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  • und1sputed 5w


    Walking down the streets of Odínjo
    And then you called my name like it was yours
    Mesmerised by the sound of your voice
    I soon forgot I was tired, lonely and lost
    Rays of hope shining on my path
    Blood rushing through my veins
    As I wondered what you'd look like
    In my head I painted so many pictures
    But every image was short of perfection
    Not until I saw your reflection
    An aura of grace and love with precision
    All embodied in this vessel whose worth is invaluable
    And then I heard again, this time softer and milder
    My name is Àríké.


  • und1sputed 5w

    A gift you are, so geason
    You came into my life,
    Painted it with colors of your soul
    Sprinkled fragrance of your warmth
    And with you I felt safe.

    But it was short lived
    You left without goodbye
    Like the flames you disappeared into the air
    And all that is left are memories
    Of the sweetness your grace.


  • und1sputed 11w


    Sometimes, it's hard to sleep with so much pain in ones heart
    You realize how much you miss someone you don't wanna talk to
    It hurts more when you don't wanna be spoken to either
    Silence thicker than the dark, filled with emotions of bleeding heart
    The sun will rise again, bringing healing to our broken hearts
    I hope when this happens, there will be remnants of love enough for us to share.


  • und1sputed 11w

    So what do you want

    For me,
    All I want is to be able to look into your eyes
    And see your light so pure
    So when you say it's rainy,
    though the sun lingers in the cloud
    I wouldn't mind stepping out with my umbrella
    Just for your words sake
    And you, what do you want...
    What do you want


  • und1sputed 13w

    What if

    What if, one day you decide to walk away
    and like flames, disappear into the thin air

    What if, on the morrow I wake up to an empty bed
    and all that's left is memories of you.


  • und1sputed 47w


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    My Faith

    I wanted to take sides with the devil
    Wasn't scared of going to hell, at least i knew where I was going
    I never would pledge my allegiance to a God of uncertainties
    "Do this and that perhaps in his mercy he might accept you in paradise", So we were told.

    But they were wrong and I was glad
    You gave your word, "shall never perish".
    For a seal you gave your spirit.
    Alas! You're not mysterious, desiring earnestly to be known.
    You took our form in your majesty
    What you'd done and will do was what you did.

    You paid the price in full,
    Announced my freedom and victory
    How'd you loose a battle you already won?
    How'd you loose a soul you bought for so much?
    It's either you lied about it being finished or they lied about knowing you.