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  • tragic_poet 12w

    Hope I die soon

  • tragic_poet 12w

    Hope I die soon

  • tragic_poet 15w

    Imagine being in anxiety and your depression kicks in.. n someone says please talk to me I promise I will not judge.. please share with me talk to me..
    N the very next day they start being annoyed n in a very unhappy tone says that whatever u shared last night was so hurtful n years ago incident etc etc..
    On the other hand u r not fine but u were happy that someone was there for u.. but their words push u harder into more regret n now u r in worst phase of anxiety, depression and panic attack..

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    Sometimes people can only make you hate yourself a little damn too much

  • tragic_poet 28w

    How bad n annoying I was that they don't want me anymore in anyway
    What was s matter how hard I try I I'm failing as always..
    I must have done something so bad.. so so so bad
    Wish I could stop this n make everything right n they love me for who n how I am
    But I'm just failing again n again n again
    N my bloody self can't even die coz it'll hurt more if they didn't cared about that too
    N ghost me will keep hurting too

  • tragic_poet 28w


    I wish l could jump Outta my body
    Coz it's so hurtful n suffocating to stay this way anymore
    The more I'll stay the more numb I'll be
    So y not end it.. y I had to go on
    Crying every now n then
    What did I ever did to b this way
    Will they stop if they knew that there words n actions
    Actually does hurt
    And that hurt is not bearable anymore
    Please someone make it stop

  • tragic_poet 32w

    Sing me a song that sets my heart free rather than on fire
    I may not be like the lake u please
    Or the ocean u seek
    My tears roll down my cheek
    Yet Pretending to be fine N neat
    Letting all pass as I breath
    A day more u will see walk this street

  • tragic_poet 35w

    If they can sleep
    Making u cry N sleep deprived,
    Just understand ur worth N smile

  • tragic_poet 35w

    U have it..
    N u prefer not to care
    N others praying to keep it safe..
    Doesn't matter if it stays with u or another

  • tragic_poet 35w

    Funny it is to see
    People giving up on me
    N once they said they'll..

  • tragic_poet 35w


    How many people love u..
    The answer is somehow everyone.. in different levels N ways
    How many people understand u
    The answer is my 6th finger.. i dont have one means no one

    The more i get close to people the more i understand they don't want me and/or I don't belong

    I might have a shelter, some people to b with they help me now N then..
    But i dont have a place to call home

    Home as in a place u r not judged, u feel as if u belong there
    Just fitting like a perfect puzzle piece..

    But nah! Everytime I think I found my place it just break into million pieces
    Unheard unwanted just there

    Feels like a wild injured bull no one can handle or as no one care to handle either