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  • twinklinglights 17w

    @mirakee @soulfulstirrings @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

    Occasions bore me,
    Unknown faces and gossips,
    Can't keep me hooked,
    But ....
    I can't look away from you

    Was it passion or seduction?
    Those eyes sin and I am cursed,
    Toxic but addicting,
    Sweet and unwavering,

    How do I redeem this unrest?
    Is it only me or is it you?
    But who cares, we dance ,
    Moving , ebbing and flowing,
    Springing the tension ,
    Until it's explosion is imminent,

    Are shadows dark or your eyes more hooded?
    I can't tell , your lips have branded mine,
    If the devil is as charming as you ,
    Then I won't regret tasting this luscious wine

    Passion seeps and it sparks me
    In moans and sighs,
    Your hands leap to my rescue,
    I rest in the bosom of your paradise...

    Impatient as you are , am I,
    These feelings won't let me sleep ,
    Let me dream once while i stay
    Entangled, vexed movements
    One tug and all the hooks come undone
    The fire is lit ,
    Let it amalgamate us both
    Mollifying our bodies ,
    Glistening, embracing,
    Holding and collapsing ,
    Is it swallowing me or
    Has it overtaken you?
    It's just the fire
    It governs us,
    Under ashes of fabrics and sweat,
    Discarding all courtesies,
    Abandoning fervent mortality,
    We last in an eternity of our own,
    Lips swollen, Hands woven
    Breaths mingled,
    Each space is ours and time evicts us
    In this abode of our pheromones...


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  • twinklinglights 19w

    Privilege is subjective ; it might be to live or to die , both garnering others' envy.

  • twinklinglights 20w

    @mirakee @soulfulstirrings @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

    Let me surrender to this agony,
    For I plead it's enslavement,
    To torture my lungs to breathe,
    Excruciatingly summoning life in mourning
    And succumb to utter futility,
    For it dismays my own integrity,
    Has one ever crumbled so hard,
    That giving up is a blessing?

    May one call forth the Arbitrator ,
    Who delegates pleasure and sorrow,
    As an untoward duty
    Whose stewardship concerns faithful mercy,
    Bloating fear like ubiquity,

    I haven't a subject to inquire, nor a hitch in my toe,
    I shan't seek causes nor uncover any mysteries untold
    Yet only weep for life , the Life that one savages as reward for the Wisdom of the Sane
    Advocating rightful misery on the parameters of eternal sleep
    Since I will surely be forgiven for what one doth insinuate,
    What one doth forsake, weather and affirm to be graced by bliss
    The liberty of a soul amaranthine
    To be bequeathed to deathless serenity.

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    Aged solicits

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  • twinklinglights 36w

    @mirakee @soulfulstirrings @aman__writes_ @timeblossom @griffindork
    #pod #writersnetwork

    It's lonely,at times,
    On a night, aphotically blackish,
    Lit with fireworks, explosions of bliss,
    They do not last long, you know,
    The smoke still suffocates,
    Fading like your memories...
    Turbulent emotions rake this land,
    They all resuscitate and inundate,
    Bequeathing solemn vows of dyslania,
    Like a curse, inhibiting me and you,
    In this loop of eternal suffering....

    And you know, I HATED it, your presence,
    One that Whirled me into despairous tempests,
    One that mutated me into psychotic rampages,
    Ubiquitously, whispering that it's all futile,
    It is all a farce,
    That I am your solemn slave,
    And submission is my only solace,

    But, on this lonely night,
    In the power of my jurisdiction
    I will render you impotent,
    Within the debilitation of your illusion,
    I will surrender your integrity,

    Since, it has been ENOUGH,
    Enough of those prostrate days,
    Enough of them, egoistic 'taken-for-granted' ness,
    Enough of their purged consciences,
    Shadowing your domination and injustice,
    Enough of it all, the bullshit,

    That I formalised in smiles,
    When they inquired your whereabouts from me,
    When they told me that it was presumptuously forgiven,
    With an affirmation of it being your inherited nature,
    "You know how he is, he won't change"

    Well, let me tell you, this is how I AM,
    A person who couldn't love you ,
    A person who wouldn't accept you, my brother,
    Even if you are younger, immature,
    I am a person who stood with respect that you disavowed,
    In front of all of them, all the time,
    A person who will not let you walk away,
    A person who will rip your farce to pièces,
    A person who has been subjugated to your horrible being,
    And I shun you ,in front of all of them,
    Promising you that I will tell them each of your LIES,

    Because I am a VICTIM, A WITNESS,
    To carnage of shared blood ,only coerced pretenses,
    And there will be no more LIKE me...

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    No more

    Because I am a VICTIM, A WITNESS,
    To carnage of shared blood ,only coerced pretenses,
    And there will be no more LIKE me...

