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  • ummesulaim 1w

    I'm a free verse
    Will you make me rhyme?

  • ummesulaim 1w

    Fading into you

    I can sense you forming words through your lip,
    But, I'm way lost in your finger tip.

    Your furiously timid grip,
    Can even part my soul to drip.

    It wasn't just a skip,
    My heart is set to rip.

    Pull out a matchless sip,
    Close to my lip.

    Will you take me to your ship?
    Cause my oceans has already found to slip.

  • ummesulaim 2w

    Year 2014?!

    Chilling with friends meant small parties with coke! No alcohol, no cigar allure more than pretty smile and weird t&d game.
    The only adrenaline rush we drove was completing those strange dares.
    No faces hiding anxiety behind mean screens. Photos and videos were a part of the occasion, not the occasion.
    Counted more real smiles than made up pouts.
    The most romantic thing was still just holding hands. Cards showed up your best buddies not ig highlights.
    We dreamt of being on our own.
    I surely messed it.

  • ummesulaim 2w

    I literally don't give up on my friends, handful and you talking about childhood buddies ahh NEVER..Don't you think you must have reached my thresholds to let go 14 years of friendship. It's also true I'm protective about my mental peace, once I'm done even your tears won't bring me back. So relax and reflect stop controlling my people and my life. You no more count on my people. Get off it. There's no going back.

  • ummesulaim 3w

    Are you happy?

    Are you happy?
    This very question strikes,
    Differently onto
    All the twenty-two,
    Never I dare to dreams,
    Living in me.

    This one question,
    Creates a turmoil
    Of all the chords,
    I have supressed neatly
    To my sleepless night.

    It reminds me,
    Of the desires
    I have captured
    To my brave self,
    In the mirror.
    Are you happy?

  • ummesulaim 4w

    I have chanted your name after every 'I love...'. I really don't know how to get over it. How do you shake off something which was never there at the first place? I have screamed and scratched your name to every silent corner of my heart. I wish I had lil'courage to form those letters out of my mouth loud and clear. You have no idea how miserable and helpless I feel after each confession about you in front of the mirror. I am ashamed of myself loving, falling for someone like you, I don't know why? It feels like a dirty crime to secretly love somebody like you. I see you in weird faces and even weirder places in my dream. You don't hurt yourself hitting. Even if you do, does it hurt right when you self slap? I perfectly know for the last thing you care is me. You would never strain bothering whether even I exist. Still I continue to degrade myself,I'll still take all the amount of pain to align every single particle of the universe for you to notice me. Am I so invisible? How do you manage to crush and stab over all of my efforts as mere unnoticed in a single go? Ahhh! You must be way good being ignorant.
    I hate you!
    I do.
    Can you please just come back once and feed this clear to me. Leave thereafter. Please.

  • ummesulaim 5w

    It's a loss always.

    Borders laid,
    Troops appointed,
    Fences stretched,
    Announcement done.

    Land, power, protection obviously.

    I wish people knew,
    What real pain and power is.
    Isn't just expensive on money,
    It's immensely harsh on hearts.

    Last blood of any body's
    Is not just their's,
    It flows pain
    Wrench and curse
    Haunting memories,
    Within all those they lived with.

    I sat with a mother,
    Who lost his son,
    To power, land, protection obviously.

    She said,
    I thought giving birth to him,
    Was the most painful and bravest
    Thing I ever survived.
    Now I know,
    Can somebody please return him?

    On a scale of pain,
    It takes zilch
    For a mother,
    Grant a new vision to her creation.
    Than to,
    Lose her sight of life.

    Pain ending into forever happiness
    Isn't pain.
    Pain ending into never ever
    Is pain.

    I sat with a wife,
    Who lost her husband
    Power, land, protection obviously.

    She said,
    His blood,
    Drained every colour of my life
    The breaking bangles,
    Cracked a soul too

    I once sat with my solitude
    Who just realised war.

    She said,
    The creator marked,
    Days and nights,
    Summers ans winters,
    Mountains and lakes.

    Not land,
    You see he marked all requisite
    Not land.

    We are one big country,

    Let's for once,
    Not protect humans from human.
    Let's protect humanity.
    Let's for once,
    Pour meaning
    To humans.

    War is always a loss.


  • ummesulaim 6w

    For the first time,
    I had let all my colours out
    Look darling,
    How you disguised them into black.

    I lived in yellows and blues,
    I hide in blacks and greys.

    I never questioned,
    You, love, the sky, the stars, the angels,
    All the alluring things.

    I don't believe
    If even I'm pure.

    Ahh! This is how you shook me.

    I don't even remember,
    How many times
    I have wronged myself,
    Just for being close to you.

    I was ready to fight all demons,
    You taught me,
    Not all battles are worth
    The pain.

    I'll never really discern,
    I can have
    My seconds and thirds too,
    You taught me only 'only'.

    I swear,
    I forced and cursed
    Myself hating you.
    I wish,
    My heart was any less loyal to you.

    Every single night,
    I promise myself
    Stab every speck of you,
    From each breath of mine.
    Until I'm actually gasping to inhale.

    God knows I don't,
    But I fell for your words.

    I was ready,
    To walk all bridges between us,
    However sore it made me.
    I was so fleet-footed
    I didn't saw you
    Setting fire.

    Now I know,
    It wasn't love
    Had been,
    I can still have you.

  • ummesulaim 6w

    Never have I loved rain before.

    I thought,
    They created mayhem to disgust on.
    I thought,
    They crudely drenched every high and low.

    I saw rain in,
    Puddles and edges.

    You made me saw rain on,
    Leaves and faces.

    Love rain!
    Such an understatement now.

    I knew,
    From that moment on,
    I'll need attributes
    My heart and brain together,
    Can't illustrate.

    More than I remember,
    the echo of your words.
    More than I remember,
    your frame to melt on.
    More than I remember,
    your wet hair that poured my heart along.

    I precisely remember every streak of your eyes.

    I remember how cautiously shy we were,
    About the eye contacts we shared.

    Cause somewhere,
    We both knew
    What those timid eyes
    Dwelled for each other.

    It's just inexpressible.

    How perfectly delicate you are,

    How you exactly know?
    When it's unearthly
    To bear the intensity those deep eyes poured.

    You blink away,
    Collapsing my universe a time or few.

    You reconnect again,
    As in you know how to bead the threads of my desires,
    As in you know you are missing nevermore.

    I don't know,
    To regard you,
    Or blame me
    For this strange sweet rush.


  • ummesulaim 7w

    How do I forget you?

    I have read you like my favourite novel,
    Back and forth,

    I have read you so many times
    That my heart now precisely know,
    What real emotions are shouting between those misleading words.

    How do I untouch your pages?

    When I have religiously matched,
    The places between the lines of my hand
    With the particles of your page.

    I have finally learned you.

    How do I inable myself from you,

    When you have infused
    Your venom right through each cell of mine.

    I don't know,
    How to reverse walk,
    All the memory lane
    We travelled together
    Like permanent emotions,
    Like sky and land.

    When those memory lanes,
    Are places
    I have been long lost in,
    Are places
    I never actually left.

    I don't know how to unsee you,

    When you're the clear image
    Even my tears can't blur.

    I don't know how to unhear you,

    When all the love songs,
    Aches and tremor
    Desiring you.

    I don't know how to unlearn you.

    Cause darling,

    I don't know how to relock my heart for you
    When you efficiaously unlocked it
    And ran with the key.