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  • triciastacey 2w

    Fate exists to mislead

  • triciastacey 2w

    The pleasure of meeting someone new
    Is that you get to choose who you want to be
    You can even start over and be the person you always wanted to be

  • triciastacey 3w

    Doubt is

    Your reflection after a bad day

  • triciastacey 3w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Overcome

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    Overcome to prosper

  • triciastacey 5w

    Follow your own shadow
    Blame yourself...not the world

  • triciastacey 6w

    It hurt like nothing I've ever felt
    It tasted like death when he kissed me
    It burned like hell when he held me
    I fumed with anger with every "I love you" whisper
    I once had my heart broken

  • triciastacey 7w

    *Food sounds better than love*

  • triciastacey 7w

    I walked away from you before
    I walked out of your life
    You only noticed my absence
    But I left before leaving you

  • triciastacey 9w

    call me crazy but every time I see you smile with other girls I feel cheated on..... didn't you say I'm the only one who makes you happy?????

  • triciastacey 10w


    And I'll forever drown in my own tears
    Scared of my reflection rather than my fears
    I'm hurting , tired from all these aches
    Yet I keep reliving my past mistakes
    My feet are sore from running away
    Scars from dodging knives floating my way
    Once kept my heart on a H. A. P. P. Y coded safe
    I still felt my heart wasn't safe
    My demons cracked the code
    Changed it to B. R. O. K. E. N so I turned cold
    I changed my story , forgetting my role
    I kept my distance from my soul