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  • under_the_umbrella 11w


    In every race,
    I would want you to win.
    I would want to sacrifice,
    for all your sin.

    But in the race of being stone-heart
    I wouldn't wish you to.
    But if you win,it means you wronged me,
    And if I win,it means I wronged me.

    So how do you decide,
    how do you choose?
    Which path to take,
    which end to loose?

    You just take a path,you just pick a route
    And wish you aren't headed to a collateral damage,
    That you haven't had the forbidden fruit.


  • under_the_umbrella 12w


    No one in this world is selfless,not your friends,not your brother,not sister,not lover,not even your parents.
    A mother also will only like you till the time you're acting according to her,obeying her.
    You go once against her and she would also count it all your life.

    No matter if the whole life,you listened to her,lived your life as per her,considering her reaction.
    It all goes in vain,once you go against her.
    All your deeds of the lifetime will be forgotten.

    It is said that no one can ever love someone like a mother.
    It's not true,even a child loves her mother the same way. A child also goes beyond limits to please the parents. They live their life according to what the parents would approve of.

    Then WHY?
    Why is it that only parents' love is considered selfless?
    Why is it that only the elders are considered always right and giving?

    The answer is, because everyone is selfish.
    It's just that some are pointing it out and others are being pointed at.


  • under_the_umbrella 13w


    How mystical is time
    It cuts you open,like a scalpel
    And then heals you just fine


  • under_the_umbrella 14w

    Stone heart

    You can cry all you want
    But no one is listening.
    It's only you,only you
    Who's screaming.

    Even the one who is the closest,
    Residing in your heart,who hugged you like a corset.
    Even he won't listen,all your tears are in vain
    You take all he gives,even the pain


  • under_the_umbrella 15w

    Teach me

    I sat on a park bench, you cross on a bike.
    It was a moment, very blur
    But I felt my breathing rise.
    We met again, but only you met me last time.
    You spread a smile that says you're not all that bright.

    I sat on a park bench,and I met you thrice.
    You give a look that says, I would pay the price.
    But teach me!
    Teach me how to not get drowned in your ocean blue eyes.
    Your collarbones,high jaws,the folded sleeves,
    The finger nails or the perfect teeth.

    You've got the demeanor which is deceptive
    and I'm better,if I stay away and be acceptive.

    But teach me.
    Oh you teach me!
    how to stand on my knees or make it both align
    Or....How not to fall
    for a beauty,that's so divine.

  • under_the_umbrella 15w

    Before death

    It's not in our hands,
    It's not in our destiny
    The pain that takes most of my heart.
    But seeing you calms my thirst.
    Either way it's gonna hurt
    So I want you to go first.

    The mist of your voice,
    The twinkling of your eyes,
    Makes my day,it makes my night.
    The moments we wanted,one or two of it
    I felt it and you felt it,
    But the world doesn't think it's right.

    So if it comes to that,
    I would wait at the dawn,
    Counting all in reverse.
    Either way it's gonna hurt,
    So I want you to go first.


  • under_the_umbrella 15w


    Dene ko to sab de du,
    Par tu layak hai kya
    Kahne ko to sari zameen teri,sara aasmaan bhi tera,
    Par kisi ne teri Raza bhi puchi hoti,to kya


  • under_the_umbrella 15w

    Cared to care

    It's so amazing to think how you always remember the smallest of details about me.Not because I have ever told you,but because you care that much


  • under_the_umbrella 16w

    Ek Nadiya ke kinare

    Kabhi chale the sang sang
    Ek doosre ke sahare
    Kabhi guzari thi,milkar
    Patjhad aur baharein

    Aaj magar ye kya hua,
    Ho gayi, raahein juda
    Door khade hain,jaise ho
    Ek Nadiya ke do kinare

    Ha! Door khade hain jaise ho
    Ek Nadiya ke do kinare

    © unknown

  • under_the_umbrella 16w

    Distance don't do us apart

    We have got limited to 4-5 WhatsApp chats since he started his MBA.
    Earlier,we used to talk for 4-5 hours with unlimited chats.
    But this doesn't make me anxious now.
    I'm settling in this relationship.
    Someday we just wish good morning and good night,that's all.
    I joked with him about this.

    Once I thought of not messaging him Good night as his exams were approaching.
    But he did,everyday,despite being so busy even at odd hours of night.
    After three days,he messaged me,
    "Tum good night bolna bhool gaye ho"

    I said,I did that on purpose as I don't want to disturb you while you study.
    He asked me to not do that and insisted me to drop a message before I sleep.

    And that made me feel wonderful as he was noticing my absence. That despite being so freakin busy at all the time,he does notice if I have changed even slightly.

    And that,that makes me realise,that love is not something which fades and distance doesn't do us apart.
    If you truly are in love with each other,it just doesn't matter.