    A slave to someone else's emotions
    I just wanted to share your time
    Understand who you are
    Love what we are and forming to be
    I thought I knew love
    Now I understand I never was allowed to feel it
    That maybe God said I'm not worthy of her heart
    To be honest Lord, I never felt worth a penny out of the change you made in me
    I just invested everything I had into a promising business
    Bought stock in her sorrows
    Traded traumatizing memories
    Bartered for each others heart
    In the end, I realized she was priceless
    I couldn't afford her
    She won't fight for me the way I'll fight for her
    I've been in these wars alone though
    A child rebel soldier, just lost in a cruel outpost
    Take aim, and fire
    I wish my accuracy was off, you not aligned in my sights
    I'll keep praying, meditating, and building myself up until your ready for me
    I patiently do this with all humility, knowing I might be waiting to hear "No"
    So I know after this, I can be alone, with just our God
    Maybe he will show me why I can never be that man for her
    Then I can feel closure years after she's gone
    Then maybe try to search again

  • toneoftheinnocent 16w

    The Journey

    In your heart
    Always racing
    Temptations forgotten
    Because truth removed lusts
    Determined to uncover it all
    Depths heralded of old
    A myth told of what we can't accomplish
    They will intervene, but remain strong
    It's through these deserts we'll travel
    Each memory made a drop of rain
    Now an Oasis is born
    A paradise for you and me...

  • toneoftheinnocent 16w

    The Proposal

    If all you need is one reason, she came with more
    If you never knew light, her darkness would ignite your flame
    Certainty would be expected, so you give her proposals
    She doesn't know the motive, because the risks are immense
    This is laminated im my mind, her need to be loved
    So I know to show her how profound it is,
    What my love is like
    Because a cup of water is still enough to drown you
    But I'll be more Pacific
    Prepare to dive down and see wonders
    I have to come up for air
    But no current could take me from her
    She washes away fear, on the shores of her Mind
    Her consciousness formed these waters
    I wish to bathe in it, and be cleansed
    So calming and refreshing
    It has to be from a spring, or some type of elixir
    If I make this bell ring, I hope it causes waves...

  • toneoftheinnocent 16w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Galaxy

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  • toneoftheinnocent 16w


    I'm not asking your permission
    What I feel is how I feel
    You can't change that unless you want me gone
    If I stay, can you handle someone who cares?
    Is it frustrating on all fronts?
    I just don't give my time to everyone
    Because they'll try to erase time with me when it's all over
    Why is that fair?
    Why should I care?
    Because she's worth more than she values her self
    And time is all I have to give...


  • toneoftheinnocent 16w


    Details are minor
    Persistence is key
    Drawn into the flame
    Life becomes a remedy
    A reaction to destiny
    Filled to the brim with luxury
    Mind capacity at maximum
    Rotate the words for those who understand...

  • toneoftheinnocent 16w

    The tone of Love

    I can feel the rush from the adrenaline
    Heart racing, but still second place
    Never had to feel like I was rushing it
    Because I'm so meticulous
    Feeling her energy to tune her into my frequencies
    I meditate for inner peace
    Make your juices flow for my hydration
    Pray for balance so she completed me
    Puzzled but never lost
    Her image is a guiding star
    Darkness won't tear us apart
    Light the path, I'll lead the way
    From one time in space
    Never flows linear
    So maybe I can reverse the clock, to be the first
    Or travel to the future, where you're always mine
    I marked on my calendar your time of descent
    Because heaven lost an angel when you came down
    So I lift you up, praise and worship thee
    My God comes first
    Your love second
    But if there were trophies, it'd look like you tied for the win
    Because I still give you gold as a prize
    But what you truly won was my heart
    From the very moment I laid eyes on you
    I knew I had won this game from the very start
    Picture perfect finish, memories for our children
    Tell the story like a myth
    Because her beauty is legendary
    Goddess unlike any other
    So as a King I seek your blessings
    Make my kingdom mighty
    Strengthen the Army through our bonds
    Together we'll conquer our darkest demons
    Scale bottomless pits
    Tread perilous terrain
    All to lead to one destination: