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  • typea_wizrad 20w


    Vapid shallow shell
    Hollow empty shelf
    Mold on the edges
    Neglect on the shelf

  • typea_wizrad 24w

    Be a Lie

    Belief is a graveyard
    Two feet away from me
    Miles between us
    We were on the same page
    But you picked up another book
    Where I once roamed freely
    I now tread lightly
    So as not to disturb the Earth
    Too the moon

  • typea_wizrad 25w


    I'm afraid of the day when you're barely just a memory.
    At one point, you were all my heart ever talked about.
    In your absence, my heart was seeking, and now that feeling is fleeting.
    I got used to waking up alone, holding onto your articles of clothes, wishing you were near.
    Over time that got out of me.
    Now, I barely think about you.
    When I do, I remind myself why I shouldn't, scars barely closed, scratching the surface.
    I cried my heart out this weekend, picking through the past, talking it out with my brother.
    I think I'm over you.
    And that scares me.

  • typea_wizrad 26w

    American Spirit

    The smell of sulfur fills my nose.
    The condensation of the late night fog, extinguishing the match, before the flame makes purchase.
    One, two, three.
    Third time is a charm.
    Houston, we have ignition.
    A deep inhalation of the natural cut tobacco fills my lungs.
    Anxiety, regressed.

  • typea_wizrad 26w


    Constantly distracted.
    Never really actin, always really slackin.
    Keeping myself busy, not focused on anything.
    Running, not facing these demons I'm packing.
    Fear takes root and it feels like this smile sometimes covers this hurt that I'm maskin'
    Keep on keepin on, but it feels like these steps I'm taking are getting heavy like Atlas.
    Shrugged it off, cold shoulder, closed casket.

  • typea_wizrad 27w


    If I could sleep, I would've cried myself to sleep at least ten times tonight, but I can't sleep, so I'm just crying

  • typea_wizrad 27w


    I've fantasized, idealized, imagined my demise
    More times these days, than im comfortable admitting.
    The end of my troubles are just the beginning of others. So I've got to hold on and survive.

  • typea_wizrad 27w


    Mania, takes ahold
    Moments of strength
    Gone in a fold
    Collapsed, into the relapse
    Losing myself
    Story untold

  • typea_wizrad 27w


    Atlas shrugged
    World sought
    Promotheus' light
    Gift squandered
    Icarus flight
    Wax melted
    Pans labyrinth
    Compass lost

  • typea_wizrad 28w


    It's strange to be a stranger to you.
    The one person I was most honest with.
    I say most honest, because I wasn't completely honest.
    I hid things from you.
    While I showed you my shadow side, I hid some of the darkest parts of myself.
    I'm an addict.
    I'm addicted to feeling something, beyond the loneliness, when you're not around.
    I filled the void with all too expensive chemicals, that I couldn't afford.
    Now I'm bankrupt, and all I've got are the best memories.