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  • toshisrivastava 174w

    Girl thoughts

    Unlimited thoughts emerge in girl's mind,
    She is full of chaos..
    The peace she needed,she can't find.

    Be responsible,fearless,open,pretty,honest.
    Slay your thoughts girl!!

    Truth is,you deserve every happiness
    So be happy & twirl!!

  • toshisrivastava 174w

    Heart & mind

    My heart,these days,are at sixes and sevens;
    While my mind is a million miles away!

    How to put these two and two together!!

  • toshisrivastava 174w

    Joy of life

    Joyful life is full of gratitude;
    Don't waste time in hate,envy & attitude.

    Remember! Joy of life is in a good laugh

  • toshisrivastava 174w

    Originally posted by : @ericwk
    Mirakee ��

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    Mirakee app is great!
    Pen and paper; replaced.
    Words written in fashion;
    shared here, with passion!


  • toshisrivastava 174w

    Heart v/s Mind

    Exam over,distant lover..
    What to do, what not to do.
    Still pondering,cold shouldering..
    Should I meet him,should I not.
    Oh my God! Why love is so hard

  • toshisrivastava 174w


    I truly luv u my luv..
    U r my only crave of life..
    I m craving for ur heart..
    I want to b ur wife..
    Only truth; no lies
    Craving this dream in ur eyes

  • toshisrivastava 175w


    Don't ever cry the blues,
    Suffer real hardships silently;
    Have the blues in life with positivity.✌
    Women have the baby blues,
    Men cry over some other blues;
    Have adventures in blues.
    After all,BLUE is a deeply sneaky color

  • toshisrivastava 175w

    My words...

    My words want to say many things..
    My words are suppressed by many people..
    My words want to raise voice..
    My words are brown study in my mind..
    My words may b worthless..
    My words can b felt in my temperament..
    My words are not meant to hurt others..
    But how to express my words,in words..

  • toshisrivastava 175w

    Relationship dichotomy

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    Love_hate relationship

    Wanna stay wid u..
    But it is difficult to stay together
    Wanna left apart..
    But it is difficult than staying together
    Wanna be yours forever..
    But I feel v can't anymore stay together
    Wanna die..
    But what bout the promises of staying together
    Wanna hate u...
    But I will still luv u forever.

  • toshisrivastava 199w

    Originally posted by : @thehopelessginger

    To nurture a healthy relationship it is very important to support each other in good times as well as times of crisis. As this lovely poem by @thehopelessginger says, accept a person in entirety; good and bad, happy and sad.

    written: 08/2013

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    It's easy to love a girl
    When her eyes are glowing from rest
    When her lips are painted red
    And happiness radiates from her chest
    But then there are those days
    When she feels out of control
    When she just needs you to hold her
    So she doesn't slip into a black hole
    It's easy to love a girl
    When the music makes her sing
    When she takes you on adventures
    And jumps in puddles during spring
    But then there are those days
    When nothing you do is right
    When her skin crawls with paranoia
    And she cringes at the light
    It's easy to love a girl
    When her laughter fills the air
    When she opens your eyes to beauty
    That you didn't know was there
    But then there are those days
    When she gives up the fight
    When she is too broken to cry
    And runs off into the night
    It will not be easy to love a girl
    When she is a burning flame
    When she succumbs to her demons
    And dies inside from shame
    But don't forget about the days
    When she makes you feel whole
    When she captures your heart
    And touches your soul