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  • twinklinglittlestar 5w


    Be like a flower
    Which spreads happiness and it's fragrance
    Around itself. Even after knowing that they are temporary. Soon they will be gone with it.
    It doesn't regret in present for its cruel future
    It is always happy to bloom even though it iis aware of it's future. But on the contrary humans are so insecure about their future that they forget to bloom before they are gone

  • twinklinglittlestar 6w


    Never wait for any occasion to be happy
    Only today is the reality, Tomorrow is unpredictable. So live,. laugh. and enjoy today
    Tomorrow is just an excuse to spoil your today

  • twinklinglittlestar 14w

    Break your own boundaries
    To rise High

  • twinklinglittlestar 15w


    Never wait for tomorrow to live
    Tomorrow can never be assured
    Never wait for tomorrow to smile
    Tomorrow is uncertain
    Never wait for tomorrow to achieve your goals
    Tomorrow is unpredictable
    Only Today is the reality
    So live life to the fullest!!!!!

  • twinklinglittlestar 15w

    I become a fighter when
    I need to fight for others
    Than why do I turn into
    A victim fighting
    My own battle???

  • twinklinglittlestar 15w


    Most difficult.thing a girl undergoes is
    Pasting an artificial smile on the face
    While fighting with countless battles
    Within herself

  • twinklinglittlestar 15w


    No-one. bu only I am. responsible
    For making myself Happy

  • twinklinglittlestar 16w


    Every Ray of the rising Sun
    Brings you rays of hope
    And demonstrates that
    Brightness surely prevails
    After darkness

  • twinklinglittlestar 16w


    Never allow your past to intervene
    Your present
    Look ahead and.never Look back
    Looking back may lead to
    Unfortunate mishap
    Which may result into an irreparable loss.

  • twinklinglittlestar 16w


    Your never ending love
    Gives me strength to fight all the odds
    Your never ending attention
    Gives me strength to rise every morning
    I am very fortunate so are you
    To lead the life with eachother
    As soulmates and partners
    Since ages and for ages to go!!!