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  • tonyachali 8w

    I never looked at the stars the same the moment I looked into your eyes

  • tonyachali 8w

    The grey is now something colourful to me😪

  • tonyachali 9w

    Once you take out the fire in your relationship, it won’t need you to remake it but it needs you to rediscover the principle of making one

  • tonyachali 9w

    Everything is fixable,Trust!

  • tonyachali 10w

    Now I understand what rainbows are all about
    All this time they came and went trying to tell us that no colour defeats the other but all put together create beauty


  • tonyachali 10w

    We talked again
    but this time it’s exactly the way strangers do

  • tonyachali 10w

    The light was not given to us to help us see but a reminder that we stay awake

    The sound on the other hand was not given to us to help us hear things out but
    It’s there to tell us how important it is to be attentive

    We always find out who’s by our side when the day turns to night remember that
    And when that happens all you’ll hear are the crickets chirping

  • tonyachali 11w

    If everything happens for a reason
    Then why do we believe we make “bad choices?”

  • tonyachali 13w

    I thought we weren’t under the same sky until I realised I didn’t fight the storms the way that you did

  • tonyachali 13w

    Most peaceful of the day,are moments when the sun starts to rise.

    How ironic that the earth enjoys its most peace when we are not awake.