The mind is a tower from which there is no escape

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  • uerowords 5w


    I'm not in danger, but I scream for Mercy
    No pain, but the tears never cease
    No blemishes, but I still feel dirty
    I'm seen as smooth, but I still feel the crease

    From dusk to dawn I wonder
    Come rain or shine, I think
    The more I'm left, the more I drow
    And in my thoughts, I sink

    The due for life is ever cheap
    But the due is never paid
    Until the final tick has struck
    And life sends her hand maid

    O ponder, you mind in sorrow
    O wonder and reveal truth
    For life has come and gone at once
    And stolen all your youth

    What do you really want?
    What do you really need?
    Are the intentions of your heart pure?
    Or are you filled with greed?!


  • uerowords 5w


    Sunlight penetrates the shade
    But the darkness grows stronger
    The halls echo with screams
    The screams of a lonely voice
    The screaming figure sits in a corner
    Avoiding the light
    Avoiding being seen
    The figure takes comfort in the shadows
    In the capsule of darkness's embrace
    The comfort of pain and loss
    The joy of sadness
    The fulfillment of dismay
    The figure, down on the ground
    The light reaches out
    And grabs the figure from its capsule
    The silhouette appears to be
    A lonely boy without a home
    Without the comfort of community
    He scurries back to his solace
    For he knows
    Once he's out, he'll be lost
    But the light doesn't let up
    It too is a figure
    A beauty he was yet to know
    This one light of day
    Tugs at the boy
    To lead him to the light
    Something he has never known
    Something he cannot understand


  • uerowords 14w

    The Final Second

    Edwin was walking back from work one day after a "normal" day of work. He was still energetic after working from 8 AM till 6PM with only one break, and he was ready to go get some more excitement for the day.

    On his way down the road to his house to freshen up, he noticed a crimson haired beauty whose blue eyes could swallow the soul whole. She let out a cute chuckle that met his ears as he got closer, and he couldn't control his desire to approach her. Her friends departed from her side, crossing the road as she started to walk towards Edwin.

    "Hello. I'm Edwin, and you are........?" That question took her by surprise and she reflexively responded, "not the kind of person to just spout my name to a stranger, but I give you points for politeness." He couldn't help but smile at her. "At least I got some points. So could I know your name please?" They stood there on the side walk talking as people walked past them. She hadn't once turned to look at Edwin; she turned around to look at him, suddenly getting a feeling of familiarity between them.

    "Do I know you?" she asked feeling like they have some sort of history together, but he shrugged it off saying, "Nope. I think I would remember meeting someone like you." He then continued on, "So, what is your name? I can't keep calling you 'Crimson beauty' forever you know." Her feeling only intensified, but she decided to play along with him and just keep the conversation going. "I am Maddison (two D's). Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too Maddison two D's" he said with a light chuckle.

    He extended his hand towards her in an effort to shake her hand. Reluctantly, she followed suit and as their hands touched, they locked eyes, and memories of a life unknown to Edwin flowed through his mind in a painful way. He let out a shriek as the pain continued to attack his mind and he fell to his knees with his hands on his head. A few people walked by and looked at him as they did, not once offering any assistance. Maddison approached him and asked him if he was alright.

    "I never thought I'd see you again. I had forgotten everything, but I have finally found you." As she tries to grab him to help him up, he shuffles away from her and says audibly, "Stay back! Stay away from me!! Why couldn't you just leave me be?! Especially after all this time. Stay away from me." He stood up and started to make his way away from her. "Please" she cried, "just talk to me. I'm sure we can........." "I said leave me alone!" he let out once more, "I just want you to stay away from me." His final words as he walked away from Maddison.


  • uerowords 16w

    Dark Dealing

    He lay there, far beyond her grasp, pleading for help. He begged for relief from his suffering, but his wails landed on no ears. She was the only one with him. He stretched his hand to try to grab her outstretched hand, but to no avail. All hope seemed lost and there was nothing he could do about it. As tears began to flow down his cheeks, he let out a final cry for help, hoping to get the attention of someone nearby, but his efforts were for naught. He closed his eyes and chose to accept his fate for there was nothing else he could do. He felt his body going numb and considered these moments to be his last, giving up all hope of rescue. His mind was blank; not a single thought breached his mind. He was prepared to be accepted into the afterlife.

    "Don't you dare give up on me, you coward!". Those words were enough to send a shiver down his spine as his once unconscious sister dragged herself towards him. Pulling herself from the bottom of a pile of wooden debris, she dragged herself across the floor to her dying brother. "You are not going anywhere without me! You hear me?!" She kept screaming at him and scolding him. Amidst all her shouting, he let out a little laugh under his breath. "What is amusing you? Our peril? I won't let you make a mockery of .....", but her words were cut short when he finally spoke to her in a low voice saying, "I am glad we get to go together like this. At least I'm not alone." As she looked at him, he just had a smile on his face, causing her to start crying. "I won't let you go! I have to get us out of here. Get up! Now!"

    Her screams did not receive any reaction, however, as he spoke once more saying, "Thank you. For everything. And I'm sorry." With this, her twin brother closed his only good eye and let go of his life force. She dragged herself to her feet and made her way to him during this conversation, barely standing and hovering over him as he gave up. "Why?!", She said as her face was covered in years and dust. She dropped to his now limp body and said, "Why would you leave me? Don't go. Please." She grabbed his hand and laid her head on his shoulder and kept on crying. "What am I supposed to do without you?" She said ever so lightly. She closed her eyes in order to follow her brother, but she was still alive. She felt so empty inside. "Come back" she whispered as she kept crying.


  • uerowords 17w

    Solice Of The Mind

    The ever silent night
    Soothes the creative mind
    The energy flows within‍♂️

  • uerowords 17w

    Feel the music

  • uerowords 17w

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    Heart washed ashore

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    Furniture with history

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    The New Old Seat

    Spaced out thoughts
    Linger within my mind
    A cold morning
    I'd wake up to find
    The day so young
    No sun present to blind

    The balcony
    I go out there to sit
    My former table
    With a car was hit
    A table
    On which my life force I'd emit

    The table
    For which I had no spare
    Had a place within me
    I held it dear
    I fixed her up
    Former table, now turned chair

    I sit there
    Staring to the blank sky
    Free of noise
    And people who wish to pry
    I stay in solice
    With my mind so high

    I sit there
    As I am able
    With my once emitted energy
    Now keeping me stable
    As I sit on my chair
    My once great table


  • uerowords 17w

    A poem begins as a true expression; the wails of the soul unchained.

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    Feelings unquenchable