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  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 7w


    Deluded, Desolate dark haired her
    Rested on a hardened grey stone,
    Waves crashed against the shore,
    She found herself lost,
    in her thoughts,
    under the murky skies,
    with no stars in sight.


  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 13w


    I used to be scared of falling,
    Sometimes while walking,
    at times from the edge of a cliff,
    I just forgot that I should have actually been scared of falling in love,
    Because I would rather fall off a cliff than bear this pain of one sided love.

  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 14w

    Little Spice

    On the odd end,
    fires burned in heaven,
    And it snowed in hell,
    magic was recreated,
    with rainbows splattered
    across the black and blue sky,
    some said it's the end of time,
    but she knew in her heart it was just the beginning of changes,
    An introduction of a brand new world but with a little spice.

  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 15w


    Let the stars be your guide,
    Moon be your light,
    I know your pain, it is however just a passerby,
    life is a beautiful present,
    Here to stay by your side,
    always and forever,
    let the stars be your guide,
    hold my hand, said life
    and together we will enjoy eternity at each other's side.


  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 15w


    At the break of dawn,
    She stood at the ledge, at the end of her sanity,
    In that moment she realised it was time to let go of him, let go of the love she had, no matter how great it was, the potential for it to be something more is now no more, and it was at this moment in time, she decided to free herself from the love that once consumed her, completed her and instead decided to only love herself from this break of dawn to the end of time.

  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 18w


    One day all that is left of you and yourself,
    is the echo of all that you used to be
    and the love you once thought was all-consuming
    is gone and lost somewhere deep in the hollow of the echo, of all that you used to be.

  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 30w


    And the road was long,
    walking with firm steps and a smile on her lips
    She looked around and her smile widened
    as she knew this journey was hers alone,
    and she was gonna enjoy every second of it.

  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 32w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Season

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    Spring is here, season of love is here to stay.

  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 32w


    Empty streets, empty roads,
    silence screaming,
    loud and bold,
    raising questions,
    about the hell,
    we have created for ourselves.

  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 36w

    Edge of Time

    Standing at the edge of time,
    Remembering the good old days,
    With nostalgia at an all time high,
    Wondering if this change was good or bad,
    If I will ever be able to go back.