  • twinklinglights 36w

    #writersnetwork @mirakee @soulfulstirrings @timeblossom @aman__writes_ @flutterfly828

    While fixing the freckles of my dress,
    A question tugs at its hem,
    Eyebrows curled in audacious suspicions,
    Asking whether your courtesy smiles,
    Linger in the communication of our lines,
    Hair slicked back like the edge of my eyes,
    Ignited fire lurking red in our minds,
    Thirsting this moment,
    You and I ,
    Suffer from the distance,
    While we fantasize,
    In this transmission of agreement...

    We hold hands together as my heels stutter through the hall,
    A plethora of possibilities raining on our frames,
    We glide in glee and fly freely,
    This celebration of "Us", of...

    Our minds speaking in one joyous creation,
    Like an eternity of two bodies,
    Surmising the soul in a trance,
    While this dance strikes it's beauty,
    Splendour in its grace,voluptuous to its curve,
    We are disciplined by their manners,
    With love imbibed in those sparks,
    Twinging over the undulating waves,
    Scintillating in the "Allure" of our existence....

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    Our minds speak in one joyous creation,
    Like eternity of two bodies...

  • twinklinglights 36w

    Everytime I cried,
    I called out hundred names
    Of people and myself,
    Who knew that they only resounded
    Like the echoes in my mind?

  • twinklinglights 37w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @soulfulstirrings @preethi_damodaran @__aman__writes__
    I tried to use the format of a nonsense Limerick ,that was popularized by Edward Lear. These poems are short five line stanzas, sometimes didactic thematically but also comical, following a rhyme scheme of Aabba strictly.....however I realized later on that the syllable pattern used in this system implicates the middle lines to be shorter than the first and fifth( which I evidently didn't do) and I couldn't wrap my head around how to change it to the prescribed meter ��( we all know syllables and meters are hard to be adhered to!��) so anyways here's my attempt at it. Please do let me know if I could imbibe a didactic and comical tone to it!

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    A joker with a flat nose,
    Once flattered his ego with a hose,
    He mimicked the elephants for a day,
    And he forgot he was human yesterday,
    The hose as a trumpet blows.

  • twinklinglights 37w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @soulfulstirrings @preethi_damodaran @sahnah @timeblossom @monikakapur @thesagarikawrites @flutterfly828 #pod

    Isn't it addicting?
    The death that you've killed,
    Over, over, again and again.
    Celebrated with the blood,
    The crimson red elegy.
    Velvet spilling out of flesh,
    Metamorphosed black. Overpowering,
    One drop, one drop, tripping.
    Stale canabalism of history,
    Forsaken, forborne but freed.

    Lick that wound. Stab it.
    Devour that happiness,
    Like a sophisticated smirk.
    Sensualised living.
    Close them. Those eyes, the damned curses.
    Fall into the nightmare.
    The naught, creaking, cradling.

    Once, it hurts.

    Twice, you scream.

    Thrice, let them be guilty.

    Fourth time, it's scandalous,

    The fifth time, don't feel...

    .......Let the tenth time arrive,
    I PROMISE you,
    YOU will ENJOY IT,
    just like ME.

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    Sadist pleasures

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  • twinklinglights 37w

    @writersnetwork @lovenotes_from_carolyn @soulfulstirrings @preethi_damodaran

    #mirakee #mother's day
    Vichitra- Strange or wierd in Gujrati
    Dikri- Daughter in Gujrati
    I referred to dance here because that's what I have inherited from her , my mom and me, both love dance.

    Fussy, anxious, she still bore the pain,
    Cradling me in her arms,
    With eyes moist, of labour and ecstasy,
    And I called you "Mumma"....

    My silly questions, smiled at,
    With willing affection, she embraced me,
    My "vichitra" behaviour,laughed at,
    But again, I am her "dikri"...

    Mom, her struggles have withered her,
    She's fatigued , but still not aged,
    Like a baby, whose smile is contagious,
    I was drawn to her, she became my sister.....

    Years pass, a girl maybe a woman,
    But, her heart will always yearn ,
    That one fluffy, warmth of my "teddy bear",
    Stuffing me in dreams on sleepless nights....

    And I will carry her legacy,
    In my dance, smiles and heart,
    Even if, her eyes would not know,
    My world only means "her",
    With an oath to always protect it,
    I swear , this life of mine, is dedicated to being her daughter.

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  • twinklinglights 37w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @soulfulstirrings
    Beauty is forlorn when you seek it,
    It's natural when you don't abide it
    Incidents are coincidentally fated,
    On this journey, where perfection awaits....
    The masquerade of a soul's enigma,
    Stigmatized to one's own evil lies,

    Beauty is that agenda
    That you and I conceal
    Under those smiles , those clothes and shapes,
    That illuminate the void of a being

    How reel could these sensations be?
    Of content that are valued by others
    How forlorn could that beauty be?
    That's rented, practiced and ugly
    Perhaps, those "unpretties" can be the beauty,
    The manufacturing cost of idiocy.

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    Beautiful, who is?

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