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  • trilochana_sona 1w

    A slice of our life should have_
    amore, honesty, fortitude, tenderness_
    as the basic toppings!!
    and sometimes wisdom_
    as seasonings too!!


  • trilochana_sona 1w

    Ashta lakshmi! Tridevi! rukmini! narayani!
    The lakshya of wealth and prosperity!
    Also deluge the pleasure, love, fame, pleasure and peace!!

  • trilochana_sona 1w

    The clock hands can stop_
    But my love for you never ends_
    Even when my heart beat stops!

  • trilochana_sona 2w

    Crystal blue persuasion
    It's a vibration!
    Song may be in tamil plus malayalam asset
    But the innervoice in our mother tongue is elation!!

  • trilochana_sona 3w


    Savouring you till the last lick
    Chory for making you to melt by recalling a fabulous day
    Without you my one's fav dialogue is incomplete♥️

  • trilochana_sona 4w

    Embodiment of grace!
    Lord of the gods!
    Complementary partner of ambika!
    Even the darsana of cresent moon in the head gives benediction for life time!

  • trilochana_sona 5w


    It's not a just name, it's a big fame!
    One who never had patterns,always had ideas!
    The pavilion seemed too short,
    So we wish captain cool to walk back once again in the ground!


  • trilochana_sona 5w

    Bhakti eh vãnara_
    Exemplary devotee of Sita rama!
    Folk-enacted player of the ramayana!
    By chanting 'Sita rama', We can be accomplished!
    © TrilochanA

  • trilochana_sona 6w

    The one,
    My one,
    Ever one,
    Constant one,
    Yes one,
    That's you bun♥️

  • trilochana_sona 7w

    Papa!!you de treasure, it's all our pressure;
    Dada! Doesn't like to give our swipe back_
    That's been serving your full life!
    The pater - nah! You're the sovereign!