a smile calms the chaos, a hug fixes it all up.

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  • tumaku 8h

    oh #birthday you are way too short for a day.

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    "the concept
    of birthday is to
    make you feel special
    once every year
    as rest of the days
    life keeps giving you
    a reality check"
    he said

    "still, have a happy birthday"
    she replied

  • tumaku 1d

    guess #love is much more of emotions.

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    so much to tell her
    and all those words
    those feelings inside
    he just looked at her
    she happened to read
    all of it and hugged him

  • tumaku 2d

    #truth for tonight. one doesn't always get #love

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    "do you know what happens of us"
    she asked

    "i don't know"
    he replied

    "life will either
    embrace us with love
    or hit reality on our faces"
    she laughed

  • tumaku 3d

    #love will bid us a goodbye, gradually some fine #time

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    she asked
    "can you be in love forever?"

    he smiled
    "no, you'll be in love
    with those memories
    of that special person
    even when you won't love
    that person anymore"

  • tumaku 4d

    when #she sings, that's super special :) that's a way of #love expressing itself gracefully.

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    and one night
    she sang for him

    he heard it on loop
    until he slept
    with her voice in his ears

  • tumaku 5d

    #life as short and sweet as it could be.

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    these words
    just wrap up
    our lives

  • tumaku 5d

    because #love is a little also about attention, love fades away in time, if there's lesser attention, little contact, be it physical or mental, if you're in it, you be there and nowhere else.
    but an emergency is #family and #friends

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    when i smoke
    i also talk
    when i drink
    i love to dance a bit
    when i'm with you

    i am entirely with you

    (except if there's an emergency)

  • tumaku 1w

    such inflammatory is #love

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    there was fire
    every time
    she tried to
    come close
    to him

  • tumaku 1w

    first #love is untimely and very special, it stays for a lifetime indeed. a handful few, succeed at making it their first ever, last love.

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    pulling out a picture
    from his old dusty wallet

    "who is she?"
    the grand daughter asked

    "she is my best kept secret"
    said grandpa as he smiled

  • tumaku 1w

    one doesn't have to say it out loud, because #love on a 100% scale, is conveyed through feelings almost 75% of the time.

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    people never say a word
    about "love"
    no proposals, no drama
    as they don't have to

    they just know it
    they live through it