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  • uncle_tee 16w

    Feel texting everyday was gonna be stressful.
    Leaving u,thinking ur alright is worrisome.
    I need to choose btw my heart and brain.
    Stick to my heart like the arm in chains.
    Love in my heart.
    Weight in my hands.
    I couldn't lift any.
    My chest, so heavy.
    Caught up like a beggar in the storm.
    Expressing myself was one best thing I could do.
    Listening to me was one thing u never chose.
    I think we're going through this together.
    I hope it works for the better.
    maybe I'm not so good at good-byes.
    The reason u stick to my heart.


  • uncle_tee 36w

    A pro writer is an #amateur who never quit.

  • uncle_tee 37w

    In a summary

    Just a minute.
    I wish I could rub this on u,lyk the balm on an open wound.
    Our kaki men have tried so hard to defeat their Counterparts.
    Buh the kakistocracy of our government has deny them.
    Worries run in the mind of many Nigerians but has no destination.
    Justice are been killed ryt in the poultry like hen.
    what do we earn?
    Insecurity has turned to erosion that sweeps away the competency of our forces.
    It's funny how citizens turned to readers of newspaper by d roadside,
    nagging and complaining,
    The air of #we are tired,,,has blown into every corner of the presidential Villa.
    Buh the president has turned a deaf ear.
    And voices havn't been heard.

  • uncle_tee 38w

    My view

    Rub ur mind with me.
    The 4 walls of Nigeria has been cuddle with pain and distress
    Sweat ran down the flag like a man who's stress.

    And I call it my home.
    Cause nowhere to go.

    Electricity has been an issue since almagamation.
    Trades has been doing fine not until this election.
    Should I call that insanity.
    Or misappropriation?

    But all we do is to make noise.
    And give the wrong person our choice.

    We took religious houses more important than education.
    Buh mind u without education a fool can't lead us.

    My country the richest in Africa.
    Buh we still beg for South Africa.

    Maybe I should keep it short and simple
    Cause no one wants to read something voluminous and fearful.