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  • ultimatetruths 12w


    To sustain relationships we take efffort to converse amd communicate with people. Are we aware of the importance of being in an intimate relation with our Creator God? Its vital. God is waiting

  • ultimatetruths 13w

    Submit To God

    Submitting our life to God means letting God to control our life and its circumstances. It will be the right decision because we submit ourselves to be guided by our creator God. Who knows us better than our creator!

  • ultimatetruths 13w


    Lord Jesus is always close to us. But most of the time we are too engrossed in our own self - our desires, our wants, our way of thinking... Lets acknowledge the presence of God and shift focus from "our self" to "God".

  • ultimatetruths 13w


    Peace comes from God. Peace does not mean living devoid of any problems. But if you trust LORD GOD in the midst of all difficulties and troubles and believe that He cares for you and He is there for you, then you will experience the real Peace of mind.

  • ultimatetruths 13w


    You are created by God to :
    Be Loved by HIM
    Love HIM
    Serve HIm
    Live for HIM and
    Enjoy HIM forever

  • ultimatetruths 14w


    We invest all our energy and time to live and create meaning in our life according to the parameters of this society. But realise that we are ultimately created by God and God has some purpose for you and me which is exclusively unique... Lets Grab it

  • ultimatetruths 14w


    Our words matters a lot. Bible says " a gentle answer turns away wrath but harsh words stir up anger". So it is better for a person to be:
    quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.

  • ultimatetruths 14w


    How to respond to problems according to Bible?
    Dont worry but pray, tell God what u want and thank him for all he has done
    This will give you God's Peace which will protect your heart and mind from tensions and disturbances

  • ultimatetruths 14w


    Look at birds! They are devoid of any worries and concerns about today and tomorrow. Why? Beacuse they know that they will be provided and cared for by their Creator God. Lets trust our Creator God

  • ultimatetruths 15w


    Jesus Christ is full of love. Rather than Jesus Has love, He IS Love. Lets turn our eyes to the CROSS - The Ultimate Manifestation of Love by DYING for our sins.