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  • truthstandsout 3w

    when that heart is opened

    the suns of a thousand stars
    is what warms me so

  • truthstandsout 4w

    I'm tired

    but I wrote
    hope upon hope
    it grows with words

  • truthstandsout 4w

    lies will be lies

    no mater how often repeated

  • truthstandsout 6w

    hope upon hope

    is a mountain of diamonds
    upon a mountain of diamonds
    past the fog
    climbing the detox

  • truthstandsout 6w

    poison app

    poison static
    at your fingers
    in your blood
    in an app

  • truthstandsout 6w


    turn off the tv
    breazes of peace
    leaves you with gold
    never gets old

  • truthstandsout 7w

    water fall two way

    God makes water falls fall
    they can fall up too
    in your heart
    if you let Him

  • truthstandsout 7w

    lighting an upside down water fall

    upside to everything
    down to humility
    water to your soul
    down to your knees

  • truthstandsout 7w

    upside down water fall

    upside to everything,
    down from arrogance,
    water for your soul,
    fall to your knees

  • truthstandsout 7w

    trees thru cracks

    they said there's no room
    no place for anything but nothing
    but look - if you just give me a sliver
    what is that, delivered?
    the nothing was inside
    while on this side - we have fruits