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  • twominutestilmidnight 2w

    She's So Gone

    The girl fighting mirror monsters and questioning herself

    Staying silent and keeping her head down so no one would see her eyes screaming 'help'.

    The best version of herself was your unfulfilled prophecy.
    Changing her mindset to engulf her in your narcissistic toxicity.

    Another one of your failed projects
    That escaped the dark world you wanted her to get lost in.

    As time goes on she'll forget this ever happened.
    It's your turn, my dear, to stay a dirty little secret.

  • twominutestilmidnight 2w

    Heart, Heal

    Because I need you to beat stronger.

    Because I need to stop feeling the tightness as I'm fighting to find sleep.

    Because I need you to be there for me, as much as you have been for everyone else.

    Because you never deserved what broke you.

    Because you are the most important thing to me.

  • twominutestilmidnight 3w


    You told me to value confidence as I stepped out into the cold

    To not let fear lead my way into deeper darkness, or forget I have a heart.

    Stay for any and every reason I can.

    I read your note as I stood outside the wooden door for a smoke.

    "Stay for yourself because I wasn't strong enough to stay for myself.
    I'm sorry to all I've hurt.
    You know I loved you."

    Stay because you want to be more than a post mortem note.

    If heaven had a phone
    I'd call you to let you know
    I've let the resentment go.
    You deserved more than being surrounded by people, yet feeling alone.

  • twominutestilmidnight 3w

    Don't fear the unknown, attack it.

  • twominutestilmidnight 3w


    The chains I've been carrying.

    Serving myself to you on a platter.
    Always searching for 'the best version of myself'
    'Cause who I was before you didn't matter.

    My heart became as frail as your ego.
    When my mind slipped,
    I knew it was time to go.

    Tell your boyfriend, secret lover,
    You didn't want our kids.
    I'll never tell a soul about the disgusting things you did.

    Saying they weren't human because they were mixed.
    My German and your Native blood was something that made you tick.

    Giving my babies a death wish
    Lying, telling everyone they're what you miss.

    No, no one will ever know.

    This is the last time I'll let you go.

  • twominutestilmidnight 5w


    You embrace me and I stand in your arms frozen.

    A familiar scent rises as I push my face into your chest.

    You pulled me closer, told me you don't want to let go.

    I couldn't bear to see the look on your face when I told you farewell.
    I tried to warn you.
    My heart, at the moment, can only carry love for myself.

  • twominutestilmidnight 6w


    Standing in the abandoned building with you on a foggy late night
    Made me realize there's beauty in things that from the outside don't seem alive.

    The scattering of mice
    And chill of winter wind creeping in through damaged windows
    Made holding your hand navigating through the darkness with cell phones giving light feel nice.

    The quiet of small life along with our careful footsteps sneaking our way across the old kitchen.
    You told me to sit down and carefully listen.

    To not be so hard on myself because one day I'll receive the love I give.
    Not to give up on my dreams, I'll make it through this.

    Cancer won't be the end. We'll raise our swords and charge on.
    A force of love filled the abandoned house we stood in.
    A victory of life standing sheltered in the decaying kitchen.

    When life gets you down,
    Feel your heart beating
    Remember you have life,

  • twominutestilmidnight 6w

    Save Yourself

    I wish you would have listened to the promises I made.

    Worked on yourself until who you saw in the mirror wasn't someone that you hate.

    I've taken all the blame.
    I've taken all the shame.
    I'm under it.
    I'm over it.
    Since I've left, I've had nothing but better days.

    I'm not a savior of the broken.
    I won't fix your shattered heart.

    You can try to pin the blame on me
    But you've been damaged from the start.

    You had me feeling like I was worthless,
    While your ego had you feeling perfect.

    Tearing me down in a jealous rage
    'Cause you couldn't be happy for a moment.
    To you, there's no better days.

    Find your next victim
    While I'm soaring on my own.
    If it doesn't work out this time,
    I don't want you coming back when you feel alone.

    Get your fix without me.
    I've caught on to your dirty tricks.

    Another lost, broken, helpless soul
    Swimming in a world of pricks.

    The father of my children?
    Ha, you never would be there.
    More innocent souls to feel broken by the fact that you never cared.

    I don't feel guilty to say
    The pseudo love we had, has died.
    If I ever saw you again, I know you're not even worth a good-bye.

  • twominutestilmidnight 7w

    Monster Call

    The manifestation of horrors that went on in my head spilled out
    Sit closeted in the dark while you're consumed with doubt.

    The darkest time of my life was spent with someone I believed was my light.

    Don't take it personal.
    The fault wasn't my own.
    You tasted so sweet coated in turmoil.

    Now I'm guarded
    Sober from the high of you
    Passing the withdrawal the addiction
    Of you put me through.

    I found the keys to release the monsters planted in me.
    I've taken them out to let us all be free.

    It's freedom I can't fathom
    Too hard to put in words.
    Flip the hourglass,
    It's time to revert.

    Spend your days alone
    While I come to loving arms.

    This is the way our story is told.
    I'll chase my dreams
    While you fantasize fool's gold.


  • twominutestilmidnight 7w

    Tell Me Again

    If you had a bad day.
    Come home not wanting to talk
    Because you feel like your words don't matter,
    So you have nothing to say.

    Open ears and arms are waiting
    To remind you that you're limitless, infinite,
    We don't want you to forget it.